Elvis Presley: Sam Phillips about the happening of the year 1956 (00:10:09)
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Elvis Presley: Sam Phillips about the happening of the year 1956

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United States, Memphis, Tennessee, 1999


Samuel Cornelius Phillips (January 5, 1923 – July 30, 2003), better known as Sam Phillips, was an American record producer who played an important role in the emergence of rock and roll as the major form of popular music in the 1950s. He was a producer, label owner, and talent scout throughout the '40s and '50s. He is most notably attributed with the discoveries of Howlin' Wolf, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, and is associated with several other noteworthy rhythm and blues and rock and roll stars of the period.

Phillips was a native of Florence, Alabama and a graduate of Coffee High School. He was exposed to blues and became interested in music by African-American workers on his father's cotton farm.

On January 3, 1950, Phillips opened the "Memphis Recording Service" at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, which also served as the studios for Phillips' own label, Sun Records, through the 1950s. In addition to musical performances, he recorded events such as weddings and funerals, selling the recordings. "Memphis Recording Service" let amateurs perform, which drew in performers such as B.B. King, Junior Parker, and Howlin' Wolf. He then would sell their performances to large record labels. Phillip focused on R&B music. Sun Records was launched in 1952.

Elvis Aaron Presleya (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was one of the most popular American singers of the 20th century. A cultural icon, he is widely known by the single name Elvis. He is often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll" or simply "the King".

Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley moved to Memphis, Tennessee, with his family at the age of 13. He began his career there in 1954 when Sun Records owner Sam Phillips, eager to bring the sound of African American music to a wider audience, saw in Presley the means to realize his ambition. Accompanied by guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, Presley was one of the originators of rockabilly, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country and rhythm and blues. RCA Victor acquired his contract in a deal arranged by Colonel Tom Parker, who would manage the singer for over two decades. Presley's first RCA single, "Heartbreak Hotel", released in January 1956, was a number one hit. He became the leading figure of the newly popular sound of rock and roll with a series of network television appearances and chart-topping records. His energized interpretations of songs, many from African American sources, and his uninhibited performance style made him enormously popular—and controversial. In November 1956, he made his film debut in Love Me Tender.

Conscripted into military service in 1958, Presley relaunched his recording career two years later with some of his most commercially successful work. He staged few concerts, however, and, guided by Parker, proceeded to devote much of the 1960s to making Hollywood movies and soundtrack albums, most of them critically derided. In 1968, after seven years away from the stage, he returned to live performance in a celebrated comeback television special that led to an extended Las Vegas concert residency and a string of profitable tours. In 1973, Presley staged the first concert broadcast globally via satellite, Aloha from Hawaii, seen by approximately 1.5 billion viewers. Prescription drug abuse severely compromised his health, and he died suddenly in 1977 at the age of 42.

Presley is regarded as one of the most important figures of 20th-century popular culture. He had a versatile voice and unusually wide success encompassing many genres, including country, pop ballads, gospel, and blues. He is the best-selling solo artist in the history of popular music.[1][2][3][4] Nominated for 14 competitive Grammys, he won three, and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36. He has been inducted into four music halls of fame.

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Arabic :

ألفيس بريسلي آرون، بريسلي، ألفيس، سام فيليبس، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، روك، عام 1950، الموسيقى، موسيس الأسود، البلوز ملك الروك ورول، Memphis، تينيسي، الموسيقى الأمريكيين من أصل أفريقي، وسجلات الشمس، توبيلو، ميسيسيبي، الصخور ولفه، البوب، روكابيلي، البلد،، الإنجيل، R&B، غناء، الغيتار، البيانو، القمر الأزرق الأولاد، جوردانيريس، Imperials، حب العطاء، أغنيات البوب، لهذا كل الحق، فندق الأسى، وروك، هي أنت وحيد هذه الليلة؟، عجب لك، و "هاواي الزرقاء"، "فيفا لاس فيغاس"، سجل منتج، منتج، مقابلة، ويحدث من عام 1956،,

Chinese Traditional :

貓王普雷斯,普雷斯利,貓王,山姆菲力浦斯,美國,搖滾,20 世紀 50 年代,音樂、 黑人音樂、 搖滾樂之王和卷,Memphis,田納西州,非裔美國人音樂、 太陽唱片、 圖珀洛,密西西比、 岩石和輥、 流行音樂、 rockabilly,國家,藍調、 福音,R&B,主唱,吉他,鋼琴,藍色的月亮男孩、 Jordanaires、 帝國、 溫柔的愛我、 流行民謠,那好吧,傷心旅館、 搖滾、 是你寂寞今晚嗎?難怪你,藍色夏威夷,萬歲,拉斯維加斯,記錄製片人,製片人,面試,1956 年,發生,

