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Barcelona: port - cityscape

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Spain, Barcelona, 2009


Barcelona: port - cityscape Barcelona is the capital and the most populous city of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, after Madrid, with a population of 1,621,537 within its administrative limits on a land area of 101.4 km2 (39 sq mi). The urban area of Barcelona extends beyond the administrative city limits with a population of over 4,200,000 on an area of 803 km2 (310 sq mi),[1] it is the sixth-most populous urban area in the European Union after Paris, London, Ruhr area, Madrid and Milan. About 5 million people live in the Barcelona metropolitan area. It is also Europe's largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast. The main part of a union of adjacent cities and municipalities named Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) with a population of 3,186,461 in an area of 636 km² (density 5.010 hab/km²). It is located on the Mediterranean coast between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besòs and is bounded to the west by the Serra de Collserola ridge (512 m/1,680 ft). Barcelona is recognised as a Global City due to its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education and tourism. Indeed, it is a major economic centre and a growing financial centre (Diagonal Mar area); one of Europe's principal Mediterranean ports can be found here as well as Barcelona international airport, which handles about 30 million passengers per year. It also boasts an extensive motorway network and is a hub of high-speed rail, particularly that which will link France with Spain and later Portugal. Barcelona was the 12th-most-visited city in the world and 4th most visited in Europe after London, Paris and Rome. It is in addition the most popular tourist destination in Spain (receiving over 5 million tourists every year). Barcelona is the 15th most livable city in the World according to lifestyle magazine Monocle. Similarly, according to Innovation Analysts 2thinknow, Barcelona occupies 13th place in the world on Innovation Cities globally. It is the 4th richest city by GDP in the European Union and 35th in the world with an output amounting to €177 billion, a figure nonetheless smaller than alternative estimates. Consequently, its GDP per capita output stands at €35,975 - some 44% higher than the European Union average. Similarly, the city of Barcelona stands in 29th place in a list of net personal earnings headed by Zurich. The city is Europe's 3rd and one of the world's most successful as a city brand, both in terms of reputation and assets. Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona became the capital of the Counts of Barcelona. After merging with the Kingdom of Aragon, it became one of the most important cities of the Crown of Aragon. Besieged several times during its history, Barcelona is today an important cultural centre and a major tourist destination and has a rich cultural heritage. Particularly renowned are architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner that have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is well known in recent times for the 1992 Summer Olympics. The headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean are located in Barcelona. As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona houses the seat of the Catalan government, known as the Generalitat de Catalunya; of particular note are the executive branch, the parliament, and the Supreme Court of Catalonia. The city is also the capital of the Province of Barcelona and the Barcelonès comarca

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Arabic :

إسبانيا، بانيش، برشلونة، المنفذ، سيتي سكيب، كاتالونيا، وضواحيها، المدينة العالمية، المالية، التجارة، التجارة الدولية، والتعليم والسياحة، جوردي هيرو أنا بور، اليونسكو، الأطفال، جسر، البحر، المياه، القارب، السفينة، والناس، المنفذ في برشلونة،,

Bulgarian :

Испания, panish, Барселона, порт, градски пейзаж, Каталония, столичния район, глобален град, финанси, търговия, международна търговия, образование и Туризъм, Жорди Hereu i Boher, ЮНЕСКО, деца, мост, море, вода, лодка, кораб, хора, Порт де Барселона, ,

Catalan :

Espanya, panish, Barcelona, port, paisatge urbà, Catalunya, àrea metropolitana, Global City, Hisenda, comerç, comerç internacional, educació i Turisme, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, nens, pont, mar, aigua, vaixell, vaixell, gent, port de barcelona, ,

Chinese Simplified :

西班牙、 panish、 巴塞罗那、 港口、 城市景观、 加泰罗尼亚、 都市区、 全球城市、 财务、 商务、 国际贸易、 教育和旅游、 酒店 Hereu 我 Boher,教科文组织、 儿童、 桥、 海、 水、 船、 船、 人、 端口 de 巴塞罗那,

Chinese Traditional :

西班牙、 panish、 巴賽隆納、 港口、 城市景觀、 加泰羅尼亞、 都市區、 全球城市、 財務、 商務、 國際貿易、 教育和旅遊、 酒店 Hereu 我 Boher,教科文組織、 兒童、 橋、 海、 水、 船、 船、 人、 埠 de 巴賽隆納,

Czech :

Španělsko, panish, Barcelona, přístav, panoráma, Katalánsko, Metropolitní oblast, globální město, financí, mezinárodní obchod, vzdělávání SOCR, Jordi Hereu jsem Boher, UNESCO, děti, most, moře, voda, člun, loď, lidé, port de barcelona, ,

Danish :

Spanien, panish, Barcelona, port, bybilledet, Catalonien, hovedstadsområdet, Global City, finans, handel, international handel, uddannelse og turisme, Jordi Hereu jeg Boher, UNESCO, børn, bridge, hav, vand, båd, skib, mennesker, port de barcelona, ,

