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Prohibition: Harry Hart - about his family

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

United States, Chicago, Illinois, 1999


In 1919, the requisite number of legislatures of the States ratified The 18th Amendment to the Federal Constitution, enabling national Prohibition within one year of ratification. Many women, notably the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, had been pivotal in bringing about national Prohibition in the United States of America, believing it would protect families, women and children from the effects of abuse of alcohol.

Prohibition began on January 16, 1920, when the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect. Federal Prohibition agents (police) were given the task of enforcing the law.

Even though the sale of alcohol was illegal, alcoholic drinks were still widely available at "speakeasies" and other underground drinking establishments. Many people also kept private bars to serve their guests. Large quantities of alcohol were smuggled in from Canada, overland and via the Great Lakes.

While the government cracked down on alcohol consuption on land it was a different story on the water where they argued that ships outside the 3 mile limit were exempt. Needless to say, this technicality was exploited by everyone including the State owned shipping line.

Legal and illegal home brewing was popular during Prohibition. Limited amounts of wine and hard cider were permitted to be made at home. Some commercial wine was still produced in the U.S., but was only available through government warehouses for use in religious ceremonies, mainly for communion. "Malt and hop" stores popped up across the country and some former breweries turned to selling malt extract syrup, ostensibly for baking and "beverage" purposes.

Whiskey could be obtained by prescription from medical doctors. The labels clearly warned that it was strictly for medicinal purposes and any other uses were illegal, but even so doctors freely wrote prescriptions and drug-stores filled them without question, so the number of "patients" increased dramatically. No attempt was made to stop this practice, so many people got their booze this way. Over a million gallons were consumed per year through freely given prescriptions.

Because Prohibition banned only the manufacturing, sale, and transport - but not possession or consuming of alcohol, some people and institutions who had bought or made liquor prior to the passage of the 18th Amendment were able to continue to serve it throughout the prohibition period legally.

Even prominent citizens and politicians later admitted to having used alcohol during Prohibition. President Harding kept the White House well stocked with bootleg liquor, though, as a Senator, he had voted for Prohibition. This discrepancy between legality and actual practice led to widespread comtempt for authority. Over time, more people drank illegally and so money ended up in gangsters' pockets. Arguments raged over the effectiveness of prohibition. It appears to have been successful in some parts of the country but overall led to an increase in lawlessness.

Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone (January 17, 1899 – January 25, 1947) was an Italian-American gangster who led a Prohibition-era crime syndicate. Known as the "Capones", the group was dedicated to smuggling and bootlegging liquor, and other illegal activities such as prostitution, in Chicago from the early 1920s to 1931.

Born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrants, Capone became involved with gang activity at a young age after being expelled from school at age 14.[1] In his early twenties, he moved to Chicago to take advantage of a new opportunity to make money smuggling illegal alcoholic beverages into the city during Prohibition. He also engaged in various other criminal activities, including bribery of government figures and prostitution. Despite his illegitimate occupation, Capone became a highly visible public figure. He made various charitable endeavors using the money he made from his activities, and was viewed by many to be a "modern-day Robin Hood".[2]

However, Capone gained infamy when the public discovered his involvement in the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, which resulted in the death of seven of Capone's rival gang members.[3] Capone's reign ended when he was found guilty of tax evasion, and sent to federal prison. His incarceration included a stay at Alcatraz federal prison. In the final years of Capone's life, his mental and physical health deteriorated rapidly due to neurosyphilis, a disease which he had contracted several years before. On January 25, 1947, he died from cardiac arrest after suffering a stroke.

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Arabic :

الكحول، المواطن، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، حظر، تخزين الكحول، شرب الكحول، الملاهي الليلية، التقطير، عصابات الاتجار، التهريب، bootlegger، رم عداء، الشواطئ، آل كابوني، العراب، شريك، شرطي، شيكاغو، منافسه، الراعي الألماني، حرب العصابات، القضاة الاتحاديين، السجن، هاري هارت، الأسرة، ابن شقيق،,

Bulgarian :

алкохол, граждани, САЩ, САЩ, САЩ, забрана, алкохол, алкохол, алкохол, нощни клубове, дестилати, банди, контрабанда, контрабандиста, контрабандист, Ром Бегач, брегове, Ал Капоне, кръстник, съучастник, полицай, Чикаго, съперник, немски овчар, гангстерска война, федерални съдии, затвор, лишаване от свобода, Хари Харт, имигрант, семейство, племенник, ,

