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Chalkidiki: Vale of Tempe

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Greece, Chalkidiki, 2009


Chalkidiki: Vale of Tempe The Vale of Tempe (modern Greek: Témpi), celebrated by Greek poets as a favorite haunt of Apollo and the Muses, is the ancient name of a gorge in northern Thessaly, Greece, located between Olympus to the north and Ossa to the south. The valley is 10 kilometers long and as narrow as 25 meters in places, with cliffs nearly 500 meters high, and through it flows the Pineios River on its way to the Aegean Sea. On the right bank of the Pineios sat a temple to Apollo, near which the laurels used to crown the victorious in the Pythian Games were gathered. The Vale of Tempe also was home for a time to Aristaeus, son of Apollo and Cyrene, and it was here that he chased Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, who, in her flight, was bitten by a serpent and died. In the thirteenth century AD a church dedicated to Aghia (Saint) Paraskevi was erected in the valley. The Tempe Pass is a strategic pass in Greece since it is the main route from Larisa through the mountains to the coast. Because of this it has been the scene of numerous battles throughout history. However, it can be bypassed from the Sarantoporo Pass with which does take longer. In 480 BC 10,000 Athenians and Spartans tried to stop Xerxes's invasion, but the Persians bypassed the Greek force by marching through Sarantoporo. During the Third Macedonian War in 164 BC the Romans broke through Perseus of Macedon's defences and later defeated him in the Battle of Pydna. During the revolution of Andriskos in 148 BC the valley was the site of another conflict. There were other battles fought there during the barbarian raids that mark the end of the Roman era in Greece and in Byzantine and Ottoman times. Today to most Greeks, Tempe is also notorious for the very bad condition of the road that passes through the area and the horrible accidents that have happened there. The most severe happened in 2003, where an entire 11th grade class of 21 students from the village of Makrochori (Prefecture of Imathia) perished when a truck carrying plywood, coming from the opposite direction, hit their bus on the side[1]. Although the driver was able to reduce the truck's velocity in just a few seconds, sideways momentum was conserved by the plywood which detached from the vehicle and sliced into the left side of the coach, instantly killing many of the victims. The cities of Tempe, Arizona, USA and Tempe, New South Wales, Australia are named for it, as is a farm in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, with nearby farms named Olympus and Ossa. The Vale of Tempe Road tracing a small valley in Penang, Malaysia, is also named for it.

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Arabic :

سفينة اليونان، خالكيذيكي، Vale تيمبي، نهر، الغابات، الحديقة الوطنية، الطبيعة، قارب، والشحن، والمناظر الطبيعية، والجبال، والجولات السياحية، والجسر، والحياة البرية والجولات السياحية، والسياحة، والأشجار، ونهر بينيوس، وجرف،,

Bulgarian :

Гърция, Халкидики, долината на Темпе, река, гора, Национален парк, природа, лодка, доставка, пейзаж, планини, кораб обиколка, мост, див, тур, Туризъм, дървета, Pineios река, скала, ,

Catalan :

Grècia, Chalkidiki, Vale de Tempe, riu, bosc, parc nacional, natural, vaixell, enviament, paisatge, muntanyes, vaixell gira, pont, salvatge, tour, Turisme, arbres, riu d'Albània, penya-segat, ,

Chinese Simplified :

希腊、 Chalkidiki、 淡水河谷的坦佩,河流,森林,国家公园、 自然、 船、 航运、 景观、 山、 船游,桥梁,野生,旅游,旅游,树木,Pineios 河,悬崖,,

Chinese Traditional :

希臘、 Chalkidiki、 淡水河谷的坦佩,河流,森林,國家公園、 自然、 船、 航運、 景觀、 山、 船游,橋樑,野生,旅遊,旅遊,樹木,Pineios 河,懸崖,,

Czech :

Řecko, Chalkidiki, údolí Tempe, řeka, Les, národní park, příroda, loď, lodní, krajina, hory, loď tour, most, divoký, tour, cestovní ruch, stromy, Pineios řeky, skály, ,

Danish :

