Sport: The first Spartakiad in Moscow (00:00:07)
Original video: 8th Olympics, Paris, 1924 (00:06:49)

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Sport: The first Spartakiad in Moscow

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Russia, 1928


Spartakiad initially was the name of an international sports event that the Soviet Union attempted to use to both oppose and supplement the Olympics[1]. (In Russian, there is a certain parallelism in the names: "Spartakiada" and "Olimpiada".) The name, derived from the name of the slave rebel leader, Spartacus[2], was supposed to symbolize proletarian internationalism because Spartacus' revolt united slaves from diverse ethnic backgrounds within the Roman Empire. As a Classical figure, Spartacus also stood directly in contrast to the aristocratic nature of the Ancient Olympic Games on which the modern "capitalist" Olympics were, according to the Soviet hierarchy, supposedly based. The first Spartakiad was held in August, 1928 in Moscow.

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Arabic :

سبارتاكياد، موسكو، عام 1928، الأممية البروليتارية، والرياضة، الأحمر الرياضة الدولية، والاتحاد السوفياتي،,

Bulgarian :

Spartakiad, Москва, 1928, пролетарски интернационализъм, спорт, червен спорт International, Съветския съюз, ,

Catalan :

Spartakiad, Moscou, 1928, internacionalisme proletari, esport, Red esport internacional, la Unió Soviètica, ,

Chinese Traditional :

Spartakiad,莫斯科,1928 年,無產階級國際主義,運動,紅色體育國際、 蘇聯,,

Czech :

Spartakiáda, Moskva, 1928, proletářský internacionalismus, sport, mezinárodní Sport červená, Sovětský svaz, ,

Danish :

Spartakiad, Moskva, 1928, proletarisk internationalisme, sport, rød Sport International, Sovjetunionen, ,

Dutch :

Spartakiad, Moskou, 1928, proletarisch internationalisme, sport, rode Sport International, Sovjet-Unie, ,

Finnish :

Sparakiad, Moskova, 1928 proletaarisen internationalismin, urheilu, kansainvälinen punainen Sport, Neuvostoliitto, ,

French :

Spartakiades, Moscou, 1928, l'internationalisme prolétarien, sport, rouge Sport International, l'Union soviétique, ,

Greek :

Σπαρτακιάδα, Μόσχα, 1928, προλεταριακό διεθνισμό, άθλημα, Ερυθρά Αθλητική Διεθνής, Σοβιετική Ένωση, ,

Haitian Creole :

Spartakiad, Moscow, 1928, internationalism the, ap pase nan betiz, wouj ap pase nan betiz entènasyonal, Inyon Sovyetik la, ,

Hebrew :

Spartakiad, מוסקבה, 1928, האינטרנציונאליזם הפרוליטריון, ספורט, ספורט האדום הבינלאומי, ברית המועצות, ,

Hungarian :

Spartakiad, Moszkva, 1928-ban proletár nemzetköziség, a sport, piros Sport International, Szovjetunió,

Italian :

Spartakiad, Mosca, 1928, internazionalismo proletario, sport, rosso Sport International, Unione Sovietica, ,

Japanese :

Spartakiad、モスクワ、1928 年に、プロレタリアの国際主義, スポーツ, 国際スポーツ赤, ソビエト連邦,

Korean :

Spartakiad, 모스크바, 1928, 프롤레타리아 국제 주의 스포츠, 레드 스포츠 국제, 소 연방,

Latvian :

Spartakiad, Maskava, 1928, proletārietis internacionālisms, sport, Red Sport International, Padomju Savienība, ,

Portuguese :

Spartakiada, Moscou, 1928, internacionalismo proletário, esporte, Red Internacional de esporte, União Soviética, ,

Romanian :

Spartakiad, Moscova, 1928, proletar internaţionalism, sport, Red Sport International, Uniunea Sovietică, ,

Russian :

Спартакиада, Москва, 1928, пролетарского интернационализма, спорт, красный Спорт Интернэшнл, советский союз, ,

Slovak :

Spartakiad, Moskva, 1928, proletárskej internacionalizmu, sport, Red šport medzinárodnej, Sovietskeho zväzu, ,

Slovenian :

Spartakiad, Moskva, 1928, proletarec internacionalizma, športa, mednarodni šport rdeča, Sovjetske zveze, ,

Spanish :

Spartakiad, Moscú, 1928, internacionalismo proletario, sport, rojo Sport International, Unión Soviética, ,

Thai :

Spartakiad มอสโก 1928, proletarian internationalism กีฬา แดงกีฬานานาชาติ สหภาพโซเวียต,

Vietnamese :

Spartakiad, Moscow, 1928, dẫn vô sản, thể thao, Red thể thao quốc tế, Liên Xô, ,




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Original video: 8th Olympics, Paris, 1924
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