Catalan :

alcohol, Citizen, EUA, Estats Units, prohibició, el consum d'alcohol, begudes alcohòliques, discoteques, destil·leries, les bandes de tràfic, contraban, bootlegger, Ron Runner, Shores, al Capone, padrí, còmplice, policia, Chicago, rival, alemany pastor, Gang War, jutges federals, presó, empresonament, Harry Hart, immigrant, família, nebot, ,

Chinese Simplified :

酒精, 公民, 美国, 禁止, 酒精储存, 饮酒, 夜总会, 酿酒厂, 贩运团伙, 走私, 靴子, 拉姆亚军, 海岸, 阿尔卡彭, 教父, 共犯, 警察, 芝加哥, 对手, 德国牧羊犬, 帮派战争, 联邦法官, 监狱, 监禁, 哈里哈特, 移民, 家庭, 侄子,,

Chinese Traditional :

酒精, 公民, 美國, 禁止, 酒精儲存, 飲酒, 夜總會, 釀酒廠, 販運團夥, 走私, 靴子, 拉姆亞軍, 海岸, 阿爾卡彭, 教父, 共犯, 員警, 芝加哥, 對手, 德國牧羊犬, 幫派戰爭, 聯邦法官, 監獄, 監禁, 哈裡哈特, 移民, 家庭, 侄子, ,

Czech :

alkohol, občan, USA, Spojené státy, prohibice, alkohol skladování, pití alkoholu, noční kluby, lihovary, gangy, pašování, pašerák, Rum Runner, břehy, Al Capone, kmotr, komplic, policista, Chicago, rival, německý ovčák, válka gangů, federální soudci, vězení, Harry Hart, přistěhovalec, rodina, synovec, ,

Danish :

alkohol, borger, USA, USA, Forbud, alkohol opbevaring, alkohol drikke, natklubber, destillerier, menneskehandel bander, smugling, bootlegger, Rum Runner, kyster, Al Capone, gudfar, medskyldig, politimand, Chicago, rival, Tysk Shepherd, bande krig, føderale dommere, fængsel, Harry Hart, indvandrer, familie, nevø, ,

Dutch :

alcohol, burger, VS, Verenigde Staten, Verbod, alcohol opslag, alcohol drinken, nachtclubs, distilleerderijen, handel bendes, smokkel, bootlegger, Rum Runner, kusten, Al Capone, peetvader, medeplichtige, politieagent, Chicago, rivaal, Duitse Herder, bende oorlog, federale rechters, gevangenis, gevangenisstraf, Harry Hart, immigrant, familie, neef, ,

Estonian :

alkohol, kodanik, USA, Ameerika Ühendriigid, Keeld, alkoholi ladustamine, alkoholi joomine, ööklubid, piiritusetehased, salakaubavedajad, salakütt, salakütt, rum runner, kallas, Al Capone, ristiisa, kaasosaline, politseinik, Chicago, rivaal, Saksa Lambakoer, jõukude sõda, föderaalkohtunikud, vangla, vangistus, Harry Hart, immigrant, perekond, vennapoeg, ,

Finnish :

alkoholi, kansalainen, YHDYSVALLAT, kielto, alkoholin varastointi, alkoholin juominen, yökerhot, tislaamot, ihmiskauppa jengit, salakuljetus, bootlegger, rommi juoksija, rannat, Al Capone, kummisetä, rikostoveri, poliisi, Chicago, kilpailija, Saksanpaimenkoira, jengi sota, liittovaltion tuomarit, vankila, vankeusrangaistus, Harry Hart, maahanmuuttaja, perhe, veljenpoika, ,

French :

alcool, citoyen, Etats-Unis, Interdiction, stockage d’alcool, alcool potable, boîtes de nuit, distilleries, gangs de trafic, contrebande, bootlegger, Rumber, rivages, Al Capone, parrain, complice, policier, Chicago, rival, berger allemand, guerre de gang, juges fédéraux, prison, emprisonnement, Harry Hart, immigrant, famille, neveu, ,

German :

Alkohol, Bürger, USA, Vereinigte Staaten, Verbot, Alkohollagerung, Alkoholtrinken, Nachtclubs, Destillateure, Trafficking Banden, Schmuggel, Bootlegger, Rum Runner, Shores, Al Capone, Godfather, Accomplice, Policeman, Chicago, Rivale, German Shepherd, gang war, bundesrichter, prison, prison, Harry Hart, immigrant, family, nephew, ,

Greek :

