Félix François Faure - photo - President of France from 1895 to 1899 (00:00:04)

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Félix François Faure - photo - President of France from 1895 to 1899 - 0001.sec Félix François Faure - photo - President of France from 1895 to 1899 - 0001.sec Félix François Faure - photo - President of France from 1895 to 1899 - 0002.sec Félix François Faure - photo - President of France from 1895 to 1899 - 0003.sec Félix François Faure - photo - President of France from 1895 to 1899 - 0003.sec


Félix François Faure - photo - President of France from 1895 to 1899

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France, 1890s


Félix François Faure was born in Paris, the son of a small furniture maker. Having started as a tanner and merchant at Le Havre, he acquired considerable wealth, was elected to the National Assembly on 21 August 1881, and took his seat as a member of the Left, interesting himself chiefly in matters concerning economics, railways and the navy. In November 1882 he became under-secretary for the colonies in Ferry's ministry, and retained the post till 1885. He held the same post in Tirard's ministry in 1888, and in 1893 was made vice-president of the chamber. In 1894 he obtained cabinet rank as minister of marine in the administration of Charles Dupuy. In the following January he was unexpectedly elected President of the Republic upon the resignation of President Casimir-Perier. The principal cause of his elevation was the determination of the various sections of the moderate republican party to exclude Henri Brisson, who had had a plurality of votes on the first ballot, but had failed to obtain an absolute majority. To accomplish this end it was necessary to unite the party, and unity could only be secured by the nomination of someone who offended no one. Faure answered perfectly to this description. In 1895 he amnestied the anarchist movements, enabling the return from exile to England of several famous anarchists, such as Émile Pouget. His fine presence and his tact on ceremonial occasions rendered the state some service when in 1896 he received the Tsar at Paris, and in 1897 returned his visit, after which meeting the Franco-Russian Alliance was publicly announced again. Félix Faure's grave The latter days of Faure's presidency were infamous for the Dreyfus affair, which he was determined to regard as chose jugée (Latin: res judicata; English: adjudicated with no further appeal). This drew against him the criticism of pro-Dreyfus intellectuals and politicians, such as Émile Zola and Georges Clemenceau.

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Arabic :

فرانسوا فيليكس فور، رئيس فرنسا، في الفترة من 1895 إلى 1899، رئيس الجمهورية، شركة فرنسية-أمير أندورا،,

Bulgarian :

Феликс Франсоа Форе, президент на Франция, от 1895 до 1899, президент на Френската република, Co-принц на Андора, ,

Catalan :

François Félix Faure, President de França, entre 1895 i 1899, President de la República, Co-príncep francès d'Andorra, ,

Chinese Simplified :

费利克斯 · 弗朗索瓦 · 福雷,法国总统,从 1895 年到 1899 年,安道尔共和国、 Co-王子,法国总统,

Chinese Traditional :

菲力克斯 · 弗朗索瓦 · 福雷,法國總統,從 1895 年到 1899 年,安道爾共和國、 Co-王子,法國總統,

Czech :

Félix François Faure, prezident Francie, od roku 1895 do roku 1899, prezident Francouzské republiky, Co princ z Andorry, ,

Danish :

Félix François Faure, formand for Frankrig, fra 1895 til 1899, præsidenten for den franske Republik, Co-prins af Andorra, ,

Dutch :

François Félix Faure, President van Frankrijk, van 1895 tot 1899, President van de Franse Republiek, Co-vorst van Andorra, ,

Estonian :

Félix François Faure, Prantsusmaa, alates 1895 – 1899, President Prantsuse Vabariigi, Co-prints Andorra, juhataja,

Finnish :

Félix François Faure, Ranskan vuosina 1895 – 1899, puheenjohtaja Ranskan tasavallan, Co-prinssi Andorra, presidentti,

French :

Félix François Faure, Président de la France, de 1895 à 1899, Président de la République, Co-Prince Français d’Andorre, ,

German :

Félix François Faure, Präsident von Frankreich, von 1895 bis 1899, Präsident der französischen Republik, Co-Fürst von Andorra, ,

Greek :

Félix François Faure, Πρόεδρος της Γαλλίας, από το 1895, 1899, Πρόεδρος της η Γαλλική Δημοκρατία, Co-Πρίγκιπα της Ανδόρας, ,

Haitian Creole :

Felix François Faure, se pwezidan peyi Lafwans, de 1895 pou 1899, pwezidan fwansè Repiblik, ki ap asiste-ata pi Andò, ,

Hebrew :

פליקס פרנסואה פורה, נשיא צרפת, בין השנים 1895-1899, נשיא הרפובליקה, Co צרפתי-הנסיך של אנדורה, ,

Hindi :

यूरोपीय François Faure, 1895 1899, एंडोरा के फ्रांसीसी गणराज्य, सह-राजकुमार की राष्ट्रपति से, फ्रांस के राष्ट्रपति, ,

Hungarian :

Félix François Faure, az 1895-1899, az elnök a Francia Köztársaság, Co-herceg Andorra, Franciaország,

Indonesian :

Félix François Faure, Presiden Perancis, dari 1895-1899, Presiden Perancis Republik, Co-Pangeran Andorra,

Italian :

Félix François Faure, Presidente della Francia, dal 1895 al 1899, Presidente della Repubblica, Co-principe francese di Andorra, ,

Japanese :

フェリックス ・ フランソワ ・ フォール、フランス、アンドラ、フランス共和国、Co 王子の社長は 1899 年に 1895 年からの大統領,

Korean :

펠릭스 프랑수아 Faure, 1895 년 1899 년에 안도라, 프랑스 공화국, 공동-왕자의 대통령에서에서 프랑스의 대통령,

Lithuanian :

Félix François Faure, Prancūzija, 1895 – 1899 m. prezidentas, Prancūzijos Respublikos, Co-princas Andoroje, pirmininkas,

Norwegian :

Félix François Faure, President i Frankrike, fra 1895 til 1899, President i den franske republikken, Co-prinsen av Andorra,

Portuguese :

Félix François Faure, presidente da França, de 1895 a 1899, presidente da República, Co-príncipe francês de Andorra, ,

Romanian :

François Félix Faure, preşedinte al Franţei, 1895 la 1899, preşedintele francez Republica, Co-Prinț de Andorra, ,

Russian :

Фор Франсуа, президент Франции, от 1895 до 1899, президент Французской Республики, Co-Княжества Андорры, ,

Slovak :

François Félix Faure, prezident Francúzsko, od roku 1895 do 1899, prezident Francúzskej republiky, Co-Prince of Andorra, ,

Slovenian :

François Félix Faure, predsednik Francije od leta 1895 do 1899, predsednik Francoske republike, Co-princ Andore, ,

Spanish :

Félix François Faure, Presidente de Francia, desde 1895 a 1899, Presidente del República, Co-príncipe francés de Andorra, ,

Thai :

เฟลิกซ์ François Faure ประธานาธิบดี ฝรั่งเศสจาก 1895 ที่ 1899 ประธานาธิบดีฝรั่งเศสสาธารณรัฐ Co-เจ้าชายของประเทศอันดอร์รา,

Turkish :

Félix François Faure, Fransa'dan 1895 1899, Fransız Cumhuriyeti, Co-Prens Andorra'nın başkanı başkanı, ,

Ukrainian :

Фелікс Франсуа фор, президент Франції, від 1895, в 1899, президент Французької Республіки, Co-князя Андорри, ,

Vietnamese :

Félix François Faure, tổng thống Pháp, từ năm 1895 tới năm 1899, tổng thống pháp hoà, đồng hoàng tử Andorra, ,




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