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Champagne: Dom Pierre Pérignon - inventor of champagne (mosaic image)

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Hungary, Budapest, 2010


Dom Pierre Pérignon - inventor of champagne ,mosaic image iin Budapest (Törley champagne factory)Champagne taster


Dom Pierre Pérignon (c. 1638–14 September 1715) was a Benedictine monk who made important contributions to the production and quality of Champagne wine in an era when the region's wines were predominantly still and red. Popular myths frequently, but erroneously, credit him with the invention of sparkling Champagne, which didn't become the dominant style of Champagne until mid-19th century.

The famous champagne Dom Pérignon, the préstige cuvée of Moët & Chandon, is named after him.

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Arabic :

الشمبانيا، الشراب، فقاعات، وأسطورة، والرهبان، دوم Perignon، زجاجات، والنبيذ الفوار، ودوم Pierre Pérignon، نفينتور شمبانيا، فسيفساء الصورة، البينديكتين، راهب، Moët كاندون آند،,

Dutch :

Champagne, drinken, bubbels, legend, monniken, Dom Perignon, flessen, mousserende wijn, Dom Pierre Pérignon, nventor van champagne, mozaïek beeld, Benedictijnen, monnik, Moët & Chandon, ,

German :

Champagner, Getränk, Blasen, Legende, Mönche, Dom Perignon, Flaschen, Sekt, Dom Pierre Pérignon, Nventor, Champagner, Mosaik-Bild, Benediktiner, Mönch, Moët Chandon &,

Hungarian :

pezsgő, drink, buborékok, legenda, Szerzetesek, Dom Perignon, palack, pezsgő, Dom Pierre Perignon, nventor, pezsgő, mozaik kép, bencés, a szerzetes, Moët & Chandon, ,

Italian :

Champagne, bollicine, leggenda, bevanda, monaci, Dom Perignon, bottiglie, vino spumante, Dom Pierre Pérignon, nventor di champagne, mosaico di immagine, benedettino, monk, Moët Chandon &, ,

Japanese :

シャンパン、飲み物、泡、伝説、修道士ドンペリニヨンのボトル、スパーク リング ワイン、ドンペリニヨン Pierre nventor、シャンパンのモザイク イメージ、ベネディクト、僧侶、モエ & シャンドン,

Korean :

샴페인, 음료, 거품, 전설, 승려, 돔 페리 뇽, , 스파클링 와인, Dom Pierre 페리, 샴페인 nventor 모자이크 이미지, 베네딕토 회, 스님, Moët & Chandon, ,

Latvian :

šampanietis, dzēriens, burbuļi, leģendu, mūkiem, Dom Perignon, pudeles, dzirkstošais vīns, Dom Pierre Pérignon, šampanietis, nventor mosaic attēlu, Benediktīņu, mūks, Moët & Chandon,

Lithuanian :

šampanas, gėrimas, burbulai, legenda, vienuoliai, Dom Perignon, buteliai, putojantis vynas, Dom Pierre Pérignon, nventor šampano, mozaikos vaizdas, benediktinų, vienuolis, Moët & tokių, ,

Slovenian :

šampanjec, pijačo, mehurčki, legenda, menihi, Dom Perignon, steklenice, peneče vino, Dom Pierre Pérignon, nventor šampanjca, mozaik slika, benediktinski, menih, Moët & Chandon, ,

Spanish :

champán, bebida, burbujas, leyenda, monjes, Dom Perignon, botellas, vino espumoso, Dom Pierre Pérignon, nventor de champagne, mosaico imagen, benedictino, monje, Moët Chandon &, ,

Swedish :

champagne, dryck, bubblor, legend, munkar, Dom Perignon, flaskor, mousserande vin, Dom Pierre Pérignon, nventor champagne, mosaik bild, Benedictine, monk, Moët & Chandon, ,




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