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Ibiza: San Vincent - landscape

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Location and time:

Spain, San Vincent, 2009


Eivissa or Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea 79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain. With Formentera, it is one of the two Pine Islands or Pityuses. Its largest cities are Ibiza Town (Catalan:Vila d'Eivissa or simply Vila), Santa Eulària des Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany. Its highest point, called Sa Talaiassa or Sa Talaia, is 475 m/1,558 ft above sea level.

The official name is the Catalan Eivissa. The name in Spanish is Ibiza. In British English, the name is usually pronounced in an approximation of the Spanish, while in American English the pronunciation is more anglicized, or closer to Latin-American Spanish.

The island is well-known for its summer club parties which attract large numbers of tourists, but the island and the Spanish Tourist Office have been working in order to promote more family-oriented tourism. Though some dispute the islands ability to attract higher income families in large numbers, due to a lack of professionalism in the hospitality and service sector, the island is keen to dispel its image as merely a destination for young clubers. Noted clubs include Space, Pacha, Privilege (ex Ku), Amnesia, DC10, Eden,and Es Paradis. Probably the most famous bar on the island is Café del Mar. This bar is significantly connected with the music genre of chill-out music. The other notable player in the entertainment world in recent years has been Ibiza Rocks who are credited with bringing Live Music back to the island. The brand now runs the most famous youth hotel on the island, Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Ibiza is also home to the legendary "port" in the district of Ibiza, a popular stop for many tourists and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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German :

Spanien, Spanisch, Ibiza, Insel, Mittelmeer, Südeuropa, Ibiza, Balearen, Reise, Reise, Urlaub, Tourist, Tourismus, Haus, Gebäude, Meer, Wasser, Landschaft, Strand, Sand, Himmel, Wolken, Palm, San Vincent, ,

Greek :

Ισπανία, η ισπανική, η Ίμπιζα, νησί της Μεσογείου, Νότια Ευρώπη, Eivissa, Βαλεαρίδες, ταξίδια, ταξίδι, διακοπές, τουριστικά, τουρισμού, σπίτι, κτίριο, θάλασσα, νερό, τοπίο, παραλία, άμμο, ουρανό, σύννεφα, palm, σαν Vincent, ,

Haitian Creole :

Espay, panyòl, Ibiza, île, lanmè Mediterane an, zòn Sid Ewòp, Eivissa, Baléares zile yo, vwayaj, vwayaj, vacances, touris, touris, kay, création, lanmè, dlo, paysage, beach, grenn sab, syèl, nwaj yo, pye palmis, San Vincent, ,

Hebrew :

ספרד, ספרדית, איביזה, איילנד, הים התיכון, בדרום אירופה, Eivissa, האיים הבלאריים, נסיעות, טיול, חג, תיירות, תיירות, בית, בניין, ים, מים, נוף, חוף, חול, שמיים, עננים, דקל, סן וינסנט, ,

Hungarian :

Spanyolország, spanyol, Ibiza, sziget, Földközi-tenger, Dél-Európában, Eivissa, Baleár-szigetek, utazási, utazás, nyaralás, turisztikai, idegenforgalmi, ház, épület, tengeri, víz, táj, beach, homok, ég, felhők, palm, San Vincent, ,

Korean :

스페인, 스페인어, 이 비자, , 지중해, 남부 유럽, Eivissa, 발레아레스 섬, 여행, 여행, 휴가, 관광, 관광, , 건물, 바다, , 풍경, 해변, 모래, 하늘, 구름, , 산 빈센트,

Lithuanian :

Ispanija, ispanų, Ibiza, sala, Viduržemio jūros, Pietų Europoje, Eivissa, Balearų salų, kelionės, kelionės, atostogų, turistų, turizmo, namas, pastato, jūros, vandens, kraštovaizdžio, paplūdimio, smėlio, dangus, debesys, palm, San Vincent, ,

Norwegian :

Spania, spansk, Ibiza, øy Middelhavet, Sør-Europa, Eivissa, Balearene, reise, tur, ferie, turist, turisme, hus, bygningen, havet, vann, landskap, stranden, sand, himmel, skyer, palm, San Vincent, ,

Polish :

Hiszpania, hiszpański, Ibiza, wyspa Morza Śródziemnego, Europy Południowej, Eivissa, Baleary, podróży, podróży, wakacje, turystyczne, turystyka, dom, budynku, morze, wody, krajobraz, plaży, piasek, niebo, chmury, palmy, San Vincent, ,

Romanian :

Spania, spaniola, Ibiza, insula, Marea Mediterană, Europa de Sud, Eivissa, Insulele Baleare, călătorie, excursie, vacanta, turistice, turism, casa, clădire, mare, apa, peisaj, plaja, nisip, cer, nori, de palmier, de San, ,

Slovenian :

Španija, špansko, Ibiza, otok, Sredozemskega morja, južni Evropi, Eivissa, Balearski otoki, potovanja, potovanje, počitnice, turistične, turizem, house, stavbe, morje, vode, krajine, beach, pesek, nebo, oblaki, palm, San Vincent, ,

Spanish :

España, español, Ibiza, isla, mar Mediterráneo, sur de Europa, Eivissa, Islas Baleares, viaje, viaje, vacaciones, Turismo, Turismo, casa, edificio, mar, agua, paisaje, playa, arena, cielo, nubes, Palma, San Vicente, ,

Vietnamese :

Tây Ban Nha, tiếng Tây Ban Nha, Ibiza, đảo, biển Địa Trung Hải, phía nam châu Âu, Eivissa, thuộc quần đảo Balears, du lịch, chuyến đi, kỳ nghỉ, du lịch, du lịch, nhà, xây dựng, biển, nước, cảnh quan, bãi biển, cát, bầu trời, đám mây, palm, San Vincent, ,




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