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Gran Canaria: Arucas, church's frontage

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Location and time:

Spain, Arucas, 2009


Gran Canaria: Aguimes - church, statues

Aguimes is a Canarian municipality in the eastern portion of the island of Gran Canaria in the Las Palmas province in the Canary Islands. The population is 23,572 (ISTAC, 2003), its density is 297.33/km² and the area is 79.28 km². The elevation is 275 m. Agüimes is situated between the mountains and the plains. The mountains, including several valleys to the west dominate the west. The plains, along with a residential area that has more inhabitants than the downtown area and is the largest, lies to the east along with the Atlantic Ocean. Agüimes is located south of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Telde and is accessed with the GC1 superhighway. The main industries are agriculture, businesses and tourism.

The major growth of the last few years has been the creation of a huge industrial estate on flat land once covered by tomato plantations. This has brought new jobs and industries into the area and has spurred the development of a new purpose built port which is due to open in 2007.

The district was not at one time a major tourist destination, but after the careful restoration of the old town, this has become the best example of a traditional Canarian hill town. The streets of the old town exude a gentle, relaxed, timeless atmosphere, and the carefully positioned street statues and sculptures add a series of surprises to a visit to the old town. The local plan for 'rural tourism' has led to the development of other small visitor centres around the district, the biggest of which is in the Guayadeque Ravine. This area has many cave houses dating back hundreds of years, and a complete village dug into the hillside, still occupied today which has its own cave church, cave bar and cave restaurants.

Sporting activities are also very important in the area, with its windsurfing and scuba diving recognized as 'world class'. One round of the annual PWA windsurfing tour is held at the international windsurfing center at Pozo Izquierdo every year, and the whole of the coast in this area can provide challenging conditions at any time of the year.

The main area for scuba diving in Gran Canaria is in the area known as the 'El Cabrón' marine reserve, next to the town of Arinaga. The diving in this area includes caves, arches, walls and volcanic reefs, where an extremely wide range of sub-tropical marine species can be found, ranging from tiny seahorses up to rays and angel sharks.

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Arabic :

إسبانيا، غران كناريا، الكناري الكبرى، والمحيط الأطلسي، وجزر الكناري، لاس بالماس، السياحة، السياحة، عطلة، عطلة، رحلة، أروكاس، الكنيسة، الواجهة، برج، وبناء، وبوابة، وشجرة، الغيوم،,

Bulgarian :

Испания, Гран Канария, Гранд Канарските, Атлантическия океан, Канарските острови, Лас Палмас, туризма, туристическа, ваканция, почивка, пътуване, Арукас, църква, лицева страна, кула, сграда, врата, дърво, облаци, ,

Catalan :

Espanya, Gran Canària, Gran Canària, oceà Atlàntic, les Illes Canàries, Las Palmas, Turisme, turista, vacances, vacances, viatge, Arucas, església, façana, Torre, edifici, porta, arbre, núvols, ,

Chinese Simplified :

西班牙、 大加那利岛、 大加那利、 大西洋、 加那利群岛、 帕尔马,旅游,观光旅游、 度假,度假,旅行,Arucas,教堂,正面、 塔、 建筑、 闸门、 树、 云,,

Chinese Traditional :

西班牙、 大加那利島、 大加那利、 大西洋、 加那利群島、 帕爾馬,旅遊,觀光旅遊、 度假,度假,旅行,Arucas,教堂,正面、 塔、 建築、 閘門、 樹、 雲,,

Czech :

Španělsko, Gran Canaria, Grand Canary, Atlantický oceán, Kanárské ostrovy, Las Palmas, turistika, turistické, dovolená, dovolená, výlet, Arucas, církev, průčelí, věže, budova, brány, strom, mraky, ,

Danish :

Spanien, Gran Canaria, Grand Kanariske, Atlanterhavet, Kanariske Øer, Las Palmas, turisme, turist, ferie, ferie, rejse, Arucas, kirke, facade, tårn, bygning, gate, træ, skyer, ,

Dutch :

