1938 - The Night of Broken Glass: Kristallnacht (00:08:31)
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1938 - The Night of Broken Glass: Kristallnacht

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Location and time:

Germany, 09-11-1938


Kristallnacht, also known as Reichskristallnacht, Pogromnacht and in English as The Night of Broken Glass, was a massive nationwide pogrom in Germany on the night of November 9, 1938 (including early hours of the following day). It was directed at Jewish citizens throughout the country, and was for many observers the first hint that what is now called the Holocaust (of which it was an early event) might be unique in scale in the history of Central and Western Europe.

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Hebrew :

1938, ליל הבדולח, שברי זכוכית, היטלר, Reichskristallnacht, Pogromnacht, גרמניה, נאצים, אס. אס, ברלין, פרעות, יהודים, בתי כנסת, נאציזם, הרייך השלישי, מלחמת, דיקטטור, ארנסט קיא רט, Grynszpan, יוזף גבלס, שריפת בתי כנסת, שריפת בתים, נהרס בית הכנסת, לפוצץ בית כנסת, מחנה הריכוז בוכנוואלד, קמפינג עם Baracken, SA, 1938 - ליל הבדולח, חיפה, דת מדה, דת, אלוהים, אדולף מדה, אדולף היטלר מדה, F, מדה השואה, יהודים מדה, Georg Stefan Troller ורנר Kuhnt, קוקו שומאן, הפולקלור מאי, Walter Philipson, ארנסט Behm, Imo Moszkowicz, Inge Deutschkorn, ,

Indonesian :

Tahun 1938, Kristallnacht, Broken kaca, Hitler, Reichskristallnacht, Pogromnacht, Jerman, nazi, SS, Berlin, pogrom, Yahudi, sinagoga, Nazisme, Third Reich, perang, diktator, Ernst vom Rath, Grynszpan, Joseph Goebbels, pembakaran rumah-rumah ibadat, pembakaran rumah, menghancurkan sinagoga, meledakkan sebuah sinagoga, kamp konsentrasi Buchenwald, berkemah dengan Baracken, SA, 1938 - The malam dari Broken kaca, Daly, rekaman agama, agama, Allah, rekaman Adolf, Adolf Hitler rekaman, F, Holocaust rekaman, rekaman Yahudi, Georg Stefan Troller, Werner Kuhnt, Coco Schumann, Lore Mei, Walter Philipson, Ernst Behm, Imo Moszkowicz, Inge Deutschkorn, ,

Swedish :

1938 Kristallnatten, trasiga glas, Hitler, Reichskristallnacht, Pogromnachten, Tyskland, nazist, SS, Berlin, pogrom, judar, synagogor, Nazism, tredje riket, krig, diktator, Ernst vom Rath, Grynszpan, Joseph Goebbels, burning synagogor, brinnande hus, förstörda synagogan, blåser upp en synagoga, Buchenwald koncentrationsläger, camping med Baracken, SA, 1938 - The Night av trasiga glas, München, religion bilder, religion, Gud, Adolf footage, Adolf Hitler footage, F, Förintelsen footage, judar footage, Georg Stefan Troller, Werner Kuhnt, Coco Schumann, Lore maj, Walter Philipson, Ernst Behm, Imo Moszkowicz, Inge Deutschkorn, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Deutschkron, Inge

(German Jew) , speaking German:
-  "This was the turning point when German Jews understood that they couldn’t live in peace in Germany as German Jews. This became clear on the night of the Pogrom. "

Moszkowicz, Imo

(witness in 1938) , speaking German:
-  "The human being was of no value. Crime – was suddenly tolerated. The government protected every sin, all crimes. "

Behm, Ernst

(theologian at the night of broken glass, 1938) , speaking German:
-  "People were so scared that they hardly spoke to each other. Only those, who trusted each other very much, exchanged a few words. They felt so threatened that people were scared to help their Jewish neighbours. Finally they helped, more than we had expected, but only in secret. "

May, Lore

(witness, Frankfurt) , speaking German:
-  "They came into our street as well... there were about 5-6 hundred, the Germans...They were shouting, then singing. There was an elderly lady with them, I could not recognize her face, but they were pulling her all the way down the street by her hair. "

Philipson, Walter

(Jewish eyewitness) , speaking German:
-  "When the shouting was getting louder, my father went down to the shop. As he arrived to the stairs we heard a shot. He only said – that’s all I heard – I’ve been shot. There was not only shooting, but they were shouting slogans like „Jews out“, „Death for Jews“. My father always said: my parents and grandparents lived in this house. I will never leave it alive. In the midst of chaos people were shouting to my father: you didn’t want to come out alive, now we will take you out dead. "

Schumann, Coco

(witness, Berlin) , speaking German:
-  "Suddenly I heard crashes and the glass of shop-windows laid broken on the ground. I had no idea what was happening, then I recognized that Nazi crosses and Jewish stars have been painted on shop windows. Later I heard yells, I looked up and I saw that people were being thrown out of the building. "

Troller, Georg Stefan

(witness when the night of broken glass was, 1938) , speaking German:
-  "They could do anything with us, it was open season on us, and they did whatever they wanted. "

Kuhnt, Werner

(witness in 1938) , speaking German:
-  "The speech was angry and shocked on what can happen with Germans in the world. If something like this happens we have to react as a nation and cannot leave it unanswered…. "




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