Hitler's Speeches: The Führer speaks to crowd - Nuremberg rally (00:00:36)
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Hitler's Speeches: The Führer speaks to crowd - Nuremberg rally

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Germany, Nuremberg, 1934


The Führer speaks to crowd

Reichsparteitag 1934, "Totenehrung" (honouring of dead): SS-leader Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler and SA-leader Viktor Lutze on the stone terrace in front of the "Ehrenhalle" (Hall of Honour) in the Luitpoldarena; in the background: the crescent-shaped "Ehrentribüne" (literally: tribune of honour).

The Nuremberg Rally (officially, About this sound Reichsparteitag (help·info), meaning Reich national party convention) was the annual rally of the NSDAP (Nazi Party) in the years 1923 to 1939 – 11th Congress – in Germany. Especially after Hitler's rise to power in 1933, they were large Nazi propaganda events. The Reichsparteitage were held annually at the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg from 1933 to 1938 and are thus usually referred to in English as the Nuremberg Rallies.

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