Grækenland, Chalkidiki, Vale i Tempe, river, skov, nationalparken, naturen, båd, shipping, landskab, bjerge, skib tour, bridge, vilde, tour, turisme, træer, Pineios River, cliff, ,

Dutch :

Chalkidiki, Griekenland, Vale of Tempe, rivier, bos, nationaal park, natuur, boot, scheepvaart, landschap, bergen, schip tour, brug, wild, tour, toerisme, bomen, Pineios rivier, cliff, ,

Estonian :

Kreeka, Chalkidiki, Tempe, jõgi, mets, rahvuspark, laadi, paat, laevandus, maastik, mäed, Vale laeva tour, silla, looduses, tour, turism, puud, Pineios jõgi, kalju, ,

Finnish :

Kreikka Chalkidiki, Vale of Tempe, joki, vuoret, kansallispuisto, luonnosta, maisema, vene, metsä ja merenkulku laiva tour, silta, villi, tour, Matkailu, puut, Pineios joki, Kallio, ,

French :

Grèce, Chalkidiki, Vale de Tempe, rivière, forêt, parc national, nature, bateau, transport maritime, paysage, montagnes, expédier tour, pont, sauvage, tour, tourisme, arbres, rivière Pineios, falaise, ,

German :

Griechenland, Chalkidiki, Vale von Tempe, Fluss, Wald, Nationalpark, Natur, Boot, Schifffahrt, Landschaft, Berge, Schiff, Tour, Brücke, Wild, Tour, Tourismus, Bäume, Fluss Pinios, Klippe, ,

Greek :

Ελλάδα, η Χαλκιδική, η κοιλάδα των Τεμπών, ποτάμι, δάσος, εθνικό πάρκο, φύση, βάρκα, ναυτιλία, τοπίο, βουνά, πλοίο, περιήγηση, γέφυρα, άγριο, περιήγηση, εκδρομές, δέντρα, ποταμό Πηνειό, το βράχο, ,

Haitian Creole :

Grès, Chalkidiki, Vale de Tempe, bò larivyè Lefrat, forest, pak nasyonal, nati, kannòt, fòm, jaden flè, mòn yo, bato touris, pon, sovaj, vwayaj, touris lan, bwa, Pineios, bò larivyè Lefrat, cliff, ki,

Hebrew :

יוון, (chalkidiki), לדמעות בטמפה, נהר, יער, הפארק הלאומי, טבע, סירה, משלוח, נוף, הרי, ספינת סיור, גשר, פראי, נסיעות, תיירות, עצים, נהר Pineios, צוק, ,

Hindi :

ग्रीस, Chalkidiki, Tempe, नदी, वन, नेशनल पार्क, प्रकृति, नाव, शिपिंग, लैंडस्केप, पहाड़ों, की घाटी जहाज यात्रा, पुल, जंगली, दौरे, पर्यटन, पेड़ों, Pineios नदी, पहाड़, ,

Hungarian :

Görögország, a Chalkidiki-félsziget, a völgyben a Tempe, folyó, erdő, nemzeti park, természet, hajó, hajózás, táj, hegyek, hajó túra, híd, vad, túra, turizmus, fák, Pineios-folyó, a szikla, ,

Indonesian :

Yunani, Chalkidiki, Vale Tempe, sungai, hutan, Taman Nasional, alam, perahu, pengiriman, lanskap, pegunungan, kapal Wisata, jembatan, liar, Wisata, pariwisata, pohon, Pineios sungai, tebing, ,

Italian :

Grecia, Penisola Calcidica, Valle di Tempe, fiume, bosco, Parco nazionale, natura, barca, spedizione, paesaggio, montagne, nave tour, ponte, selvaggio, tour, turismo, alberi, fiume Peneo, rupe, ,

Japanese :

テンペ、川、森林、国立公園、自然、ボート、送料、風景、山、谷、ハルキディキ ギリシャ船ツアー, , 野生、ツアー、観光、木、構築され, Pineios 川、崖、,

Korean :

그리스, Chalkidiki, 템피, , , 국립 공원, 자연, 보트, 선박, 풍경, 산의 골짜기 배 투어, 브리지, 야생, 투어, 관광, 나무, Pineios 강, 절벽, ,

