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Ear operation - cochlear implantation

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Hungary, 2010


Ear operation - cochlear implantation A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. The cochlear implant is often referred to as a bionic ear. As of April 2009, approximately 188,000 people worldwide had received cochlear implants; in the United States, about 30,000 adults and over 30,000 children are recipients. The vast majority are in developed countries due to the high cost of the device, surgery and post-implantation therapy. A small but growing segment of recipients have bilateral implants (one implant in each cochlea) People with mild or moderate sensorineural hearing loss are generally not candidates for cochlear implantation. After the implant is put into place, sound no longer travels via the ear canal and middle ear but will be picked up by a microphone and sent through the device's speech processor to the implant's electrodes inside the cochlea. Thus, most candidates have been diagnosed with profound sensorineural hearing loss. The presence of auditory nerve fibers is essential to the functioning of the device: if these are damaged to such an extent that they cannot receive electrical stimuli, the implant will not work. A small number of individuals with severe auditory neuropathy may also benefit from cochlear implants.

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Catalan :

Hongria, orella, operació, implantació coclear, tall, timpà, bisturí, metge, cirurgià, hospital, col. locació, sang, pacient, anestèsia, anestèsia, pell, nen, quiròfan, infermera, portàtil, ,

Chinese Simplified :

匈牙利, , 手术, 人工耳蜗植入, 切割, 鼓膜, 手术刀, 医生, 外科医生, 医院, 安置, 血液, 病人, 麻醉, 麻醉, 皮肤, 孩子, 手术室, 护士, 手提电脑, ,

Danish :

Ungarn øre, drift, cochlear implantation, skæring, trommehinden, skalpel, læge, kirurg, hospital, placering, blod, patienten, anæstesi, anæstesi, hud, kid, operationsstuen, sygeplejerske, laptop, ,

Dutch :

Hongarije, oor, operatie, cochleaire implantatie, snijden, trommelvlies, scalpel, arts, chirurg, ziekenhuis, plaatsing, bloed, patiënt, verdoving, anesthesie, huid, jong geitje, operatiekamer, verpleegkundige, laptop, ,

German :

Ungarn, Ohr, Operation, Cochlea-Implantation, schneiden, Trommelfell, Skalpell, Arzt, Chirurg, Krankenhaus, Platzierung, Blut, Patienten, Narkose, Anästhesie, Haut, Kind, OP-Saal, Krankenschwester, Laptop, ,

Hebrew :

הונגריה, האוזן, מבצע, השרשה שבלול, חיתוך, עור התוף, אזמל, רופא, מנתח, חולים, השמה, דם, החולה, הרדמה, הרדמה, העור, הילד, חדר ניתוח, האחות, נייד, ,

Hungarian :

Magyarország, fül, művelet, Cochleáris implantáció, vágás, dobhártya, szike, orvos, sebész, kórház, elhelyezés, vér, beteg, érzéstelenítő, érzéstelenítés, bőr, gyerek, műtő, nővér, laptop, ,

Italian :

Ungheria, orecchio, operazione, impianto cocleare, taglio, timpano, bisturi, medico, chirurgo, ospedale, posizionamento, sangue, paziente, anestetico, anestesia, pelle, bambino, sala operatoria, infermiere, portatile, ,

Korean :

헝가리, , 운영, 인공 와우 이식, 절단, 고 막, 메스, 의사, 외과 의사, 병원, 배치, 혈액, 환자, 마 취, 마 취, 피부, 아이, 수술 실, 간호사, 노트북, ,

Latvian :

Auss, darbību, cochlear implantācijas, griešanas, bungādiņa, skalpeli, ārsts, ķirurgs, slimnīcas, izvietojumu, asins, pacientu, anestezējošs līdzeklis, anestēziju, ādas, kazlēnu, operāciju zālē, māsiņa, klēpjdators, Ungārija,

Portuguese :

Hungria, orelha, operação, implante coclear, corte, tímpano, bisturi, médico, cirurgião, hospital, colocação, sangue, paciente, anestesia, anestesia, pele, criança, sala de cirurgia, enfermeira, portátil, ,




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