1922 - The Excavation of Tutankhamun: Howard Carter discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun (00:08:15)
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1922 - The Excavation of Tutankhamun: Howard Carter discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun

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Location and time:

Egypt, Cairo, 26-11-1922


On November 26: The Excavation of Tutankhamun, 1922, archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings. This proved to be one of the most valuable finds of historical importance, uncovering a veritable treasure-trove of relics and artifacts from ancient Egypt.

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Hungarian :

1922-ben, Tutanhamon egyiptomi fáraó, fáraó, piramis, Egyiptom, Howard Carter, régészet, Földmunkák, völgye a királyok, súlyos tárgyakat, régészeti, csapat, Kairó, súlyos, bámészkodók, Térkép, sír, halál, temetkezési, maszk, kincs, újság, hírek, átok, a felfedezés, egyiptomi, George Herbert, a huszadik század Lord Carnarvon, KV62, sír Tutanhamon egyiptomi fáraó, egyiptomi fáraó, XVIII dinasztia Discovery felvételeket, kultúra felvételeket, régészet felvételeket, Mohamed Saleh, Nubia Abd el Béla, Nazri Iduka, ,

Slovak :

1922, faraóna Tutanchamóna, pyramídy v Egypte, Howard Carter, archeológie, výkopu, Údolie kráľov, hrob objekty, archeologické, tím, Cairo, hrob, divákov, mapa hrob smrti, pohrebu, maska, poklad, noviny, Aktuality, prekliatie, objav, Egyptská, George Herbert, storočia, Lord Carnarvon, KV62, hrobky Tutanchamóna, egyptský faraón, 18. dynastia, objav zábery, Kultúra zábery, Archeológia zábery, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri Iskander, ,

Spanish :

1922, Faraón, Tutankamón, pirámide, Egipto, Howard Carter, arqueología, excavación, Valle de los Reyes, tumba objetos arqueológicos, team, curiosos graves, el Cairo, mapa de tumba, muerte, entierro, máscara, tesoro, periódico, encabezados, maldición, descubrimiento, egipcio, George Herbert del siglo XX, Lord Carnarvon, KV62, tumba de Tutankamón, faraón egipcio, XVIII dinastía, imágenes de descubrimiento, imágenes de la cultura, imágenes de Arqueología, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri Iskander, ,

Swedish :

1922, farao, Tutankhamun, Pyramid, Egypten, Howard Carter, arkeologi, schaktning, dal av konungarna, allvarliga objekt, arkeologiska, team, Kairo, grav, åskådare, mappa grav, död, begravning, mask, skatt, tidningen, rubriker, förbannelse, discovery, egyptiska, George Herbert, 1900-talet, Lord Carnarvon, KV62, grav Tutankhamun, egyptisk farao, 18: e dynastin, Discovery footage, kultur film, arkeologi footage, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri Iskander, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Saleh, Mohamed

(director of Museum of Egypt, Cairo) , speaking German:
-  "„ They said that in his palace in England on the night when he died, the dogs were barking all night, the lights went out and similar gossip circulated. I think that the story had been spiced up a bit.” "

Iskander, Nazri

(Museum of Egypt, Cairo) , speaking English:
-  "He had to overcome several challenges because the tomb was narrow and all the treasures were put on top of each other. It was difficult to separate them and to remove them. "

Rasul, Nubi Abd el

(grandchild of a helper) , speaking Egyptian (Ancient):
-  "Howard Carter was sure to find a burial place but he did not know where. He depended on my grandfather’s experience who knocked on the earth with his stick and from the echo he could assess if there were stairs or not. Carter almost gave up, but my grandfather tried and tried again – till he accidentally found the burial place. "

Saleh, Mohamed

(director of Museum of Egypt, Cairo) , speaking German:
-  "It was a world sensation, that someone in the Valley of the Kings had just found a burial chamber, and on top of that, full of gold. GOLD! Exquisite treasures, furniture, sarcophaguses and the masks of Tutankhamen. "




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