1982 - The Falklands War: between Argentina and the United Kingdom (00:08:23)
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1982 - The Falklands War: between Argentina and the United Kingdom

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Location and time:

United Kingdom, Falkland Islands, 14-06-1982


The Falklands War or the Malvinas War was an armed conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands , also known in Spanish as the Islas Malvinas, between March and June of 1982. The Falklands consist of two large and many small islands in the South Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina , whose ownership had long been disputed. Argentina was in the midst of a devastating economic crisis and large-scale civil unrest against the military junta that was governing Argentina in the period leading up to the war. The government, headed by President General Leopoldo Galtieri, decided to play off long-festering nationalistic sentiment by launching what it thought would be a quick and easy war to reclaim the Falkland Islands . The ongoing tension between the two countries over the islands increased on 19 March when 50 Argentines landed on the British dependency of South Georgia and raised their flag, an act that is seen as the first offensive action in the war. On 2 April, Galtieri ordered the invasion of the Falkland Islands , triggering the Falklands War. Though initially surprised by the Argentine attack on the South Atlantic islands, Britain launched a naval task force to engage the Argentine navy and air force, and deployed Royal Marines on the ground. After heavy combat, the British eventually prevailed and the islands remained under British control, although as of 2005, Argentina has still not relinquished its claim to the Falkland Islands . The political effects of the war were strong in both countries. The Argentine loss prompted even larger protests against the military government, which prompted its downfall, while a wave of patriotic sentiment swept through the United Kingdom , bolstering the government of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The war has played an important part of the culture of both countries, and has been the subject of several books, movies, and songs, although due to the low number of casualties on both sides it is not seen as a truly major event in either countries individual histories.

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Arabic :

الطائرات، الأرجنتين، أسرى الحرب الأرجنتينية، القوات الأرجنتينية في بورت ستانلي، أرتورو فالييخوس، بنيامين مينينديز، والهجمات بالقنابل، القوات البريطانية، والقوات البريطانية في ستانلي، بوينس آيرس، حرق بورت ستانلي، تشيرينج، ديلميرا إستر هازنكليفر، دنزيل كونيك، داونينج ستريت 10، معمودية الاستوائية بيتر كارينغتون، جالتييرى العامة على الشرفات، بريطانيا العظمى، طائرات الهليكوبتر العسكرية، ميناء سانلي، روبرت قصيرة، الأمير أندرو، اكسوسينتانجريف في "حرب فوكلاند" شيفيلد، جزر فوكلاند، ، جندي، ونسف القاذفات، والحرب، ويندي تيغارت,

Bulgarian :

въздухоплавателното средство, Аржентина, аржентински военнопленници, аржентински войници в Порт Стенли, Артуро Vallejos, Бенджамин Menendez, бомбардировките, британските войски, британските войски в Стенли, Буенос Айрес, парене Порт Стенли, аплодисменти, Delmira естер Hasenclever, Коник Denzil, Даунинг стрийт 10, Екваториална кръщението на Принц Андрю, Exocentangriff от Шефилд, Фолкландските острови, Фолклендската война, общи Galtieri по балкони, Великобритания, хеликоптер, военни, Питър Карингтън, порт Sanley, Робърт кратко , войник, торпедо ракети, война, Уенди Teggart,

Catalan :

avions, Argentina, argentí presoners de guerra, les tropes argentines a Port Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, bombes, les tropes britàniques, tropes britàniques a Stanley, Buenos Aires, crema de Port Stanley, Cheering, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Denzil Connick, Downing Street 10, baptisme equatorial de Andrew príncep, Exocentangriff de Sheffield, a les Illes Malvines, guerra de les Malvines, General Galtieri helicòpter de balcons, Gran Bretanya, militar, Peter Carrington, Port Sanley, Robert Short , soldat, torpede llançadors, guerra, Wendy Teggart,

Chinese Simplified :

飞机,阿根廷,阿根廷战俘,阿根廷军队在斯坦利港,阿图罗 · 张国,本杰明 · 梅嫩德斯,轰炸,英国军队,英国军队在赤柱,布宜诺斯艾利斯,燃烧斯坦利港,欢呼声,Delmira 以斯帖 Hasenclever、 登齐尔 · 康尼克,唐宁街 10 号,赤道洗礼的安德鲁王子,Exocentangriff 在谢菲尔德,福克兰群岛、 福克兰群岛战争,一般加尔铁里在阳台,大不列颠,直升机,军事上,彼得 · 卡灵顿,端口 Sanley,罗伯特短士兵、 鱼雷发射器,战争,温迪 Teggart,