αλκοόλ, πολίτης, ΗΠΑ, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες, Απαγόρευση, αποθήκευση αλκοόλ, κατανάλωση αλκοόλ, νυχτερινά κέντρα, αποστακτήρια, συμμορίες διακίνησης, λαθρεμπόριο, bootlegger, Rum Runner, ακτές, Al Capone, νονός, συνεργός, αστυνομικός, Σικάγο, αντίπαλος, Γερμανικός Ποιμένας, πόλεμος συμμοριών, ομοσπονδιακοί δικαστές, φυλακή, φυλάκιση, Harry Hart, μετανάστης, οικογένεια, ανιψιός, ,

Haitian Creole :

alkol, sitwayen, USA, eta Zini, Pwoyibisyon, depo alkol, bwe alkol, nightclubs, distilleries, ak bootlegger, wonm, polis, ak Kolelas Capone, Shores, al arenn, kontrebann, , polisye, Chicago, rival, Beje Alman, lage gang, jij federal, prizon, konplis, anprizonnman Harry, imigran, fanmi, Hart, ,

Hebrew :

אלכוהול, אזרח, ארה ב, ארצות הברית, איסור, אחסון אלכוהול, אלכוהול שתייה, מועדוני לילה, שדופיות, כנופיות סחר, הברחה, משקה משקאות, ראנר רום, חופי, אל קפונה, הסנדק, שותף, שוטר, שיקגו, יריב, מאסר, הארי הארט, מהגר, משפחה, אחיין, ,

Hindi :

शराब, नागरिक, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, निषेध, शराब भंडारण, शराब पीने, नाइटक्लब, डिस्टिलरी, तस्करी गिरोह, तस्करी, बूटलेगर, रम धावक, तटों, अल Capone, गॉडफादर, साथी, पुलिसकर्मी, शिकागो, प्रतिद्वंद्वी, जर्मन शेफर्ड, गिरोह युद्ध, संघीय ंयायाधीशों, जेल, कारावास, हैरी हार्ट, आप्रवासी, परिवार, भतीजे, ,

Hungarian :

alkohol, állampolgár, USA, Egyesült Államok, Tilalom, alkoholtárolás, alkoholivás, éjszakai klubok, szeszfőzdék, bűnbandák kereskedelme, csempészet, szeszcsempész, Rum Runner, partok, Al Capone, keresztapa, cinkosa, rendőr, Chicago, rivális, német juhász, bandaháború, szövetségi bírók, börtön, bebörtönzés, Harry Hart, bevándorló, család, unokaöccse, ,

Indonesian :

alkohol, Citizen, USA, Amerika Serikat, larangan, Penyimpanan alkohol, minum alkohol, klub malam, distilleries, geng perdagangan, penyelundupan, Bootlegger, rum Runner, Shores, Al Capone, godfather, kaki tangan, polisi, Chicago, saingan, Gembala Jerman, perang geng, hakim federal, penjara, penjara, Harry Hart, imigran, Keluarga, keponakan, ,

Italian :

alcool, cittadino, USA, Stati Uniti, Proibizionista, stoccaggio di alcool, alcol, nightclub, distillerie, gang di traffico, contrabbando, contrabbando, rumlegger, Rum Runner, shores, Al Capone, padrino, aclica, poliziotto, Chicago, rivale, pastore tedesco, guerra tra bande, giudici federali, carcere, carcere, Harry Hart, famiglia, nipote, ,

Japanese :

アルコール, 市民, アメリカ, 禁止, アルコール貯蔵, 飲酒, ナイトクラブ, 蒸留所, 人身売買ギャング, 密輸, ブートレッガー, ラムランナー, 海岸, アル・カポネ, ゴッドファーザー, 共犯者, 警官, シカゴ, ライバル, ジャーマン・シェパード, ギャング戦争, 連邦裁判官, 刑務所, 投獄, ハリー・ハート, 移民, 家族, 家族, ,

Latvian :

alkohols, pilsonis, ASV, ASV, aizliegums, alkohola uzglabāšana, alkohola lietošana, naktsklubi, spirta rūpnīcas, cilvēku tirdzniecības bandas, kontrabanda, bootlegger, Rum Runner, krasti, Al Capone, krusttēvs, līdzdalībnieks, policists, Chicago, konkurējošo, vācu aitu, bandas kara, federālās tiesneši, cietumā, ieslodzījumā, Harry Hart, imigrantu, ģimenes, brāļadēls, ,




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