Dutch :

Spanje, panish, Barcelona, poort, cityscape, Catalonië, metropool, Global City, financiën, handel, internationale handel, onderwijs en toerisme, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, kinderen, brug, zee, water, boot, schip, mensen, haven van barcelona, ,

Estonian :

Hispaania, panish, Barcelona, sadama, linnaruumi, Kataloonias, pealinna, Global City, rahandus, kaubandus, rahvusvahelise kaubanduse, hariduse ja turismi, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, Laste, silla, meri, vee, paadi, laeva, inimesi, port de barcelona, ,

Finnish :

Espanja, panish, Barcelona, port kaupunkikuvan Catalonia, pääkaupunkiseudulla, Global City, rahoittaa kauppa kansainvälisen kaupan, koulutus ja matkailu, Jordi Hereu i Boher, Unescon, lapset, silta, vesi, vene, laiva, ihmiset, port de barcelona, ,

French :

Espagne, Christophe, Barcelone, port, paysage urbain, Catalogne, région métropolitaine, Global City, finance, commerce, commerce international, éducation et tourisme, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, enfants, pont, mer, eau, bateau, navire, gens, port de Barcelone, ,

German :

Spanien, Panic, Barcelona, Port, Stadtansicht, Catalonia, Metropolregion, Global City, Finanzen, Handel, internationaler Handel, Bildung und Tourismus, Jordi Hereu ich Hereu, UNESCO, Kinder, Brücke, Meer, Wasser, Boot, Schiff, Menschen, Port de Barcelona, ,

Greek :

Ισπανία, panish, Βαρκελώνη, λιμάνι, τοπίο, Καταλονία, Μητροπολιτική περιοχή, παγκόσμια πόλη, οικονομικών, εμπορίου, διεθνές εμπόριο, Παιδείας και Τουρισμού, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, παιδιά, γέφυρα, θάλασσα, νερό, βάρκα, πλοίο, άνθρωποι, λιμάνι της Βαρκελώνης, ,

Haitian Creole :

Espay, panish, Barcelone, , cityscape, Catalogne, zòn metwopolitèn, vil Global, finans, City of commerce, komès entènasyonal, edikasyon ak touris, Jordi Hereu Boher, mwen INESKO, timoun, pon, dan vise, lanmè, dlo, bato, batiman an, moun, pò de barcelone, ,

Hebrew :

ספרד, panish ברצלונה, נמל, נוף עירוני, קטלוניה, המטרופולין, גלובל העיר, מימון, מסחר, הסחר הבינלאומי, חינוך ותיירות, Jordi Hereu אני Boher, אונסק ו, ילדים, גשר, ים, מים, סירה, שלח, אנשים, פורט דה ברצלונה, ,

Hindi :

स्पेन, panish, बार्सिलोना, बंदरगाह, cityscape, Catalonia, महानगरीय क्षेत्र, ग्लोबल सिटी, वित्त, वाणिज्य, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय व्यापार, शिक्षा और पर्यटन, Jordi Hereu मैं Boher, यूनेस्को, बच्चों, पुल, सागर, पानी, नाव, जहाज, लोगों, पोर्ट डे बार्सिलोना, ,

Hungarian :

Spanyolország, panish, Barcelona, port, városkép, Katalóniában, nagyvárosi terület, Global City, pénzügy, kereskedelem, nemzetközi kereskedelmi, oktatási és idegenforgalmi, Jordi Hereu részére, UNESCO, gyermekek, híd, tenger, víz, csónak, hajó, emberek, port de barcelona, ,

Indonesian :

Spanyol, panish, Barcelona, pelabuhan, cakrawala kota, Catalonia, metropolitan area, Global City, keuangan, perdagangan, perdagangan internasional, pendidikan dan pariwisata, Jordi Hereu saya Boher, UNESCO, anak-anak, jembatan, laut, air, perahu, kapal, orang, port de barcelona, ,

Italian :

Spagna, spagnola, Barcellona, porto, paesaggio urbano, Catalogna, area metropolitana, Global City, finanza, commercio, commercio internazionale, formazione e turismo, Jordi Hereu ho Boher, UNESCO, bambini, ponte, mare, acqua, barca, nave, persone, porta de barcelona, ,

Japanese :

スペイン、弾絶神バルセロナ、ポート、都市の景観、カタロニア、首都圏、世界都市、ファイナンス、国際貿易、教育商工観光、ジョルディ Hereu 私は Boher、ユネスコ、子供、橋、海、水、ボート、船、人々、ポート ・ デ ・ バルセロナ,

Korean :

스페인, panish, 바르셀로나, 포트, 도시 풍경, 카탈로니아, 수도권, 글로벌 도시, 금융, 상업, 국제 무역, 교육 및 관광, 조르디 Hereu 나 Boher, 유네스코, 아이 들, 다리, 바다, , , , 사람들, 포트 드 바르셀로나,

