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Cakó: Stones - Animation

Rights-Managed, Editorial

Location and time:

Hungary, 1990s


He created the Live Sand Animation Show in 1996. Nobody else did this before him, therefrore it is Copyrighted all over the world. The Bio of Cakó Born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1950. Graduated at the College for Creative Arts in 1973. While still at college he won several prizes as an amateur animation film maker. It was obvious for him to follow the road Pannonia Film Studio, where he worked as an animator - designer - director from 1973 to 1991. He used puppet, clay, and paper - cut techniques in his films. He was invited several times to hold workshops about his special technique, e.g. in Finland, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal. He makes illustrations for several children and youth books. His graphics and painting are shown at Individual exhibitions in the major cities of Hungary and abroad. He teaches 3D animation at School of Applied Arts. 1989 - Merited Artist of the Hungarian People`s Republic. 1999 - Outstanding Artist of the Hungarian People`s Republic.

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Arabic :

فيرينك Cakó، Cakó، الرسوم المتحركة، الفن، الفيلم، الثقافة، ووسائل الإعلام، الترفيه، الحجارة، الناس، الرمال المتحركة، الرمال، الوهم، أنيماري،,

Chinese Simplified :

费伦茨 Cakó、 Cakó、 动画、 艺术、 电影、 文化、 传媒、 娱乐、 石头、 人民、 砂动画、 沙子、 幻觉、 animare,,

Dutch :

Ferenc Cakó, Cako, animatie, kunst, film, cultuur, media, entertainment, stenen, mensen, zand animatie, zand, illusie, animare, ,

Estonian :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animatsioon, kunsti, filmi, kultuuri, meedia, meelelahutus, kivid, inimesed, liiv animatsioon, liiva, illusioon, animare, ,

Finnish :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animaatio, taide, elokuva, kulttuuri, media, viihde, kivet, ihmiset, hiekka animaatio, hiekka, illuusio, animare, ,

French :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animation, art, cinéma, culture, médias, divertissement, pierres, personnes, animation de sable, sable, illusion, animare, ,

German :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, Animation, Kunst, Film, Kultur, Medien, Unterhaltung, Steinen, Menschen, Sand Animation, Sand, Illusion, Animare, ,

Greek :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, κινούμενα σχέδια, τέχνη, ταινία, πολιτισμός, μέσα, ψυχαγωγία, πέτρες, ανθρώπους, άμμο animation, άμμο, ψευδαίσθηση, animare, ,

Haitian Creole :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, aktivite, atizay, fim, kilti, medya, amizman, wòch, moun, sab aktivite, grenn sab, illusion, animare, ,

Hebrew :

פרנץ Cakó, Cakó, אנימציה, אמנות, קולנוע, תרבות, מדיה, בידור, אבנים, אנשים, הנפשת חול, חול, אשליה, animare, ,

Hindi :

फेरेंक Cakó, Cakó, एनीमेशन, कला, फिल्म, संस्कृति, मीडिया, मनोरंजन, पथरी, लोगों, रेत एनिमेशन, रेत, भ्रम, animare, ,

Indonesian :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animasi, seni, film, budaya, media, hiburan, batu, orang, animasi pasir, pasir, ilusi, animare, ,

Italian :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animazione, arte, cinema, cultura, media, intrattenimento, pietre, persone, animazione sabbia, sabbia, illusione, animare, ,

Japanese :

フェレンツ Cakó、Cakó、アニメーション、アート、映画、文化、メディア、エンターテイメント、石、人々、砂アニメーション、砂、イリュー ジョン、animare、,

Korean :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, 애니메이션, 예술, 영화, 문화, 미디어, 엔터테인먼트, , 사람, 모래 애니메이션, 모래, 환상, animare, ,

Latvian :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animācija, mākslas, filmu, kultūras, mediju, izklaide, akmeņi, cilvēki, smilšu animācija, smilšu, ilūzija, animare, ,

Norwegian :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animasjon, kunst, film, kultur, media, underholdning, steiner, folk, sand animasjon, sand, illusjon, animare, ,

Portuguese :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animação, arte, cinema, cultura, mídia, entretenimento, pedras, pessoas, animação de areia, areia, ilusão, animare, ,

Romanian :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animatie, arta, film, cultura, mass-media, divertisment, pietre, oameni, animaţie nisip, nisip, iluzie, animare, ,

Russian :

Ференц Cakó, Cakó, анимация, искусство, кино, культура, СМИ, развлечения, камни, люди, Песочная анимация, песок, иллюзия, animare, ,

Slovak :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animácie, umenie, film, kultúry, médií, zábavy, kamene, ľudia, piesok animácie, piesok, ilúzia, animare, ,

Slovenian :

Ferenc Cakó Cakó, animacija, art, film, kulture, medijev, zabava, kamni, ljudje, pesek animacije, pesek, iluzijo, animare, ,

Spanish :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animación, arte, cine, cultura, medios de comunicación, Entretenimiento, piedras, personas, animación de arena, arena, ilusión, animare, ,

Thai :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó ภาพเคลื่อนไหว ศิลปะ ฟิล์ม วัฒนธรรม สื่อ บันเทิง หิน คน ภาพเคลื่อนไหวทราย ทราย ภาพลวงตา animare,

Turkish :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, animasyon, sanat, film, kültür, medya, eğlence, taşlar, insanlar, kum animasyon, kum, illüzyon, hayvanlar, ,

Ukrainian :

Ференца Cakó Cakó анімації, мистецтва, фільм, культури, ЗМІ, розваги, камені, люди, Пісочна анімація, пісок, ілюзія, animare, ,

Vietnamese :

Ferenc Cakó, Cakó, hoạt hình, nghệ thuật, phim, văn hóa, phương tiện truyền thông, giải trí, đá, người, hình ảnh động cát, cát, ảo ảnh, animare, ,




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