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7th Olympics: Antwerp, 1920 - cityscape with ship and church

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Location and time:

Belgium, Antwerp, 1920


Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, Cathedral of our Lady,Scheldt river The 1920 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the VII Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event which was celebrated in 1920 in Antwerp, Belgium. The 1920 Games were awarded to Antwerp to honor the people of that city after the suffering they endured during World War I.[1][2] The initial choice for the site of the Games had been Budapest, Hungary. Though the majority of events took place in Belgium, there was a single sailing event which took place in Dutch waters and as such, the games were officially in both countries. The 1916 Summer Olympics, to be held in Berlin, capital of the German Empire, were canceled due to the war. The aftermath of the war and the Paris Peace Conference, 1919 affected the Olympic Games not only due to new states being created, but also by sanctions against the nations that lost the war and were blamed for starting it. Budapest had initially been selected to host the Games over Amsterdam and Lyon, but as the Austro-Hungarian Empire had been a German ally in the First World War, the Games were transferred to Antwerp in April 1919. Hungary, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey were also banned from competing in the Games. Germany remained banned until 1925, and instead hosted a series of games called Deutsche Kampfspiele, starting with the Winter edition of 1922 (which predated the first Winter Olympics).

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Bulgarian :

Спорт, 1920, Олимпийските игри, олимпийски игри, игри на VII олимпиада, мулти спортно събитие, Антверпен, Белгия, Албърт I на Белгия, Olympisch стадион, Виктор Boin, стрелба с лък, лека атлетика, бокс, Колоездене, Гмуркане, EquestrianFencing, фигурно пързаляне, футбол, гимнастика, хокей, хокей на лед, модерен петобой, Поло, гребане, ръгби, ветроходство, стрелба, плуване, Тенис, дърпане на въже, водна топка, вдигане на тежести, борба, Антверпен през 1920, седмия олимпийски игри Антверпен, 7-олимпийски игри, Олимпийските игри , конкурс, спечели отличие, златен медал, стадион, градски пейзаж, кораб, църква, Онзе-сред-Vrouwekathedraal, катедралата на нашата дама, Шелда река, ,

Czech :

Sport, 1920, LOH, olympijské hry, hry, olympiáda VII, multi sportovní událost, Antverpy, Belgie, Albert i. Belgie, olympijský stadion, Victor Boin, lukostřelba, atletika, box, Cyklistika, potápění, EquestrianFencing, krasobruslení, fotbal, gymnastika, hokej, lední hokej, moderní pětiboj, Polo, veslovací, Rugby, plachtění, střelba, plavání, tenis, přetahovanou, vodní pólo, vzpírání, Wrestling, Antverpy 1920, sedmé olympijské hry Antverpy, 7 olympijské hry, olympiáda hry , soutěž, vyhrál medaili, zlatá medaile, stadion, panoráma, loď, kostel, Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal, Katedrála Panny Marie, řeky Šeldy, ,

Estonian :

Sport, 1920, suveolümpiamängud, olümpiamängudel, mängud VII olümpiaad, multi-spordi sündmus, Antwerpen, Belgia, Albert I, Belgia, Olympisch Stadium, Victor Boin, vibulaskmine, kergejõustik, poks, Rattasõit, Sukeldumine, EquestrianFencing, Iluuisutamise, jalgpalli, Võimlemine, hoki, jäähoki, Moodne viievõistlus, Polo, Sõudmine, Rugby, purjetamine, laskmine, ujumine, Tennis, Köievedu, veepall, tõstmises, maadlus, Antwerpeni 1920, seitsmes olümpiamängudel Antwerpenis, 7. olümpiamängud, olümpiamängude , konkurentsi, võita medal, kuldmedal, staadion, linnaruumi, laeva, kirik, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, meie daam, Schelde jõe, toomkirik,

Romanian :

Sport, 1920, Jocurile Olimpice, Jocurile Olimpice, jocuri de Olimpiada VII, eveniment multi-sportiv, Antwerp, Belgia, Albert I Belgia, Stadionul Olympisch, Victor Boin, tir cu arcul, atletism, box, ciclism, Diving, EquestrianFencing, patinaj, fotbal, gimnastica, hochei, hochei pe gheaţă, Pentatlon Modern, Polo, canotaj, Rugby, navigatie, tragere, înot, tenis, remorcher de război, polo pe apă, haltere, lupte, Anvers 1920, a şaptea Jocurile Olimpice Anvers, 7 Jocurile Olimpice, Jocuri Olimpice , concurenţa, câştiga o medalie, Medalia de aur, Stadionul, urbanism, nava, Biserica, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, Catedrala Maicii, Râul Scheldt, ,




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Original video: 7th Olympics: Antwerp, 1920 - world war I - olympics
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