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1956 - Hungarian Revolution: Anti-Communist Protest in Hungary

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Location and time:

Hungary, Budapest, 23-10-1956


The 1956 Hungarian Revolution, also known as the Hungarian Uprising, was a revolt in Hungary. The revolt was brutally suppressed by the Soviet Union. Thousands of Hungarian insurgents and Soviet troops were killed, thousands more were wounded, and nearly a quarter million left the country as refugees. The revolution was a watershed event for Communists in Western countries; some who had formerly supported the Soviet Union now criticized it. On October 23rd, 1956, Hungary"s population rose up against their government. The population achieved control over a large number of social institutions and territory, and the Hungarians began to implement their own policies. One policy on which Hungarians were divided was the status of known ÁVH (secret police) informants; the workers councils and student councils sent armed bands out to arrest ÁVH operatives in preparation for criminal trials; whereas the small ultra-nationalist right-wing groups led by the likes of Jozsef Dudas infamously executed members of the ÁVH. The Hungarian Communist Party made Imre Nagy Prime Minister. After negotiating a ceasefire with Soviet forces in Hungary, Nagy was forced by public opinion to withdraw Hungary from the Warsaw Pact and declare neutrality. Soviet troops were invited into Hungary on two occasions, both in attempts to firm up Moscow line governments (the Gero government that collapsed on the October 23rd and the Kadar government formed on November 3rd). Soviet troops and the Hungarian ÁVH intervened on the night of October 23rd and subsequent days, attacking protestors; this resulted in a ceasefire between Soviet troops and insurgents by November 1st, 1956. On the night of November 4th, 1956, the Soviet army again intervened to halt this process of popular reform. By January, 1957, Kadar had brought the instability to an end. Because of the rapid change in government and social policies, the role of left-wing ideology in motivating some of the population, and the use of armed force to achieve political goals, this uprising is often considered a revolution.

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Arabic :

1956، وهنغاريا، وحلف وارسو، العصيان المسلح، ومظاهره بودابست، الثورة، والشغب، وناغي إيمري، سيرغي خروشوف، بونجراكز غيرغيلي، بيتر فولديس، ساندور Kopácsi، فلاديمير كروجشكوو، فاسارهيليي، فومين فيتاليج، ناجي Erzsébet، المظاهرات الجماهيرية، وأعمال الشغب، الوفيات على الطرق، "البرلمان الهنغاري"، محطة إذاعية في بودابست، روسشيشي الدبابات والجنود، مقاتلي المقاومة والحطام في بودابست، واللاجئين، و "الثورة الهنغارية"، والحرب الباردة، والاحتجاج ضد الشيوعية، بوسابيست، الشيوعية، مظاهرة، لقطات الفيديو الشيوعية، عسكرية، لقطات الفيديو العسكري، الجيش لقطات الفيديو، والجندي لقطات الفيديو،,

Bulgarian :

1956, Унгария, Варшавския договор, бунт, Будапеща демонстрация, революция, бунт, Имре над, Сергей Хрушчов, Gergely Pongracz, Петер Фьолдеш, Шандор Kopácsi, Владимир Krujschkow, Вазарели, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Наги, масови демонстрации, бунтове, смъртните случаи по пътищата, унгарски парламент, радио станция в Будапеща, russchische резервоари, войници, бойци от съпротивата, отломки в Будапеща, бежанци, Унгарската революция, Студената война, анти-комунистически протести, Busapest, комунизма, Демонстрация, Комунизма видео кадри, военни, военни видео кадри, видео кадри армия, войник видео кадри, ,

Catalan :

1956, Hongria, pacte de Varsòvia, insurrecció, demostració de Budapest, revolució, aldarull, Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, massa demostracions, disturbis, morts a la carretera, Parlament hongarès, emissora de ràdio a Budapest, russchische tancs, soldats, combatents de la resistència, les deixalles a Budapest, refugiats, revolució, guerra freda, Anti-comunista protesta, Busapest, comunisme, Demostració, Seqüències de vídeo de comunisme, militar, militar seqüències de vídeo, gravacions de vídeo de l'exèrcit, seqüències de vídeo de soldat, ,

Chinese Simplified :

