4th Olympics: London, 1908 - The marathon finish - Johnny Hayes, Dorando Pietri (00:01:33)
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4th Olympics: London, 1908 - The marathon finish - Johnny Hayes, Dorando Pietri

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England, London, 1908


The British Olympic Association wanted to start the race in front of Windsor Castle and finish in front of the royal reviewing stand at the White City Stadium. As a result, the distance was 42 km and 195 m. It took until 1921 for the IAAF to codify that distance as the official length of the marathon. Prior to this, races were usually about 25 miles (40 km). At the race itself, Dorando Pietri from Italy was the first to enter the stadium. But Pietri took a wrong turn, collapsed, was helped up by doctors, wobbled and fell three more times before being half-carried across the finish line by race officials. Hayes running in the White Stadium near the finish line Caught up in the drama of Pietri's agony, the cheering crowd hardly noticed that he was declared the winner just as second place runner, Hayes, entered the stadium. Pietri was disqualified after the US officials filed a protest, saying Pietri had been aided. Despite the official result, Pietri achieved much more fame than Hayes, when Queen Alexandra awarded him a special gold cup. After the dramatic Olympic battle between Pietri and Hayes, public interest was such that a match race was organized by professional promoters in November, 1908 at Madison Square Garden. The race was won by Pietri by 75 yards. A second match race was held on March 15, 1909 and again Pietri won. Both Pietri and Hayes turned professional after the Olympics, and achieved great fame. The 1908 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the IV Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event which was held in 1908 in London. These games were originally scheduled to be held in Rome. At the time they were the fifth modern Olympic games. However, the Athens Games of 1906 have since been downgraded by the International Olympic Committee and the 1908 Games are seen as the start of the Fourth Olympiad, in keeping with the now-accepted four-year cycle. The IOC president for this games was Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

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Catalan :

4t, Jocs Olímpics, Jocs Olímpics, Anglaterra, Regne Unit, Londres, esport, història, esdeveniments, Baró de coubertin, IOC, jocs de la IV Olimpíada, Comitè Olímpic Internacional, quart Olimpíada, l'estadi de White City, marató, atletisme, l'acabat de marató, Johnny Hayes, Dorando Pietri, ,

Chinese Traditional :

4、 奧運會、 奧林匹克運動會、 英格蘭,英國,倫敦,體育、 歷史、 事件,顧拜旦,國際奧會,第四屆奧運會、 國際奧林匹克委員會、 第四屆奧運會、 白市體育場、 馬拉松、 男子田徑、 馬拉松終點,約翰尼 · 海耶斯,Dorando Pietri,遊戲,

Danish :

4. OL, olympiske lege, england, Storbritannien, London, sport, historie, hændelser, baron de coubertin, IOC, spil IV Olympiade, Internationale Olympiske Komité, fjerde Olympiade, White City Stadium, maraton, mænds atletik, marathon finish, Johnny Hayes, Dorando Pietri, ,

Hungarian :

4., olimpia, olimpiai játékok, england, Egyesült Királyság, London, sport, történelem, események, baron de coubertin, IOC, IV Diákolimpia, Nemzetközi Olimpiai Bizottság, negyedik Diákolimpia, White City Stadium, marathon, férfi atlétika, Maraton-Befejezés, Johnny Hayes, Dorando Pietri, játékok,




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Original video: 4th Olympics: London, 1908 -
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