Suffragette: Downing street - throwing stones (00:00:19)
Original video: 4th Olympics: London, 1908 - (00:08:25)

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Suffragette: Downing street - throwing stones

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England, London, 1908


Suffragette is a term originally coined by the Daily Mail newspaper as a derogatory label for members of the late-19th and early-20th century movement for women's suffrage in the United Kingdom, in particular members of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). However, after former and then active members of the movement began to reclaim the word, the term became a label without negative connotations. It derives from the word "suffrage", meaning the right to vote. Suffragist is a more general term for members of suffrage movements, whether radical or conservative, male or female. American campaigners preferred this more inclusive title, while those Americans hostile to women's suffrage used "suffragette" as a pejorative, emphasizing its feminine "-ette" ending.[citation needed] In Britain, "suffragist" is generally used solely to identify members of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS).

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Finnish :

Naisten vapautusliikkeessä, äänestä suffragetti, UK, nainen, Downing street, heittää kiviä, kivi, valtioneuvoston kanslia, Lontoo, Englanti rikkoi ikkunan massojen protestoinnin,

German :

Frauenbefreiung, Stimmen für Frau, Frauenrechtlerin, Großbritannien, England, London, Downing Street, werfen Steine, Stein, Büro des Premierministers, brach das Fenster, Massenproteste, ,

Greek :

Απελευθέρωση της γυναίκας, ψηφοφορίες για γυναίκα, φεμινιστριών, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, Αγγλία, Λονδίνο, Downing street, ρίχνουν πέτρες, πέτρα, γραφείο του πρωθυπουργού, έσπασε το παράθυρο, μαζική διαμαρτυρία, ,

Haitian Creole :

Liberasyon fanm, vòt pou yon fanm, Suffragette, Retire, Angletè, London, Downing street, voye wòch la, wòch, , biwo pwemye minis la, est fennèt la, mas pwotèstasyon, ,

Japanese :


Korean :

여자의 해방, 여성, 여성 참정권 론 자, 영국, 영국, 런던, 다우닝이, 던지는 돌, , 국무총리의 사무실에 대 한 표 창, 대량 항의 파산,

Polish :

Wyzwolenia kobiet, głosów dla kobiety, sufrażystki, Wielka Brytania, Anglia, Londyn, Downing street, rzucanie kamieniami, kamień, Kancelaria premiera, złamał okna, masowych protestów, ,




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Original video: 4th Olympics: London, 1908 -
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