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Chalkidiki: Paralia - Beach, cityscape night, people are folk dancing

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Greece, Chalkidiki, 2009


Chalkidiki Paralia - Beach, cityscape night, people are folk dancing Paralia or Paralia Katerinis is a municipality in the eastern part of the prefecture of Pieria. The seat of the municipality is in Kallithea. Paralia is linked with GR-13 and GR-1/E75 including the superhighway. The beach is situated in the Olympian Riviera. Paralia is famous for its hotels, taverns, restaurants, bars and nightclub (discothèques). The Thermian Gulf is situated to the east. The sandy coastline covers almost all of its coastline. Paralia Katerinis since the 1960s serves the superhighway. In the mid-1990s, the superhighway added 2 additional lanes to the undivided superhighway. Paralia is located 4 km E of Katerini, SE of Veria, 70 km S of Thessaloniki and the Makedonia International Airport, N of Larissa, NNW of Athens, NE of Tyrnavos, NE of Mount Olympus and 150 km NE of Kalampaka. The 2001 census reported a population of 1,476 for the village Paralia, and 6,449 for the municipality.[2]

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Chinese Simplified :

希腊,Chalkidiki,Paralia,海滩,城市景观的夜晚,人、 民间舞蹈、 阳光、 日光浴,海滩 umvrella 度假,放松,度假、 休闲、 游泳人,水海,交通、 市中心、 汽车、 旧镇、 店、 买家、 显示,有趣,演讲厅、 商店、 酒店、 餐厅、 海城里维埃拉,海、 水、,

Danish :

Grækenland, Chalkidiki, Paralia, strand, bybilledet nat, mennesker, folkedans, solskin, nyde solen, strand umvrella, ferie, slap af, ferie, fritid, svømning mennesker, vand hav, trafik, downtown, bil, gamle bydel, shop, købere, show, sjov, foredrag teater, butikker, hotel, restaurant, Olympian Riviera, havet, vand, ,

Hindi :

ग्रीस, Chalkidiki, Paralia, समुद्र तट, cityscape रात, लोगों, लोक नृत्य, धूप, sunbath, समुद्र तट umvrella, छुट्टी, आराम, अवकाश, अवकाश, तैराकी लोगों, पानी सागर, यातायात, मुख्य शहर, कार, पुराने शहर, दुकान, खरीदारों, शो, मज़ा, व्याख्यान थियेटर, दुकानें, होटल, रेस्तरां, ओलंपियन रिवेरा, सागर, पानी, ,




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