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Politician: Juan Domingo Perón - President of Argentina

Rights-Managed, Footage

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Argentina, Buenos Aires, 1940s


Juan Domingo Perón - President of Argentina

Juan Domingo Perón (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxwan doˈmiŋɡo peˈɾon];), October 8, 1895 – July 1, 1974) was an Argentine general and politician, elected three times as President of Argentina, though he only managed to serve one full term, after serving in several government positions, including the Secretary of Labor and the Vice Presidency. He was overthrown in a military coup in 1955. He returned to power in 1973 and served for nine months, until his death in 1974 when he was succeeded by his third wife, María Estela Martínez.

Perón and his second wife, Eva Duarte, are immensely popular among many Argentinians, and to this day they are still considered icons by the Peronist Party. The Peróns' followers praised their efforts to eliminate poverty and to dignify labor, while their detractors considered them demagogues and dictators. The Peróns gave their name to the political movement known as peronismo, which in present-day Argentina is represented mainly by the Justicialist Party.

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Arabic :

الأرجنتين، خوان دومنغو بيرون، رئيس الأرجنتين، وسياسي، والعامة الأرجنتينية، بيرونيسمو، الدكتاتور، الديكتاتورية،,

Bulgarian :

Аржентина Хуан Доминго Перон, президент на Аржентина, политик, южноамерикански генерал, peronismo, диктатор, диктатура, ,

Chinese Traditional :

阿根廷,Juan Domingo Perón,阿根廷總統、 政客、 阿根廷一般、 peronismo、 獨裁者,專政,,

Czech :

Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón, prezident Argentiny, politik, argentinský generál, perónistů, diktátor, diktatura, ,

Estonian :

Argentina, Juan Domingo Peróni, President Argentina, poliitik, Argentina üldine, peronismo, diktaator, diktatuur, ,

Finnish :

Argentiina, Juan Domingo Perón, Argentiinan presidentti, poliitikko, argentiinalainen kenraali, peronismo, diktaattori, diktatuuri, ,

Greek :

Αργεντινή, Χουάν Ντομίνγκο Περόν, Πρόεδρος της Αργεντινής, πολιτικός, γενικός Αργεντινής, peronismo, δικτάτορας, δικτατορία, ,

Hebrew :

ארגנטינה חואן דומינגו פרון, נשיא ארגנטינה, פוליטיקאי, מצביא ארגנטינאי, peronismo, דיקטטור, דיקטטורה, ,

Hindi :

अर्जेंटीना, जुआन डोमिंगो Perón, अर्जेंटीना के राष्ट्रपति, राजनीतिज्ञ, अर्जेण्टीनी जनरल, peronismo, तानाशाह, तानाशाही, ,

Hungarian :

Argentína Juan Domingo Perón, argentin elnök, politikus, argentin általános, peronismo, diktátor, diktatúra, ,

Indonesian :

Argentina, Domingo Juan Perón, Presiden Argentina, politikus, Umum Argentina, peronismo, diktator, kediktatoran, ,

Latvian :

Argentīna, Juan Domingo perons, Argentīnas prezidents, politiķis, Argentīnas general, peronismo, diktators, diktatūra, ,

Russian :

Аргентина, Хуана Доминго Перона, президента Аргентины, политик, аргентинский Генеральной, peronismo, диктатор, диктатуры, ,

Slovak :

Argentína, Juan Domingo Perón, prezident Argentíny, politik, argentínsky generál, peronismo, diktátor, diktatúra, ,

Swedish :

Argentina Juan Domingo Perón, Argentinas President, politiker, Argentinsk general, peronismo, diktator, diktatur, ,

Thai :

อาร์เจนติน่า Juan ในซันโตโดมิงโกแบ่ง Perón ประธานาธิบดีอาร์เจนติน่า นักการเมือง ทั่วไปอาร์เจนตินา peronismo เผด็จการ เผด็จการ,

Ukrainian :

Аргентина, Хуан Домінго Перон, президент Аргентини, політик, Аргентинський генерал, peronismo, диктатор, диктатури, ,

Vietnamese :

Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón, tổng thống Argentina, chính trị gia, tướng Argentina, peronismo, nhà độc tài, chế độ độc tài, ,




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