Spanje, Gran Canaria, eiland Gran Canaria, Atlantische Oceaan, Canarische eilanden, Las Palmas, toerisme, toeristische, vakantie, vakantie, reis, Arucas, kerk, voorgevel, toren, gebouw, poort, boom, wolken, ,

Estonian :

Hispaania, Gran Canaria, Grand Kanaari, Atlandi ookeanis, Kanaari saared, Las Palmas, turismi, turismi, puhkus, puhkus, reis, Arucas, kirik, fassaad, torn, hoone, värav, puu, pilved, ,

Finnish :

Espanja, Gran Canaria, Grand Canary, Atlantin valtamerelle, Canary Islands, Las Palmas, Matkailu, Matkailu, loma, loma, matka, Arucas, fasadi, kirkko, pilviä, rakennus, torni, gate, puu,

French :

Espagne, Gran Canaria, Grand Canaries, océan Atlantique, îles Canaries, Las Palmas, tourisme, vacances, tourisme, vacances, voyage, Arucas, église, façade, tour, immeuble, porte, arbres, nuages, ,

German :

Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Atlantik, Kanaren, Spanien, Las Palmas, Tourismus, Tourist, Urlaub, Urlaub, Reise, Arucas, Kirche, Fassade, Turm, Haus, Tor, Baum, Wolken, ,

Greek :

Ισπανία, Γκραν Κανάρια, το νησί της μεγάλης Κανάριας, Ατλαντικός Ωκεανός, Κανάριοι Νήσοι, Λας Πάλμας, τουρισμός, τουριστικές, διακοπές, διακοπές, ταξίδι, Arucas, εκκλησία, πρόσοψη, Πύργος, κτίριο, πύλη, δέντρο, σύννεφα, ,

Haitian Creole :

Espay, Gran Canaria, Grand Canaries, Oseyan Atlantik, zile Canaries yo, Las Palmas, touris, touris, vacances, vakans, voyage, Arucas, legliz, façade, gwo fò won, création, baryè, pyebwa, tèt nwaj yo!,

Hebrew :

ספרד גראן קנאריה, גרנד הקנריים, האוקיינוס האטלנטי, האיים הקנריים, לאס פאלמס, תיירות, תיירות, נופש, חופשה, טיול, Arucas, הכנסייה, חזית, מגדל, בניין, שער, עץ, עננים, ,

Hindi :

स्पेन, Gran कैनरिया, ग्रैंड कैनरी, अटलांटिक महासागर, कैनरी द्वीप, लास पाल्मस, पर्यटन, पर्यटक, छुट्टी, अवकाश, यात्रा, Arucas, चर्च, हाते का बाग़ीचा, टॉवर, इमारत, फाटक, पेड़, बादल, ,

Hungarian :

Spanyolország, Gran Canaria, Grand Kanári, Atlanti-óceán, Kanári-szigetek, Las Palmas, turizmus, turista, üdülés, nyaralás, utazás, Arucas, templom homlokzati torony, épület, kapu, fa, felhők, ,

Indonesian :

Spanyol, Gran Canaria, Grand Canary, Samudera Atlantik, Kepulauan Canary, Las Palmas, pariwisata, Wisata, liburan, liburan, perjalanan, Arucas, gereja, depan, tower, building, gerbang, pohon, awan, ,

Italian :

Spagna, Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Oceano Atlantico, Isole Canarie, Las Palmas, turismo, turista, vacanze, vacanza, viaggio, Arucas, Chiesa, facciata, Torre, Palazzo, cancello, albero, nuvole, ,

Japanese :

スペイン、グラン カナリア島、グラン カナリア、大西洋、カナリア諸島ラスパルマス、観光、観光、休日、休暇、旅行、Arucas、教会、間口、塔、建物、ゲート、木、雲、,

Korean :

스페인, 카나리아, 그랜드 카나리아, 대서양, 카나리아 제도, 라스 팔 마스, 관광, 관광, 휴가, 휴가, 여행, Arucas, 교회, 지 선, , 건물, 게이트, 나무, 구름, ,

Latvian :

