Sport history: Jean Bouin, 5000 metres, silver (00:00:14)
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Sport history: Jean Bouin, 5000 metres, silver

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Location and time:

France, 1912


Sport history: Jean Bouin, 5000 metres, silver - 1912, Summer Olympics, Stockholm. Jean Bouin (December 20, 1888 – September 29, 1914) was a French athlete and rugby union footballer. He competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London and at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm. In the 1500 metres, Bouin placed second of three in his initial semifinal heat and did not advance to the final. His time was 4:17.0. His struggle against Finland's Hannes Kolehmainen in the 5,000-metre final of the 1912 Olympics has long been regarded as one of the most memorable moments of international track races. Bouin lost that race to Kolehmainen by just 0.1 seconds; their times were 14 minutes 36.7 seconds and 14:36.6, respectively (see, for example, Matti Hannus, The Flying Finns, chapter 1, "Hannes Kolehmainen", originally published as "Lentävät suomalaiset" in Helsinki, Finland, in 1988; Wolfgang Wünsche, The Heroes of Race Tracks/Kilpakenttien sankarit, chapter entitled "The Long-Distance Races"/Pitkät matkat, translated into Finnish and published in Helsinki, Finland, in 1984). Bouin was killed in action during World War I near Xivray, Meuse, 10 miles east of Saint-Mihiel. The Stade Jean-Bouin in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, home of the Stade Français rugby union club, was named after him. The French government made a stamp with his picture on it and many games have been held in his honor. A 10 km race under the name of Jean Bouin takes place every year through the streets of Barcelona since 1920.

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Arabic :

جان بوين، 1912، الرياضة، ألعاب القوى، الألعاب الأولمبية الصيفية، استكهولم، ألعاب "الأولمبياد الخامس"، وفرنسا، والفضة، 5000 متر،,

Catalan :

Jean Bouin, 1912, esport, atletisme, Jocs Olímpics, Estocolm, jocs de la V Olimpíada, França, plata, 5000 metres, ,

Chinese Simplified :

1912 年,吉恩 Bouin 体育、 竞技体育,夏季奥运会,斯德哥尔摩奥运会的第五届奥运会,法国,银 5000 米,,

Chinese Traditional :

1912 年,吉恩 Bouin 體育、 競技體育,夏季奧運會,斯德哥爾摩奧運會的第五屆奧運會,法國,銀 5000 米,,

Czech :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, atletika, Letních olympijských her v. olympiády, Francie, stříbro, 5000 metrů, Stockholm,

Danish :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, atletik, OL, Stockholm, spil V Olympiade, Frankrig, sølv, 5000 m, ,

Dutch :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, Atletiek, Olympische spelen, Stockholm, spelen van de Olympiade V Frankrijk, zilver, 5000 meter, ,

Estonian :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, kergejõustik, suveolümpiamängud, Stockholmi ja mängud V olümpiaad, Prantsusmaa, silver, 5000 m,

French :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, athlétisme, Jeux olympiques d'été, Stockholm, jeux de l'Olympiade de V, argent, france, 5 000 mètres, ,

German :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, Leichtathletik, Olympische Sommerspiele, Stockholm, Spiele von der V-Olympiade, Frankreich, Silber, 5000 m, ,

Greek :

Jean Bouin, 1912, αθλητισμός, Στίβος, Θερινοί Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες, Στοκχόλμη, παιχνίδια του V Ολυμπιάδας, Γαλλία, ασήμι, 5000 μέτρα, ,

Hungarian :

1912-ben Jean Bouin sport, atlétika, nyári olimpia, Stockholm, játékok a V Diákolimpia, Franciaország, ezüst, 5000 méter, ,

Italian :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, atletica, Olimpiadi, Stoccolma, giochi della V Olimpiade, la Francia, argento, 5000 metri, ,

Japanese :

1912 年、ジャン ・ ブワン スポーツ, 陸上競技, オリンピック, ストックホルム, V オリンピック、フランス、銀、5000 メートルのゲーム,

Korean :

장 Bouin, 1912, 스포츠, 운동경기, 하계 올림픽, 스톡홀름, V 올림픽, 프랑스, 실버, 5000 미터의 게임,

Latvian :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sporta, Vieglatlētika, Vasaras Olimpiskās spēles, Stokholma, spēles V olimpiādes, Francija, silver, 5000 metru augstumā, ,

Lithuanian :

Jean Bouin, 1912, Sportas, Lengvoji atletika, vasaros olimpinės žaidynės, Stokholmas, Žaidimai prieš olimpiadą, Prancūzija, sidabro, 5000 m, ,

Norwegian :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, friidrett, OL, Stockholm, spill av V OL, Frankrike, sølv, 5000 meter, ,

Polish :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, Lekkoatletyka na Letnich Igrzyskach Olimpijskich, Stockholm, gry V Olimpiada, Francja, srebro, 5000 m, ,

Portuguese :

Jean Bouin, 1912, esporte, atletismo, Jogos Olímpicos, Stockholm, jogos da V Olimpíada, França, prata, 5000 metros, ,

Russian :

Жан Буэн, 1912, спорт, Лёгкая атлетика, летних Олимпийских игр, Стокгольм, игры V Олимпиады, Франция, серебро, 5000 метров, ,

Slovak :

Jean Bouin, 1912, šport, hry V olympiáda, Francúzsko, silver 5000 metrov, Atletika, letné olympijské hry, Štokholm,

Swedish :

Jean Bouin, 1912, sport, friidrott, sommarspelen, Stockholm, spel av V Olympiaden, Frankrike, silver, 5 000 meter, ,

Turkish :

Jean Bouin, 1912, atletizm, Yaz Olimpiyatları, Stockholm, Oyunlar V Olimpiyatı, Fransa, gümüş, 5000 metre, spor,




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Original video: 7th Olympics: Antwerp, 1920 - world war I - olympics
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