Latvian :

Spānijā, panish, Barcelona, ostas, cityscape, Katalonijā, metropoles teritoriju, Global City, finanses, komercijas, starptautiskās tirdzniecības, izglītības un tūrisma, Jordi Hereu es Boher, UNESCO, bērniem, tilts, jūra, ūdens, laivu, kuģa, cilvēki, port de barcelona, ,

Lithuanian :

Ispanija, panish, Barselona, uosto, miesto peizažas, Katalonijos, metropolinės zonos, Global City, finansų, prekybos, tarptautinės prekybos, švietimo ir turizmo, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, vaikai, tiltas, jūros, vandens, valtis, laivas, žmonės, port de barcelona, ,

Norwegian :

Spania, panish, Barcelona, port, cityscape, Catalonia, storbyområdet, Global City, økonomi, handel, internasjonal handel, utdanning og turisme, Jordi Hereu jeg Boher, UNESCO, barn, bro, strand, vann, båt, skip, folk, havnen de barcelona,

Polish :

Hiszpania, panish, Barcelona, portu, gród, Katalonii, obszaru metropolitalnego, Global City, finanse, handel, handel międzynarodowy, edukacji i turystyki, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, dzieci, most, morze, woda, Łódź, statek, ludzi, port de barcelona, ,

Portuguese :

Espanha, espanhol, Barcelona, Porto, cityscape, Catalunha, área metropolitana, cidade Global, finanças, comércio, comércio internacional, educação e turismo, Jordi Hereu eu Boher, UNESCO, crianças, ponte, mar, água, barco, navio, pessoas, Porto de barcelona, ,

Romanian :

Spania, panish, Barcelona, portul, urbanism, Catalonia, zona metropolitană, Global City, Finante, comert, comerţul internaţional, educaţie şi turism, Jordi Hereu am Boher, UNESCO, copii, pod, mare, apă, barca, nava, oameni, portul din barcelona, ,

Russian :

Испания, panish, Барселона, порт, городской пейзаж, Каталония, агломерации, Глобал Сити, финансов, торговли, международной торговли, образования и туризма, Jordi Hereu я Boher, ЮНЕСКО, детей, мост, море, вода, лодка, корабль, человек, Порт-де-Барселона, ,

Slovak :

Španielsko, panish, Barcelona, port, panoráma mesta, Katalánsko, metropolitná oblasť, Global City, financií, obchodu, medzinárodného obchodu, vzdelávania a cestovného ruchu, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, deti, most, more, vody, loď, loď, ľudí, port de barcelona, ,

Slovenian :

Španija, panish, Barcelona, pristanišče, cityscape, Katalonija, metropolitansko območje, Global City, finance, trgovino, mednarodno trgovino, izobraževanje in turizem, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, otroci, most, morje, vode, čoln, ladja, ljudi, port de barcelona, ,

Spanish :

España, español, Barcelona, puerto, paisaje urbano, Cataluña, área metropolitana, la ciudad Global, finanzas, comercio, comercio internacional, educación y Turismo, Jordi Hereu i Boher, UNESCO, niños, puente, mar, agua, barco, nave, gente, Puerto de barcelona, ,

Swedish :

Spanien, panish, Barcelona, port, stadsbild, Catalonia, huvudstadsregionen, Global City, finans, handel, internationell handel, utbildning och turism, Jordi Hereu jag Boher, UNESCO, barn, bro, havet, vatten, båt, skepp, människor, port de barcelona, ,

Thai :

สเปน panish บาร์เซโลนา พอร์ต ตระการ โล นคร เมืองทั่วโลก เงิน พาณิชย์ การค้าระหว่างประเทศ ศึกษา และการท่อง เที่ยว Jordi Hereu ฉัน Boher ยูเนสโก เด็ก สะพาน ทะเล น้ำ เรือ เรือ คน บาร์เซโลนา เดอ,

Turkish :

İspanya, panish, Barcelona, bağlantı noktası, cityscape, Catalonia, metropol, küresel şehir, finans, ticaret, uluslararası ticaret, eğitim ve Turizm, Jordi Hereu ben Boher, UNESCO, çocuk, köprü, deniz, su, tekne, gemi, insanlar, port de barcelona, ,

Ukrainian :

Іспанії, panish, Барселона, порт, міський пейзаж, Каталонія, агломерації, Глобал Сіті, фінанси, комерції, Міжнародна торгівля, освіти та туризму, Jordi Hereu я Boher, ЮНЕСКО, дітей, міст, море, води, човен, корабель, люди, порт Барселони, ,

Vietnamese :

Tây Ban Nha, panish, Barcelona, cảng, cảnh quan thành phố, Catalonia, khu vực đô thị, thành phố toàn cầu, tài chính, thương mại, thương mại quốc tế, giáo dục và du lịch, Jordi Hereu tôi Boher, UNESCO, trẻ em, cầu, biển, nước, thuyền, tàu, người, port de barcelona, ,




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