2nd Winter Olympics, St.Moritz, 1928: opening ceremony, figure skating (00:00:42)
Original video: 9th Olympics, Amsterdam, 1928 (00:03:08)

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2nd Winter Olympics, St.Moritz, 1928: opening ceremony, figure skating

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Switzerland, 1928


The 1928 Winter Olympics, officially known as the II Olympic Winter Games, were a winter multi-sport event which was celebrated February 11–19, 1928 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The 1928 Games were the first true Winter Olympics held on its own as they were not in conjunction with a Summer Olympics. The preceding 1924 Games were retroactively renamed the inaugural Winter Olympics, though they had been in fact part of the 1924 Summer Olympics. All preceding Winter Events of the Olympic Games were the winter sports part of the schedule of the Summer Games, and not held as a separate Winter Games. These games also replaced the now redundant Nordic Games, that were held quadrennially since early in the century.

Fluctuating weather conditions made these Olympics memorable. The opening ceremony was held in a blizzard.[10] In contrast, warm weather conditions plagued the Olympics for the remainder of the Games, requiring cancellations of one event with temperatures as high as 25 °C (77 °F). (See further description at the Wikipedia main article on Winter Olympic Games.)

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Bulgarian :

Швейцария, Сейнт Мориц, спорт, спорт история, история на Олимпийските игри, 1928, Winterr олимпийски игри, Олимпийските игри, игри на II зимна олимпиада, мулти спортно събитие, на спортист клетва, олимпийски игри, конкурс, спечели медал, златен медал, медал, Pierre de Coubertin, Международния олимпийски комитет, стадион, игри, Ханс Eidenbenz, Сейнт Мориц олимпийски ледена пързалка, официален плакат, ,

Hebrew :

שוויץ, סנט מוריץ, ספורט, ספורט, ההיסטוריה, ההיסטוריה האולימפיאדה, 1928, Winterr האולימפיאדה, האולימפיאדה, משחקים של השני החורף אולימפיאדה, אירוע מולטי-ספורט, השבועה של ספורטאי האולימפיאדה משחקים, תחרות, לנצח עם מדליה, מדליית זהב, מדליית, Pierre דה קוברטן, הוועד האולימפי הבינלאומי, אצטדיון, משחקים, האנס Eidenbenz, החלקה על הקרח האולימפי סנט מוריץ, הפוסטר הרשמי, ,




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Original video: 9th Olympics, Amsterdam, 1928
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