1956 年,匈牙利,华沙条约组织,叛乱、 革命、 布达佩斯示威暴动,Imre Nagy,谢尔盖 · 赫鲁晓夫,盖伊捶打、 彼得弗尔德、 Sándor Kopácsi、 弗拉基米尔 · Krujschkow、 瓦沙尔海伊、 Vitalij 福明、 Erzsébet Nagy,大规模示威、 骚乱,死亡的道路上,匈牙利议会,广播电台在布达佩斯,russchische 坦克、 士兵、 抵抗运动战士、 碎片在布达佩斯,难民,匈牙利革命,冷战的结束,反共产党抗议,Busapest, 共产主义, 示范, 共产主义的录像片段, 军事, 军事录像、 军队录像、 士兵录像,

Chinese Traditional :

1956 年,匈牙利,華沙條約組織,叛亂、 革命、 布達佩斯示威暴動,Imre Nagy,謝爾蓋 · 赫魯雪夫,蓋伊捶打、 彼得弗爾德、 Sándor Kopácsi、 弗拉基米爾 · Krujschkow、 瓦沙爾海伊、 Vitalij 福明、 Erzsébet Nagy,大規模示威、 騷亂,死亡的道路上,匈牙利議會,廣播電臺在布達佩斯,russchische 坦克、 士兵、 抵抗運動戰士、 碎片在布達佩斯,難民,匈牙利革命,冷戰的結束,反共產黨抗議,Busapest, 共產主義, 示範, 共產主義的錄影片段, 軍事, 軍事錄影、 軍隊錄影、 士兵錄影,

Czech :

1956, Maďarsko, Varšavské povstání, Budapest demonstrace, revoluce, nepokoje, Imre Nagy, Sergej Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsiho, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitali Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, hmotnost demonstrace, nepokoje, úmrtí na silnici, Maďarský parlament, rozhlasové stanice v Budapešti, russchische tanky, vojáci, odboje, trosky v Budapešti, uprchlíků, Maďarská revoluce, studené války, Anti-komunista Protest, Busapest, komunismus, Demonstrace, Komunismus video záznam, armáda, vojenské video záběry, video záběry armády, voják videozáznamu, ,

Danish :

1956, Ungarn, Warszawapagten, oprør, Budapest demonstration, Revolution, optøjer, Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, Mass demonstrationer, optøjer, dødsfald på vejene, ungarske parlament, radiostation i Budapest, russchische tanke, soldater, modstandsfolk, vragrester i Budapest, flygtninge, ungarske Revolution, kolde krig, Anti-kommunistiske Protest, Busapest, kommunisme, Demonstration, Kommunismen video optagelser, militæret, militære videofilm, hær videofilm, soldier video optagelser, ,

Dutch :

1956, Hongarije, Warschaupact, opstand, Budapest demonstratie, revolutie, oproer, Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, massa-demonstraties, rellen, doden op de weg, de Hongaarse Parlement, radiozender in Boedapest, russchische tanks, soldaten, verzetstrijders, puin in Boedapest, vluchtelingen, Hongaarse revolutie, koude oorlog, Anti-Communistische Protest, Busapest, communisme, Demonstratie, Communisme videobeelden, militaire, militaire videobeelden, leger videobeelden, soldaat videobeelden, ,

Estonian :

1956, Ungari, Varssavi pakt, ülestõus, Budapest demonstratsioon, revolutsioon, mäss, Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, Mass meeleavaldused, rahutused, surmade teedel, Ungari parlamendi raadiojaama Budapestis, russchische tankid, sõdurid, vastupanu võitlejad ja prahi Budapestis, pagulased, Ungari ülestõus, külm sõda, Anti-kommunistliku protesti, Busapest, kommunism, Demonstratsioon, Kommunismi videomaterjali sõjavägi, sõjalise videomaterjali, armee videomaterjali, sõdur videomaterjali,

Finnish :

1956, Unkari, Varsovan kapina, Budapest esittelyä, vallankumous, riot Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, massa mielenosoituksia, mellakat, tieliikenteen Unkarin parlamentin radioasema Budapestissa, russchische tankit, sotilaat, vastarintaliikkeen, roskat Budapestissa, pakolaisten kuolonuhrien kansannousulle, kylmän sodan Anti-kommunisti protesti, Busapest, kommunismi, Esittelyä, Kommunismin videomateriaalia sotilas, sotilaallinen videomateriaalia, armeijan videomateriaalia, sotilas videomateriaalia,

French :

1956, Hongrie, Pacte de Varsovie, insurrection, démonstration de Budapest, révolution, émeute, Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, des manifestations de masse, émeutes, morts sur les routes, le Parlement hongrois, station de radio à Budapest, russchische tanks, soldats, résistants, débris à Budapest, réfugiés, révolution hongroise, guerre froide, les protestations Anti-communiste, Busapest, communisme, Démonstration, Séquences vidéo de communisme, militaire, militaire images vidéo, des séquences vidéo armée, séquences vidéo soldat, ,

