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Cyprus: Limassol - cityscape, fisherman shop

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Cyprus, Limassol, 2009


Cyprus: Limassol - cityscape, fisherman show his shop Limassol or Lemesos (Greek: Λεμεσός, Lemesós; Turkish: Limasol or Leymosun) is the second-largest city in Cyprus, with a population of 228,000 (2008). It is the largest city in geographical size, and the biggest municipality on the island. The city is located on Akrotiri Bay, on the island's southern coast and it is the capital of Limassol District. Limassol is the biggest port in the Mediterranean transit trade. It has also become one of the most important tourism, trade and service-providing centres in the area. Limassol is renowned for its long cultural tradition, and is home to the Cyprus University of Technology. A wide spectrum of activities and a number of museums and archaeological sites are available to the interested visitor. Consequently, Limassol attracts a wide range of tourists mostly during an extended summer season to be accommodated in a wide range of hotels and apartments. There are also plans to build a large marina in Limassol. Limassol was built between two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion, so during Byzantine rule it was known as Neapolis (new town). Limassol's tourist strip now runs east along the coast as far as Amathus. To the west of the city is the Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area of the United Kingdom.

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Chinese Simplified :

塞浦路斯,利马索尔,城市景观、 渔夫、 店、 房子、 建筑、 塔、 教堂、 道路、 海绵、 斗,鲨鱼头,利马索尔区、 阿马苏斯、 Kourion、 花边、 旧城、 清真寺,,

Danish :

Cypern, Limassol, bybilledet, fisker, shop, hus, bygning, tårn, kirke, road, svamp, spand, haj hoved, Limassol-distriktet, Amathus, Kourion, blonder, den gamle by, moske, ,

Russian :

Кипр, Лимассол, городской пейзаж, рыбак, магазин, дом, здание, башня, Церковь, дороги, Губка, ведро, голова акулы, район Лимассола, Аматус, Курион, кружево, Старый город, мечеть, ,

Slovak :

Cyprus Limassol panorámu, rybár, Obchod, dom, budova, veža, kostol, cestnej, huba, vedierko, žralok hlavu, Limassol District Amathus, Kourion, čipky, staré mesto, mešita, ,

Slovenian :

Ciper Limassol, cityscape, ribič, shop, hiše, stavbe, stolp, cerkev, ceste, gobo, vedro, shark glavo, Limassol District Amathus, Kourion, čipke, starega mesta, mošeje, ,

Spanish :

Chipre, Limassol, paisaje urbano, pescador, tienda, casa, edificio, torre, iglesia, road, esponja, cubo, cabeza de tiburón, Limassol District, Amatus, Kourion, encaje, la vieja ciudad, Mezquita, ,

Swedish :

Cypern, Limassol, stadsbild, fiskare, butik, hus, byggnad, tower, kyrkan, road, svamp, hink, haj huvud, Limassol District, Amathus, Kourion, spetsar, gamla staden, moskén, ,

Thai :

ไซปรัส ลีมาซอล ตระการ ชาวประมง ร้าน บ้าน อาคาร ทาวเวอร์ โบสถ์ ถนน ฟองน้ำ ถัง หัวปลา อำเภอลีมาซอล มาธัส Kourion ลูกไม้ ในเมือง มัสยิด,

Turkish :

Kıbrıs, Limasol, cityscape, balıkçı, dükkan, ev, Bina, kule, kilise, road, sünger, kova, köpekbalığı kafa, Limasol Bölgesi, Amathus, Kourion, dantel, eski şehir, cami, ,

Ukrainian :

Кіпр Лімассола міський пейзаж, рибалки, магазин, будинок, будівля, башта, церкви, дорога, Губка, відро, головою акула, Лімасол Amathus, Куріона, мережива, Старе місто, мечеть, ,




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