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Politicians: Konrad Adenauer waving a white cloth

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Germany, West Berlin, 1961


Konrad Hermann Jroseph Adenauer (German pronunciation: [ˈkɔnʁaːt ˈhɛɐman ˈjoːzɛf ˈaːdənaʊɐ]; 5 January 1876 – 19 April 1967) was a German statesman who took Germany from the ruins of World War II to the most prosperous nation in Europe. He was the first chancellor (top official) of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, called West Germany), 1949–63. He was the founder and leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a coalition of Catholics and Protestants that since 1946 has dominated German politics most of the time. A devout Catholic, he belied his age as the oldest elected leader in world history by his intense work habits and his uncanny political instinct. He displayed a strong dedication to a broad vision of democracy, capitalism, and anti-Communism. A stern patriarch and shrewd politician, Adenauer was deeply committed to the traditional values of Christianity and pursued a single-mindedly Western-oriented foreign policy. He restored the West Germany economy to dominance in Europe, rebuilt its army, came to terms with France, helped establish European unity, fought relentlessly against the Communists in rival East Germany, made his nation a pillar of NATO and a firm ally of the United States and commenced the long process of reconciliation with the Jewish people and Israel after the Holocaust. He brought Germany prosperity, democracy, stability and respect.[1] To a large extent Adenauer's policies still dominate Germany.

Although his political career spanned sixty years, beginning as early as 1906, he is most noted for his role as the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (then known as West Germany) from 1949–1963 and chairman of the Christian Democratic Union from 1950 to 1966. He was the oldest chancellor ever to serve Germany, beginning his first ministry at the age of 73 and leaving at the age of 87. His 14-year tenure was the second-longest for a German Chancellor (behind Otto von Bismarck) until Helmut Kohl passed him in 1996.

As a Catholic Centre Party politician in the Weimar Republic, he served as Mayor of Cologne (1917–1933) and president of the Prussian State Council (1922–1933). As such he was one of the most prominent politicians of interwar Prussia and a leading democratic adversary of Prime Minister Otto Braun.

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Arabic :

Adenauer ، ألمانيا الغربية ، برلين الغربية ، ألمانيا ، كونراد هيرمان جوزيف أديناور ، politican ، السياسة ، المستشار الألماني ، رجل الدولة الألماني ، الاتحاد الديمقراطي المسيحي ، CDU ، الشعب ،,

Bulgarian :

Аденауер, Западна Германия, Западен Берлин, Германия, Конрад Хедърн Джоузеф Аденауер, политан, политман, канцлер на Германия, германски държавник, Християнски демократичен съюз, ХДЧ, хора, ,

Catalan :

Adenauer, oest d'Alemanya, Berlín oest, Alemanya, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, polític, política, Canceller d'Alemanya, Estadista alemany, Unió Democràtica Cristiana, CDU, persones, ,

Chinese Simplified :


Chinese Traditional :


Czech :

Adenauer, západní Německo, Západní Berlín, Německo, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politik, politika, kancléř Německa, Německý státník, Křesťanskodemokratická unie, CDU, lidé, ,

Danish :

Adenauer, Vesttyskland, Vestberlin, Tyskland, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politican, politik, Tysklands kansler, tysk statsmand, Kristelig-Demokratisk Union, CDU, folk, ,

Dutch :

Adenauer, West-Duitsland, West-Berlijn, Duitsland, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politicus, politiek, kanselier van Duitsland, Duitse staatsman, Christen-Democratische Unie, CDU, mensen, ,

Estonian :

Adenauer, Lääne-Saksamaa, Lääne-Berliin, Saksamaa, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politican, poliitika, Saksamaa kantsler, Saksa riigimees, Kristlik-Demokraatlik Liit, CDU, inimesed, ,

Finnish :

Adenauer, Länsi-Saksa, Länsi-Berliini, Saksa, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, poliittinen, politiikka, Saksan liittokansleri, Saksan valtiomies, Kristillisdemokraattinen unioni, CDU, ihmiset, ,

French :

Adenauer, Allemagne de l’ouest, Berlin-Ouest, Allemagne, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politican, politique, chancelier de l’Allemagne, homme d’État allemand, Union chrétienne-démocrate, CDU, personnes, ,

German :

Adenauer, Westdeutschland, Westberlin, Deutschland, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, Politiker, Politik, Kanzler deutschlands, Deutscher Staatsmann, CDU, CDU, Menschen, ,

Greek :

Adenauer, δυτική Γερμανία, δυτικό Βερολίνο, Γερμανία, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, πολιτικός, πολιτική, καγκελάριος της Γερμανίας, γερμανικός πολιτικός, χριστιανοδημοκρατική ένωση, CDU, άνθρωποι, ,

Haitian Creole :

Adenauer, lwes almay, lwes belen, Almay, Konrad Hermann Adenauer, politik, politik, Chanselye Almay, eta Alman, Kretyen Demokratik Union, CDU, moun, ,

Hebrew :

אדנאואר, מערב גרמניה, מערב ברלין, גרמניה, קונרד הרמן ג'וזף אדנאואר, פוליטיקה, פוליטיקה, קנצלר גרמניה, מדינאי גרמני, האיחוד הנוצרי-דמוקרטי, CDU, אנשים, ,

Hindi :

Adenauer, पश्चिम जर्मनी, पश्चिम बर्लिन, जर्मनी, कोनराड हरमन जोसेफ Adenauer, राजनीति, जर्मनी के चांसलर, जर्मन राजनेता, क्रिश्चियन डेमोक्रेटिक यूनियन, सीडीयू, लोग, ,

Hungarian :

Adenauer, NSZK, Nyugat-Berlin, Németország, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politizálás, politika, német kancellár, német államférfi, Kereszténydemokrata Unió, CDU, emberek, ,

Indonesian :

Adenauer, Jerman barat, Berlin barat, Jerman, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politik, Politik, Kanselir Jerman, negarawan Jerman, Persatuan Demokratik Kristen, CDU, orang-orang, ,

Italian :

Adenauer, Germania ovest, Berlino Ovest, Germania, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politica, politica, Cancelliere della Germania, Statista tedesco, Unione Cristiano Democratica, CDU, popolo, ,

Japanese :


Korean :

아데나워, 서독, 서베를린, 독일, 콘라드 헤르만 요제프 아데나우어, 정치, 독일 총리, 독일 정치가, 기독교 민주연합, CDU, 사람들, ,

Latvian :

Adenauer, Rietumvācija, Rietumberlīne, Vācija, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politika, Vācijas kanclers, Vācijas valstsvīrs, Kristīgi demokrātiskā savienība, CDU, cilvēki, ,

Lithuanian :

Adenauer, vakarų Vokietija, vakarų Berlynas, vokietija, Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer, politican, politika, Vokietijos kancleris, Vokietijos valstybės veikėjas, Krikščionių demokratų sąjunga, CDU, žmonės, ,




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