1922 - The Excavation of Tutankhamun: Howard Carter discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun (00:08:15)
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1922 - The Excavation of Tutankhamun: Howard Carter discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun

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Location and time:

Egypt, Cairo, 26-11-1922


On November 26: The Excavation of Tutankhamun, 1922, archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings. This proved to be one of the most valuable finds of historical importance, uncovering a veritable treasure-trove of relics and artifacts from ancient Egypt.

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Catalan :

1922, faraó Tutankamon, piràmide, Egipte, Howard Carter, arqueologia, excavació, Vall dels Reis, objectes greus, arqueològiques, equip, el Caire, greus, els espectadors, mapa tomba, mort, enterrament, màscara, tresor, diari, titulars, maledicció, descobriment, egipci, George Herbert, del segle XX, Lord Carnarvon, KV62, tomba de Tutankhamon, el faraó egipci, dinastia 18, imatges de descobriment, imatges de la cultura, imatges d'arqueologia, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul Nazri Iskander, ,

Chinese Traditional :

1922 年,法老圖坦卡蒙,金字塔,埃及,Howard 卡特、 考古、 開挖,萬王之王,嚴重的物件,考古、 團隊、 谷開羅,嚴重,圍觀,映射墓死亡、 埋葬、 面具、 寶藏、 報紙,頭條新聞,詛咒,發現,埃及人,喬治 · 赫伯特 20 世紀,勳爵、 KV62、 圖坦卡蒙,埃及法老、 18 王朝之墓 發現的鏡頭, 文化素材 考古學的影片片段,Mohamed 薩利赫、 奴婢阿卜杜勒姆拉蘇爾、 納茲裡伊斯坎德爾,,

Dutch :

1922, farao Toetanchamon, piramide, Egypte, Howard Carter, Archeologie, opgravingen, vallei van de koningen, ernstige objecten, archeologische, team, Cairo, ernstige, toeschouwers, kaart graf, dood, begrafenis, masker, schat, krant, koppen, vloek, ontdekking, Egyptische, George Herbert, 20e eeuw, Lord Carnarvon, KV62, graf van Toetanchamon, Egyptische farao, 18e dynastie, ontdekking beeldmateriaal, cultuur beeldmateriaal, Archeologie beeldmateriaal, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri Iskander, ,

Finnish :

Farao Tutankhamon, pyramidi, Egypti, 1922 Howard Carter, Arkeologia, kaivaminen, laaksossa Kings, vakava esineitä, arkeologinen, joukkue, Kairo, vakava, katsojia, kartta hauta, kuolema, hautaaminen, naamio, aarre, sanomalehti, otsikot, kirous, löytö, Egyptin, George Herbert, 1900-luvulla lordi Carnarvon, KV62, hauta faarao, 18-dynastian Tutankhamon Discovery materiaalia, kulttuuri materiaalia, Arkeologia materiaalia, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri Iskander,

French :

1922, Pharaon, Toutankhamon, pyramide, Egypte, Howard Carter, archéologie, fouilles, vallée des rois, des objets graves, archéologiques, équipe, badauds graves, le Caire, carte tombe, mort, enterrement, masque, Trésor, Journal, manchettes, malédiction, découverte, égyptien, George Herbert, XXe siècle, Lord Carnarvon, KV62, tombeau de Toutankhamon, Pharaon égyptien, 18e dynastie, images de la découverte, images de la culture, images de l'archéologie, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri Iskander, ,

German :

1922, Pharao, Tutanchamun, Pyramide, Ägypten, Howard Carter, Archäologie, Ausgrabung, Tal der Könige, Beigaben, archäologische, Team, Kairo, Grab, Zuschauer, Landkarte, Grab, Tod, Begräbnis, Maske, Schatz, Zeitung, Schlagzeilen, Fluch, Discovery, Ägypter, George Herbert, 20. Jahrhundert, Lord Carnarvon, KV62, Grab von Tutanchamun, Ägyptisches Pharao, 18. Dynastie, Entdeckung-Filmmaterial, Kultur-Filmmaterial, Archäologie-Filmmaterial, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri Iskander, ,

Haitian Creole :

1922, farawon an, se te Tutankhamun, Piramid lan, peyi Lejip la, Howard Carter, Akeyoloji, excavation, fon wa, èske atik ki gen valè, archéologiques, ekip, Cairo, fòs, tap asiste, kat tonbo, touye, antèman, mas, trezò, jounal, Tit, madichon, jwenn, moun peyi Lejip, George Herbert, 20tyèm syèk la, Seyè a Carnarvon, KV62, tonm fanmi Tutankhamun, moun peyi Lejip farawon an, 18tyèm dinasti, jwenn métrage, kilti, métrage, Akeyoloji métrage, Mohamed Saleh, Nubi Abd el Rasul, Nazri, Iskander, ,

Japanese :

1922 年、ファラオ、ツタンカーメン、ピラミッド、エジプト、Howard カーター、考古学発掘調査、考古学的な重大なオブジェクト、チーム、王家の谷、カイロ、墓、見物人、マップの墓、死、埋葬、マスク、宝、新聞の見出し、呪い、発見、エジプト、ジョージ ・ ハーバート 20 世紀、主カーナーボン、KV62、ツタンカーメン、エジプトのファラオ、第 18 王朝の墓 発見映像 カルチャーの映像、 考古学映像、Mohamed サレフ、Nubi アブド ・ エル ・ ラスール、ナズリ イスカンダル,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Saleh, Mohamed

(director of Museum of Egypt, Cairo) , speaking German:
-  "„ They said that in his palace in England on the night when he died, the dogs were barking all night, the lights went out and similar gossip circulated. I think that the story had been spiced up a bit.” "

Iskander, Nazri

(Museum of Egypt, Cairo) , speaking English:
-  "He had to overcome several challenges because the tomb was narrow and all the treasures were put on top of each other. It was difficult to separate them and to remove them. "

Rasul, Nubi Abd el

(grandchild of a helper) , speaking Egyptian (Ancient):
-  "Howard Carter was sure to find a burial place but he did not know where. He depended on my grandfather’s experience who knocked on the earth with his stick and from the echo he could assess if there were stairs or not. Carter almost gave up, but my grandfather tried and tried again – till he accidentally found the burial place. "

Saleh, Mohamed

(director of Museum of Egypt, Cairo) , speaking German:
-  "It was a world sensation, that someone in the Valley of the Kings had just found a burial chamber, and on top of that, full of gold. GOLD! Exquisite treasures, furniture, sarcophaguses and the masks of Tutankhamen. "




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