1942 - Concentration camp in Auschwitz (00:08:23)
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1942 - Concentration camp in Auschwitz

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Location and time:

Poland, Auschwitz, 30-01-1942


30-01-1942, Hitler, speaking at the Berlin Sports Palace, reaffirms his prewar prophecy concerning the Jews; once again telling an audience that "the result of this war will be the complete annihilation of the Jews."


Auschwitz is the name loosely used to identify three main Nazi German concentration camps and 39 sub-camps. The name is derived from the Germanized form of the nearby Polish town of Oświęcim, situated about 60 km southwest of Krakow. Beginning in 1940, Nazi Germany built several concentration camps and an extermination camp in the area, which at the time had been annexed by Nazi Germany. The camps were a major constituent of the Holocaust. The total number of casualties is still under debate, but most modern estimates are around 1-1.5 million.

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Norwegian :

1942 holocaust, Hitler, syklon b, SS, gass, jødiske, genecoide, nasjonalsosialismen, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Arbeit macht frei, brakker, gjerder, dusjrom, gasskammer, krematoriet, Obersalzberg, Zyklon B, røde armé, utryddelse leiren, Oświęcim, nazismen, antisemittisme, ariske, ny, jøde, sosial velferd programmer, Schutzstaffel insigne, Sig runer, hakekorset, konsentrasjon leiren, Konzentrationslager, KZ, fanger, politiske fanger, konsentrasjonsleirer videoopptak, nazismen opptak, nazi, Holocaust opptak, Holocaust videoopptak, jøder videoopptak, VERDENSKRIG opptak, VERDENSKRIG videoopptak, World War 2, WW II, WW 2, andre verdenskrig, Martin Gray, Robert Ley, Hans Münch, Magda Spiegel, Magda Spengel, Jehoshua Rosenblum, ,

Russian :

1942, Холокост, Гитлер, циклон б, СС, газ, еврейские, genecoide, национал-социализм, Освенцим-Биркенау, Arbeit macht frei, казармы, заборы, душевая комната, газовая камера, Крематорий, Оберзальцберге, Zyklon B, Красной армии, уничтожение лагеря, Освенцим, нацизм, антисемитизм, Арийское, новый порядок, еврей, программ социального обеспечения, Оберляйтер insigne, Sig рун, свастики, концентрация лагеря, лагерь, KZ, заключенных, политических заключенных, видео кадры концентрационных лагерей, нацизм кадры, нацист, кадры катастрофы, видео кадры Холокост, евреи видеоматериалы, кадры второй мировой войны, Видео кадры второй мировой войны, мировой войны 2, WW II, WW 2, второй мировой войны, Мартин Грэй, Роберт Ley, Ханс Мюнх, Магда Spiegel, Магда Spengel, Розенблюм Егошуа, ,

Spanish :

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Swedish :

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Turkish :

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Vietnamese :

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Sound Bite and conversation:

Rosenblum, Jehoshua

(Member of the “special unit") , speaking German:
-  "When the last one was finished in the shower, they closed the doors on them and two SS soldiers threw the Cyclone B inside through the window above."

Spiegel, Magda

(captive, Auschwitz prisoner) , speaking German:
-  "It was at 2 o’clock in the morning. We got out of the wagons, when we heard it, but we were separated so fast – men to the right, the parents and the children.... one minute and we were standing separated!"

Spiegel, Magda

(captive, Auschwitz prisoner) , speaking German:
-  "The whole family was together. All children yoiunger and older, we were all together. We didn’t know where they were taking us! Somewhere to work. Probably to work, and they ensure a kindergarten for children. That’s what we thought. Nobody knew about Auschwitz."

Münch, Hans

(Doctor in Auschwitz) , speaking German:
-  "Soon they stop looking people in the eye except, of course, when they had a personal relation. The prisoner was something totally different; he could not be a normal human being. They belonged to a “different” category of people. "

Rosenblum, Jehoshua

(Member of the “special unit") , speaking German:
-  "Shortly afterwards, we heard the screams. It lasted a few minutes, ten or fifteen."

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "The goal was the extermination of the Jews in Europe."

Gray, Martin

(prisoner of Auschwitz) , speaking German:
-  "Our family had always been based on helpfulness and humanity. And we had to face these men dressed in black who behaved as wild animals full of hatred– it was very shocking"




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