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Chalkidiki: Sani - beach

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Greece, Chalkidiki, 2009


Chalkidiki: Sani - beach Halkidiki, also Chalkidiki or Khalkidiki (Greek: Χαλκιδική, [xalkiðiˈki]), is one of the prefectures of Greece. It is located in the southeastern portion of Central Macedonia. The Cholomontas mountains lie in the northcentral part. It consists of a large peninsula in the northwestern Aegean Sea, resembling a hand with three "fingers" (though in Greek these peninsulas are often referred to as "legs") – Pallene (now Kassandra), Sithonia, and Agion Oros (the ancient Acte), which contains Mount Athos and its monasteries. The first Greek settlers in this area came from Chalcis (Halkis) and Eretria, cities in Euboea, around the eighth century BC who founded cities such as Mende, Toroni and Scioni; a second wave came from Andros in the sixth century BC. The ancient city of Stageira was the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle. The capital of Halkidiki is the main town of Polygyros, located in the center of the peninsula. Its most populous municipalities are Moudania, Kallikrateia, Polygyros, and Kassandra. Its largest towns are Nea Moudania,(Νέα Μουδανιά) Nea Kallikrateia, (Νέα Καλλικράτεια) and the main town of Polygyros. There are many summer resorts on the beaches of all three fingers where other minor towns and villages are located, such as at Yerakini (Gerakina Beach), Neos Marmaras (Porto Carras) Ouranoupolis, Nikiti, Psakoudia, Kallithea (Pallene/Pallini, Athos), Sani Resort and more. In June 2003, at the holiday resort Porto Carras located in Neos Marmaras, Sithonia, European Union leaders presented the first draft of the European constitution. See History of the European Constitution for developments after this point. The only prefectural boundary is with the Thessaloniki prefecture located to the north.

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Arabic :

اليونان، خالكيذيكي، ساني، الشاطئ، البحر، المياه، مظلة الشاطئ، البيت، بناء، المناظر الطبيعية، والناس السباحة، متعة، عطلة، عطلة، بحر إيجة،,

Catalan :

Grècia, Chalkidiki, Sani, platja, mar, aigua, paraigua de platja, house, edifici, paisatge, gent de natació, diversió, vacances, vacances, mar Egeu, ,

Chinese Simplified :

希腊、 Chalkidiki、 撒尼、 海滩、 海、 水、 沙滩伞、 房子、 建筑、 景观、 游泳人、 乐趣、 假日、 度假、 爱琴海海,,

Dutch :

Griekenland, Chalkidiki, Sani, strand, zee, water, parasol, huis, gebouw, landschap, zwemmen mensen, fun, vakantie, vakantie, Egeïsche zee, ,

Estonian :

Kreeka, Chalkidiki, Sani, beach, mere, vesi, beach vihmavari, maja, hoone, maastik, ujumine inimesed, lõbus, puhkus, puhkus, Egeuse mere,

Haitian Creole :

Grès, Chalkidiki, Sani, beach, lanmè, dlo, cadre beach, kay, kay, jaden flè, piscine moun, amizan, vacances, vakans, Mer lanmè, ,

Hebrew :

יוון, (chalkidiki), Sani, חוף, ים, מים, החף מטריה, בית, בניין, נוף, אנשים שחייה, כיף, החג, חופשה, הים האגאי, ,

Hindi :

ग्रीस, Chalkidiki, Sani, समुद्र तट, समुद्र, पानी, समुद्र तट छाता, घर, भवन, परिदृश्य, स्विमिंग लोगों, मज़ा, छुट्टी, छुट्टी, ईजियन समुद्र, ,

Hungarian :

Görögország, Chalkidiki, Sani, strand, tenger, víz, napernyő, ház, épület, táj, úszás emberek, szórakoztató, holiday, nyaralás, Égei-tenger, ,

Indonesian :

Yunani, Chalkidiki, Sani, pantai, laut, air, payung pantai, rumah, bangunan, lansekap, renang orang, menyenangkan, liburan, liburan, laut Aegean, ,

Korean :

그리스, Chalkidiki, 사 니, 해변, 바다, , 비치 파라솔, , 건물, 풍경, 수영 사람, 재미, 휴일, 휴가, 해 바다,

Norwegian :

Hellas, Halkidiki, Sani, strand, havet, vann, strand paraply, hus, bygningen, landskap, svømming folk, moro, ferie, ferie, Aegean sea, ,

Swedish :

Grekland, Halkidiki, Sani, stranden, havet, vatten, parasoll, hus, byggnad, landskap, simning människor, kul, semester, semester, Egeiska havet, ,

Vietnamese :

Hy Lạp, bán đảo Chalkidiki, Sani, bãi biển, biển, nước, bãi biển umbrella, nhà, xây dựng, cảnh quan, bơi người, vui vẻ, kỳ nghỉ, kỳ nghỉ, biển Aegean, ,




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