German :

1956, Ungarn, Warschauer Pakt, Aufstand, Budapest Demonstration, Revolution, Aufruhr, Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, Masse Demonstrationen, Unruhen, Verkehrstote, ungarische Parlament Radiostation in Budapest, Russchische Panzer, Soldaten, Widerstandskämpfer, Trümmer in Budapest, Flüchtlinge, ungarische Revolution, kalter Krieg, Anti-kommunistische Protest, Busapest, Kommunismus, Demonstration, Kommunismus Videomaterial, Militär, militärische Videomaterial, Armee Videomaterial, Soldat Videomaterial, ,

Greek :

1956, Ουγγαρία, του Συμφώνου της Βαρσοβίας, εξέγερση, Βουδαπέστη επίδειξη, επανάσταση, εξέγερση, Imre Nagy, Σεργκέι Khrushchev, Gergely Pongracz, Péter κοινόχρηστη, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, μάζα διαδηλώσεις, ταραχές, οι θάνατοι στις οδούς, ουγγρικό Κοινοβούλιο, ραδιοφωνικό σταθμό στη Βουδαπέστη, russchische δεξαμενές, στρατιώτες, μαχητές αντίστασης, συντρίμμια στη Βουδαπέστη, πρόσφυγες, ουγγρικής επανάστασης, ψυχρός πόλεμος, διαμαρτυρία αντι-κομμουνιστική, Busapest, ο κομμουνισμός, Επίδειξης, Βιντεοσκοπημένα στιγμιότυπα κομμουνισμού, στρατιωτικό, στρατιωτική βιντεοσκοπημένα στιγμιότυπα, βιντεοσκοπημένα στρατός, στρατιώτης βιντεοσκοπημένα στιγμιότυπα, ,

Haitian Creole :

1956, Ongri, pak Warsaw, insurrection, Budapest demonstrasyon, revolisyon, ke, Imre Nagy, Sergei S', Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, mas demonstrasyon, manifestasyon ki te fèt, moun ki mouri sou wout la, Ongaryen palman an, estasyon radyo nan Budapest, russchische tank yo, sòlda yo, rezistans avyon de gè, debri nan Budapest, refijye yo, Ongaryen revolisyon, lagè fwèt la, Anti-kominis pwotèstasyon, Busapest, sistèm kominis, Demonstrasyon, Métrage vidéo sistèm kominis, militè yo, militè métrage vidéo, vidéo métrage lame, vidéo métrage sòlda, ,

Hebrew :

1956, הונגריה, ברית ורשה, התקוממות, בודפשט הדגמה, המהפכה, מהומות, אימרה נאגי, סרגיי חרושצ'וב, Gergely Pongracz, פטר Foldes, שאנדור Kopácsi, ולדימיר Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, vitalij ב פומין, נאגי Erzsébet, מסה הפגנות, מהומות, מקרי מוות על הכביש, בניין הפרלמנט ההונגרי, תחנת רדיו בודפשט, פסולת בבודפשט, פליטים, לוחמי מחתרת, חיילים, טנקים russchische ההונגרי, המלחמה הקרה, מחאה אנטי-קומוניסטית, Busapest, קומוניזם, הפגנה, קטעי וידאו של הקומוניזם. צבא, קטעי וידאו צבא, הצבא קטעי וידאו, קטעי וידאו של חייל, ,

Hindi :

1956, हंगरी, वारसॉ संधि, विद्रोह, बुडापेस्ट प्रदर्शन, क्रांति, दंगा, Imre Nagy, सर्गेई ख्रुश्चेव, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sándor Kopácsi, व्लादिमीर Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, बड़े पैमाने पर प्रदर्शनों, दंगों, सड़क, हंगरियन संसद, बुडापेस्ट, russchische टैंक, सैनिकों, लड़ाकों प्रतिरोध, बुडापेस्ट, शरणार्थियों, में मलबे में रेडियो स्टेशन पर मौतें हंगरियन क्रांति, शीत युद्ध, एंटी-कम्युनिस्ट विरोध, Busapest, साम्यवाद, प्रदर्शन, साम्यवाद वीडियो फुटेज, सैन्य, सैन्य वीडियो फुटेज, सेना वीडियो फुटेज, सैनिक वीडियो फुटेज, ,

Hungarian :