Chinese Traditional :

飛機,阿根廷,阿根廷戰俘,阿根廷軍隊在斯坦利港,阿圖羅 · 張國,本傑明 · 梅嫩德斯,轟炸,英國軍隊,英國軍隊在赤柱,布宜諾斯艾利斯,燃燒斯坦利港,歡呼聲,Delmira 以斯帖 Hasenclever、 登齊爾 · 康尼克,唐甯街 10 號,赤道洗禮的安德魯王子,Exocentangriff 在謝菲爾德,福克蘭群島、 福克蘭群島戰爭,一般加爾鐵裡在陽臺,大不列顛,直升機,軍事上,彼得 · 卡靈頓,埠 Sanley,羅伯特短士兵、 魚雷發射器,戰爭,溫蒂 Teggart,

Czech :

letadla, Argentina, Argentinská válečných zajatců, argentinské vojáky v Port Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, bombardování, britská vojska, britských vojáků v Stanley, Buenos Aires, hořící Port Stanley, fandění, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Endru Connick, Downing Street 10, Rovníkové křest Prince Andrew, Exocentangriff na Sheffield, Falklandské ostrovy, Falklandské válce, generálního Galtieri na balkony, Velká Británie, helikoptéry, vojenská, Peter Carrington, Port Sanley, Robert Short , vojáku, torpédomety, válka, Wendy Teggart,

Danish :

fly, Argentina, argentinske krigsfanger, argentinske tropper i Port Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, bombning, britiske soldater, britiske tropper i Stanley, Buenos Aires, brændende Port Stanley, jublende, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Denzil Connick, Downing Street 10, ækvatoriale dåben af prins Andrew Exocentangriff på Sheffield, Falklandsøerne, Falklandsøerne krig, General Galtieri på altaner, Storbritannien, helikopter, militær, Peter Carrington, Port Sanley, Robert Short , soldat, torpedoer løfteraketter, krig, Wendy Teggart,

Estonian :

õhusõiduki, Argentiina, Argentiina sõjavangid, Argentina väed Port Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez pommitamine, Briti väed, Briti väed Stanley, Buenos Aires, põletamine Port Stanley, Cheering, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Denzil Connick, Downing Street 10, prints Andrew, Exocentangriff Sheffield, Falklandi saared, Falklandi sõda, üldine Galtieri rõdu, Suurbritannia, helikopter, sõjaväe, Peter Carrington, Port Sanley, Robert Short equatorial ristimine , sõdur, torpeedo kanderaketid, sõda, Wendy Teggart,

Finnish :

ilma, Argentiina, Argentiinan sotavankien Argentiinan joukkoja Port Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, pommitukset, Brittijoukot, Brittijoukot Stanley, Buenos Aires, palava Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Port Stanley, Raija Connick, Downing Street 10, hurraavat ja Päiväntasaajan kaste Exocentangriff Sheffield, Falklandin saaret Falklandin sota, Prinssi Andrew, Port Sanley, Robert lyhyt, kenraali Galtieri parvekkeet, Isossa-Britanniassa, helikopteri, sotilaallinen, Peter Carrington , sotilas, torpedo kantorakettien, sota, Wendy Teggart,

French :

avion, Argentina, Argentine prisonniers de guerre, Argentine troupes à Port Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, bombardement, les troupes britanniques, les troupes britanniques à Stanley, Buenos Aires, brûler, Cheering, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Denzil Connick, Downing Street 10, Port Stanley, équatorial baptême du Prince Andrew, Exocentangriff sur Sheffield, îles Malouines, la guerre des Malouines, général Galtieri sur hélicoptère de balcons, Grande Bretagne, militaire, Peter Carrington, Port Sanley, Robert Short , un soldat, torpiller les lanceurs, guerre, Wendy Teggart,

German :