Latvian :

Grieķija, Chalkidiki, Tempe, upju, mežu, nacionālais parks, dabas, laivu, kuģniecības, ainava, kalni, Vale kuģa tour, tilts, savvaļā, tour, tūrisma, koki, Pineios River, klints, ,

Lithuanian :

Graikijoje, Chalkidikėje, Vale, Tempe, upės, miško, nacionalinis parkas, gamta, valtis, laivybos, kraštovaizdis, kalnai, laivas tour, tiltas, laukinių, kelionių, turizmo, medžiai, Pineios upės, uolos, ,

Norwegian :

Hellas Halkidiki, Vale of Tempe og elven, skog, nasjonalpark, natur, båt, frakt, landskap, fjell, skipet tur, bro, vill, tur, turisme, trær, Pineios elva, klippe, ,

Polish :

Grecja, Chalkidiki, Vale of Tempe, rzeka, Las, park narodowy, natura, Łódź, wysyłka, krajobraz, góry, statek tour, most, dziki, wycieczki, Turystyka, drzewa, rzeka Pineios, Urwisko, ,

Portuguese :

Grécia, Chalkidiki, Vale de Tempe, Rio, floresta, Parque Nacional, natureza, barco, transporte, paisagem, montanhas, navio turístico, ponte, selvagem, tour, turismo, árvores, Rio peneu, precipício, ,

Romanian :

Grecia, Halkidiki, Vale de Tempe, Râul, pădure, Parcul Naţional, natura, barca, transport, peisaj, munte, navei tur, pod, sălbatic, tur, turism, copaci, prefecturii râu, stâncă, ,

Russian :

Греция, Халкидики, Долина Tempe, река, лес, Национальный парк, природа, лодка, судоходство, пейзаж, горы, корабль тур, мост, дикий, тур, туризма, деревья, река Пиниос, Утес., ,

Slovak :

Grécko, Chalkidiki, Vale Tempe, rieky, lesa, národný park, príroda, loď, dopravu, krajiny, hôr, loď turné, most, divoké, turné, turistika, stromy, rieka Pineios, cliff, ,

Slovenian :

Grčija, Chalkidiki, Vale Tempe, reke, gozda, nacionalni park, narave, čoln, dostava, pokrajine, gore, ladjo turnejo, most, divje, tour, turizem, drevesa, reko Pineios, skala, ,

Spanish :

Grecia, Chalkidiki, Valle de Tempe, río, bosque, Parque Nacional, naturaleza, barco, transporte, paisaje, montañas, la nave gira, puente, salvaje, turismo, viaje, árboles, río Pineios, acantilado, ,

Swedish :

Grekland, Halkidiki, Vale Tempe, floden, skog, nationalpark, natur, båt, frakt, landskap, berg, fartyg tur, bridge, vilda, tour, turism, träd, Peneus River, klippan, ,

Thai :

กรีซ Chalkidiki เวลของ Tempe แม่น้ำ ป่า อุทยาน ธรรมชาติ เรือ จัดส่ง ภูมิทัศน์ ภูเขา เรือทัวร์ สะพาน ป่า ทัวร์ ท่องเที่ยว ต้นไม้ แม่น้ำ Pineios หน้าผา,

Turkish :

Yunanistan, Chalkidiki, Vale Tempe, nehir, orman, Milli Parkı, doğa, tekne, nakliye, peyzaj, dağlar, gemi turu, köprü, vahşi, Tur, turizm, ağaçlar, Pineios nehir, cliff, ,

Ukrainian :

Греція, Халкідікі, Vale Темпе, річка, ліс, Національний парк, природи, човен, доставка, краєвид, гори, судно тур, міст, дикий, тур, туризм, дерева, Pineios річка, Скеля, ,

Vietnamese :

Hy Lạp, bán đảo Chalkidiki, Vale of Tempe, sông, rừng, công viên quốc gia, thiên nhiên, thuyền, vận chuyển, cảnh quan, núi, tàu tour, bridge, hoang dã, tour du lịch, du lịch, cây, sông Peneios, vách đá, ,




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