1956-ban Magyarországon, a Varsói Szerződés, felkelés, a budapesti bemutató, forradalom, zendülés, Imre Nagy, Sergei Khrushchev, Gergely Pongrácz, Péter Földes, Kopácsi Sándort, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vásárhelyi, ezt Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, tömeges tüntetések, zavargások, halálesetek az úton, magyar Országgyűlés, rádió, Budapest, russchische tankok, katonák, ellenállóknak törmelék Budapesten, menekültek, forradalom, a hidegháború, Anti-kommunista tüntetés, Busapest, a kommunizmus, Demonstráció, A kommunizmus videofelvétel katonai, katonai videofelvétel, videofelvétel hadsereg, katona videofelvétel,

Japanese :

1956 年、ハンガリー、ワルシャワ協定、暴動、革命、ブダペスト デモ暴動、Imre Nagy、セルゲイ ・ フルシチョフ、Gergely Pongracz、Péter Foldes、Sándor Kopácsi、ウラジーミル ・ Krujschkow、Vasarhelyi、ヴィターリー ・ フォミン、スチーム ナジ、大量のデモ、暴動、道路、ハンガリー国会議事堂、ブダペスト、russchische タンク、兵士、レジスタンス、ブダペスト、難民、破片でラジオ局に死亡ハンガリー革命、冷戦、反共産主義者抗議、Busapest、 共産主義、 デモでは、 共産主義のビデオ映像 軍事、 軍事映像、軍のビデオ映像、兵士のビデオ映像,

Polish :

1956, Węgry, Warszawskiego, powstanie, Budapeszt demonstracji, rewolucji, zamieszek, Imre Nagy, Sergei, Gergely Pongracz, Péter Foldes, Sandor Kopácsi, Vladimir Krujschkow, Vasarhelyi, Vitalij Fomin, Erzsébet Nagy, masowej demonstracji, zamieszki katolik, ofiar śmiertelnych na drogach, węgierskiego parlamentu, stacja radiowa w Budapeszcie, zbiorników russchische, żołnierzy, bojowników ruchu oporu i gruzu w Budapeszcie, uchodźców, węgierskiej rewolucji, zimnej wojny, Protest antykomunistyczną, Busapest, komunizm, Demonstracji, Materiał wideo komunizmu, wojskowych, wojskowych materiałów wideo, nagrania video armii, żołnierz materiału wideo, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Nagy, Erzsébet

(Daughter of Imre Nagy) , speaking Hungarian:
-  "They squelched us. Like a small bothersome fly. They simply squelched us. "

Krushchev, Sergej

(Nikita Khrushchev’s son) , speaking English:
-  "The Hungarians were victims of the Cold War, as both parties, the Americans and the Russians as well, knew that it would be very dangerous if the balance were upset. "

Pongrácz, Gergely

(leader of insurgents in Corvin Alley) , speaking Hungarian:
-  "One of my soldiers laid on my knees when he died. He told me not to give up. Help must arrive once. We can’t be left alone. "

Fomin, Vitalij

(chief of Soviet political troops in Hungary) , speaking Russian:
-  "For us Russians, this was the only way to solve the situation. Violence was the only model known by our leaders. "

Pongrácz, Gergely

(leader of insurgents in Corvin Alley) , speaking Hungarian:
-  "“We only wanted to have a free and independent Hungary. We wanted to live freely in our country.” "

Krushchev, Sergej

(Nikita Khrushchev’s son) , speaking English:
-  "When the crisis began, my father tried everything to avoid violence. "

Földes, Péter

(employee of the Hungarian Radio at the time) , speaking Hungarian:
-  "As protection they were throwing smoke-bombs out the windows. They wanted to dispel the crowd and stop them from entering. "

Krustsov, Vladimir

(head of the KGB in 1991) , speaking Russian:
-  "Khrushchev in the Kremlin decided to send tanks to Budapest to end the slaughter. "

Kopácsi, Sándor

(Chief of Police in Budapest ) , speaking Hungarian:
-  "The soviet tanks met with furious resistance when they marched in early morning. They even started to shoot at the Hungarian Army and the Police Station. "

Pongrácz, Gergely

(leader of insurgents in Corvin Alley) , speaking Hungarian:
-  "The average age of those who were fighting here was under 18. These were children. Children fought against the Russians. "

Kopácsi, Sándor

(Chief of Police in Budapest ) , speaking Hungarian:
-  "The revolution won. We started to rebuild and restore the order, the air was calm again over Budapest "

Krushchev, Sergej

(Nikita Khrushchev’s son) , speaking English:
-  "Those days the Americans ensured Krustsov that they wouldn’t intervene and they won’t make military action anyway. So we knew that there would be no conflict with the Americans. "




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