Czech :

Elvis Aaron Presley, Presley, Elvis, Sam Phillips, USA, rock, 1950, hudba, černý mucis, král Rock and Roll, Memphis, Tennessee, afroamerické hudby, Sun Records, Tupelo, Mississippi, Rock a roll, pop, rockabilly, country, blues, gospel, R&B, zpěv, kytara, klavír, The Blue Moon Boys, The Jordanaires, The Imperials, Miluj mě něžně, popové balady, to je v pořádku, Heartbreak Hotel Jailhouse Rock, jsou jste Lonesome Tonight?Zázrak, Blue Hawaii, Viva Las Vegas, zaznamenejte výrobce, producent, rozhovor, děje v roce 1956, ,

Dutch :

Elvis Aaron Presley, Presley, Elvis, Sam Phillips, USA, rock, jaren 1950, muziek, zwarte mucis, koning van Rock en Roll, Memphis (Tennessee), Afro-Amerikaanse muziek, Sun Records, Tupelo (Mississippi), Rock en roll, pop, rockabilly, country, blues, gospel, R&B, zang, gitaar, piano, The Blue Moon Boys, The Jordanaires, The Imperials, Love Me Tender, pop ballades, dat is oke, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, zijn u Lonesome vanavond?The Wonder van u, Blue Hawaii, Viva Las Vegas, record producer, producent, interview, gebeuren van het jaar 1956, ,

German :

Presley, Elvis Aaron Presley, Elvis, Sam Phillips, USA, rock, 50er, schwarz Mucis, King of Rock and Roll, Memphis (Tennessee), afroamerikanischer Musik, Sun Records, Tupelo, Mississippi, Rock und Roll, Pop, Rockabilly, Country, Blues, Musik, Gospel, R&B, Gesang, Gitarre, Klavier, The Blue Moon Boys, The Jordanaires, The Imperials, Love Me Tender, pop-Balladen, das ist in Ordnung, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, sind You Lonesome Tonight?Das Wunder von Ihnen, Blue Hawaii, Viva Las Vegas, aufzeichnen, Produzent, Produzent, Interview, Happening des Jahres 1956, ,

Polish :

Aaron Elvisa Presleya, Elvis, Sam Phillips, Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki, Skała, 1950, muzyka, czarny mucis, King of Rock and Roll, Memphis, Tennessee, muzyką afroamerykańską, Sun Records, Tupelo w stanie Missisipi, Rock i roll, pop, rockabilly, kraju, blues, Ewangelii, R&B, śpiew, gitara, fortepian, The Blue Moon Boys, The Jordanaires, Imperium, Love Me Tender, ballady pop, że wszystko w porządku, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, są ci samotny dziś?Cud, Blue Hawaii, Viva Las Vegas, rekord producent, producent, wywiad, dzieje się w roku 1956, ,

Slovak :

Elvis Aaron Presley Presley, Elvis, Sam Phillips, USA, rock, 1950, hudba, čierna mucis, kráľ Rock and Roll, Memphis, Tennessee, africké americkej hudby, slnko Records, Tupelo, Mississippi, Rock a roll, pop, rockabilly, country, blues, evanjelium, R&B, spev, gitara, klavír, The Blue Moon Boys, Jordanaires, The Imperials, Love Me Tender, pop balady, to všetci pravdu, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, sú ste osamelý večer?Záznam zázrak, Blue Hawaii, Viva Las Vegas, výrobca, producent, rozhovor sa deje v roku 1956, ,

Thai :

Aaron เอลวิส สเพรสลีย์ เอลวิส สามไขควง สหรัฐ อเมริกา ร็อค 1950's เพลง mucis ดำ พระหินและม้วน Memphis เทนเนสซี ดนตรีแอฟริกันอเมริกัน ระเบียนซัน Tupelo มิสซิสซิปปี หิน และม้วน ป๊อป ร็อกอะบิลลี ประเทศ บลูส์ พระ วรสาร R&B ร้องนำ กีตาร์ เปียโน เดอะบลูมูนชาย เดอะ Jordanaires เดอะ Imperials รักฉันชำระเงิน บัล ลาดส์ป๊อป ทั้งหมดขวา โรงแรมฮาร์ตเบรกโฮเท อัดหิน มีคุณจผู้เดียวดายคืนนี้บันทึกการพบคุณ บลูฮาวาย วีลาสเว กัส ผู้ผลิต ผู้ผลิต สัมภาษณ์ เกิดปี 1956,




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