9th Olympics, Amsterdam, 1928: Karoline Radke-Batschauer (middle), 800 metres, gold, Germany (00:00:06)
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9th Olympics, Amsterdam, 1928: Karoline Radke-Batschauer (middle), 800 metres, gold, Germany

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Netherlands, 1928


Karoline ("Lina") Radke-Batschauer (October 18, 1903 – February 14, 1983) was a German runner. She was the first Olympic champion in the 800 m for women.

Born as Lina Batschauer in Baden-Baden, she started competing in athletics in an era when women involved in sports were still frowned upon. Sports such as running where considered to be far too exhausting for women. This vision was shared by many, including the originator of the modern Olympic movement, Pierre de Coubertin.

Together with her husband and coach, Georg Radke, Lina Radke was one of the pioneers of female athletics in the mid-1920s. Competitions for women were not held frequently, but Radke nevertheless won several regional and national titles. She first specialised in the 1000 m, but when this was changed into the 800 m (because that distance would be held at the upcoming 1928 Summer Olympics), she switched to that event. The highlight of Radke's career were those 1928 Summer Olympics, as she won the inaugural title in the 800 m. Along the way, she set the first officially recognised world record in that event, 2.16,8, which would last until 1944.

The IOC was however not pleased with the fact that several of Radke's competitors had been totally exhausted after the race, and decided to banish the event from the Games; it would not be included again until 1960. Radke's career lasted until 1934, quitting after the 1934 World Women's Games.

Radke died aged 79 in Karlsruhe, the city where she had grown up.

The 1928 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the IX Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event which was celebrated in 1928 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam had bid for the 1920 and 1924 Olympic Games, but had to give way to war-victim Antwerp, Belgium and Pierre de Coubertin's Paris, respectively. The only other candidate city for the 1928 Games was Los Angeles, which would host the Olympics four years later.

The United States Olympic Committee measured the costs and revenue of the 1928 Games in preparation for the 1932 Summer Olympics. The committee reported a total cost of US$1.183 million with receipts of US$1.165 million for a loss of US$18,000 - much less than that of the previous Games.

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هولندا, أمستردام, رياضه, تاريخ الرياضة, الأولمبياد التاريخ, 1928, ألعاب الاولمبيه الصيفية, أولمبياد, مباريات الأولمبياد التاسع, الحدث الرياضي المتعدد, قسم الرياضي, الملعب الأولمبي, الدورة الاوليمبيه التاسعة, ألعاب الأولمبياد, منافسه, الفوز بميدالية, ميدالية ذهبيه, ميدالية, بيير دي Coubertin, اللجنة الاولمبيه الدولية, ملعب, ألعاب, هاري Dénis, إستاد أوليمبي, الشعلة الاولمبيه, الأمير هندريك, الملكة ويلهيلمينا, اللجنة الاولمبيه الهولندية, ألعاب القوي, الملاكمة, ركوب الدراجات, غوص, الفروسية, مبارزه, كره القدم, الجمباز, حقل الهوكي ، الخماسي الحديث ، التجديف ، الإبحار ، السباحة ، بولو الماء ، رفع الاثقال ، المصارعة ، رياضي ، الرياضيين ، كارولين راديك-باتشاور ، 800 متر ، الذهب ، ألمانيا ،,

Bulgarian :

Холандия, Амстердам, спорт, история на спорта, олимпиада история, 1928, Летни олимпийски игри, олимпийски игри, Games на IX олимпиада, мултиспортно събитие, спортист ' s Oath, Стад Олимпик, 9-та олимпиада, олимпийски игри, конкурс, спечели медал, златен медал, медал, Пиер де Кубертин, международен олимпийски комитет, стадион, игри, Хари Dénis, Олимписч стадион, олимпийски пламък, принц Хенрик, кралица Вилхелмина, холандски олимпийски комитет, лека атлетика, бокс, Колоездене, Гмуркане, конен спорт, фехтовка, футбол, гимнастика, Полеви хокей, модерен pentathlon, гребане, ветроходство, плуване, водна Поло, вдигане на тежести, борба, спортист, спортисти, Каралин Radke-Batschauer, 800 метра, злато, Германия, ,

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Holanda, Amsterdam, Sport, història de l'esport, Olimpíades d'història, 1928, Jocs Olímpics d'estiu, Jocs Olímpics, jocs de la IX Olimpíada, esdeveniment multiesport, jurament d'atleta, Stade Olympique, 9è Jocs Olímpics, Olimpíades, competició, guanyen una medalla, medalla d'or, medalla, Pierre de Coubertin, Comitè Olímpic Internacional, estadi, jocs, Harry Dénis, Olympisch Stadion, Olympic Flame, Prince Hendrik, Queen Wilhelmina, Comitè Olímpic dels Països Baixos, atletisme, boxa, Ciclisme, submarinisme, Hípica, esgrima, futbol, gimnàstica, Hoquei sobre herba, Pentatló modern, rem, vela, natació, waterpolo, Halterofília, lluita, atleta, atletes, Karoline Radke-Batschauer, 800 metres, or, Alemanya, ,




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Original video: 9th Olympics, Amsterdam, 1928
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