Spānija, Gran Canaria, Grand Kanāriju, Atlantijas okeānā, Kanāriju salas, Laspalmasa, tūrisms, tūrisma, atpūtas, atvaļinājums, ceļojums, Arucas, baznīca, fasāde, tornis, building, vārti, koks, mākoņi, ,

Lithuanian :

Ispanija, Gran Canaria, Grand Kanarų, Atlanto vandenyno, Kanarų salose, Las Palmas, turizmo, turistų, atostogų, atostogos, kelionės, Arucas, bažnyčia, Pierzeja, bokštas, statyba, vartai, medis, debesys, ,

Norwegian :

Spania, Gran Canaria, Grand Canary, Atlanterhavet, Kanariøyene, Las Palmas, turisme, turister, ferie, ferie, reise, Arucas, kirken, forside, tårn, bygning, gate, treet, skyer, ,

Polish :

Hiszpania, Gran Canaria, Grand Canary, Ocean Atlantycki, Wyspy Kanaryjskie, Las Palmas, turystyczne, wakacje, turystyka, wakacje, wycieczka, Arucas, Kościół, frontu, wieża, budynek, Brama, drzewo, chmury, ,

Portuguese :

Espanha, Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Oceano Atlântico, Ilhas Canárias, Las Palmas, turismo, turismo, férias, férias, viagem, Arucas, igreja, fachada, torre, edifício, portão, árvore, nuvens, ,

Romanian :

Spania, Gran Canaria, Grand Canare, Oceanul Atlantic, Insulele Canare, Las Palmas, turism, turism, vacanta, vacanta, excursie, Arucas, Biserica, fatada, turn, cladirea, poarta, copac, nori, ,

Russian :

Испания, Гран-Канария, Гран Канария, Атлантический океан, Канарские острова, Лас-Пальмас, туризм, турист, праздник, отдых, поездка, Арукас, Церковь, фасад, башни, здания, ворота, дерево, облака, ,

Slovak :

Španielsko, Gran Canaria, Grand Kanárskych, Atlantický oceán, Kanárske ostrovy, Las Palmas, cestovného ruchu, turistických, dovolenka, dovolenka, výlet, meste Arucas, cirkev, priečelie, veže, budovy, brány, strom, mraky, ,

Slovenian :

Španija, Gran Canaria, Grand Kanarskih, Atlantski Ocean, Kanarski otoki, Las Palmas, turizem, turistična, počitnice, dopust, potovanje, Arucas, cerkev, fasada, stolp, stavbe, gate, drevo, oblaki, ,

Spanish :

España, Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Océano Atlántico, las Islas Canarias, Las Palmas, Turismo, Turismo, vacaciones, vacaciones, viaje, Arucas, iglesia, fachada, torre, edificio, puerta, árbol, las nubes, ,

Swedish :

Spanien, Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Atlanten, Kanarieöarna, Las Palmas, turism, turist, semester, semester, resa, Arucas, kyrkan, fasad, tower, byggnad, gate, träd, moln, ,

Thai :

สเปน กราน แกรนด์คานารี มหาสมุทรแอตแลนติก บาสก์ ลาสพาล์ มาส ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว วันหยุด วัน หยุด เที่ยว Arucas โบสถ์ มากมาย ทาวเวอร์ อาคาร ประตู ต้นไม้ เมฆ,

Turkish :

İspanya, Gran Canaria, büyük Kanarya, Atlantik Okyanusu, Kanarya Adaları, Las Palmas, turizm, turizm, tatil, tatil, gezi, Arucas, kilise, cephe, kule, Bina, kapı, ağaç, bulutlar, ,

Ukrainian :

Іспанія, Гран-Канарія, Гранд Канарські, Атлантичний океан, Канарські острови, Лас-Пальмас, туризм, туристичні, свята, відпочинок, поїздка, місті Arucas, церква фасад башта, будівництво, ворота, дерево, хмари, ,

Vietnamese :

Tây Ban Nha, Gran Canaria, Grand Canary, Đại Tây Dương, quần đảo Canary, Las Palmas, du lịch, du lịch, kỳ nghỉ, kỳ nghỉ, chuyến đi, Arucas, nhà thờ, frontage, tháp, xây dựng, gate, cây, đám mây, ,




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