Flugzeuge, Argentinien, argentinische Kriegsgefangene, argentinischen Truppen in Port Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, Bombing, britische Truppen, britische Truppen in Stanley, Buenos Aires, brennen, Port Stanley, Jubel, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Denzil Connick, Downing Street 10, äquatorialen Taufe von Prinz Andrew, Exocentangriff auf Sheffield, Falkland-Inseln, Falkland-Krieg, General Galtieri auf Balkonen, Great Britain, Hubschrauber, Militär, Peter Carrington, Port Sanley, Robert Short , Soldat, torpedieren Trägerraketen, Krieg, Wendy Teggart,

Greek :

αεροσκαφών, Αργεντινή, Αργεντινής αιχμάλωτοι πολέμου, Αργεντινής στρατεύματα στο Port Stanley, Αρτούρο Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, βομβαρδισμό, τα βρετανικά στρατεύματα, τα βρετανικά στρατεύματα στο Stanley, Μπουένος Άιρες, καύση Port Stanley, επευφημίες, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Ντένζιλ Connick, Downing Street 10, Ισημερινή βάπτισης πρίγκιπας Ανδρέας, Exocentangriff στο Σέφιλντ, Νήσοι Φώκλαντ, πόλεμος των Νησιών Φόλκλαντ, γενική Galtieri σε μπαλκόνια, Μεγάλη Βρετανία, ελικόπτερο, στρατιωτική, Peter Carrington, λιμάνι Sanley, Robert σύντομο , στρατιώτης, τορπιλών εκτοξευτές, πόλεμος, Wendy Teggart,

Haitian Creole :

avyon, Ajantin, Ajantin prizonye ou fè nan lagè, Ajantin twoup yo nan pò Stanley, Arturo Vallejos, Benjamin Menendez, Attentat, Bwitanik twoup yo, twoup Bwitich yo nan Stanley, Buenos Aires, boule Port Stanley, Alors, Delmira Esther Hasenclever, Denzil Connick, 10 nan Ri Downing, équatoriale batize Pwens Andrew, Exocentangriff sou Sheffield, Falkland Islands, Falklands lagè, Galtieri jeneral sou elikoptè UN, Grann Bretay, militè, Peter Carrington, pò Sanley, Robert Court , sòlda, patwoul rokèt, lagè, Wendy Teggart,

Hebrew :

מטוסים, ארגנטינה, ארגנטינה שבויי מלחמה, ארגנטינאי כוחות יציאת סטנלי, ארתורו Vallejos, בנימין מננדז, בפיגוע, חיילים בריטיים, חיילים בריטיים, סטנלי, בואנוס איירס, בוערת סטנלי הנמל, מריעים, Delmira אסתר Hasenclever, דנזל קוניק, רחוב דאונינג 10, המשוונית טבילת הנסיך אנדרו, Exocentangriff על שפילד, איי פוקלנד, מלחמת פוקלנד, הכללית גאלטיירי על מרפסות, בריטניה, מסוק צבאי, פיטר קרינגטון, פורט Sanley, רוברט קצר , חייל, טורפדו המשגרים, מלחמה, וונדי Teggart,

Hindi :

पोर्ट स्टेनली, Arturo Vallejos, बेंजामिन Menendez, Bombing, विमान, अर्जेंटीना, अर्जेंटीना-कैदियों-युद्ध, अर्जेंटीना सेना ब्रिटिश सैनिकों, स्टेनली, ब्यूनस आयर्स, पोर्ट स्टेनली, Cheering, Delmira एस्तेर Hasenclever, डेनजिन Connick, डाउनिंग स्ट्रीट 10, प्रिंस एंड्रयू, शेफील्ड, फ़ॉकलैंड द्वीप, Falklands युद्ध पर Exocentangriff, balconies, ग्रेट ब्रिटेन, हेलीकाप्टर, सैन्य पर जनरल Galtieri, पीटर Carrington, पोर्ट Sanley, रॉबर्ट लघु इक्वेटोरियल बपतिस्मा जल में ब्रिटिश सैनिकों , सैनिक, टारपीडो लांचर, युद्ध, वेंडी Teggart,

Japanese :

ポート スタンリー、アルトゥーロ Vallejos、ベンジャミン ・ メネンデス、爆撃、航空機、アルゼンチン、アルゼンチン人戦争捕虜アルゼンチン軍イギリス軍、スタンリー、ブエノスアイレス、燃焼ポート スタンリー、応援、Delmira エスター Hasenclever、デンジル ・ コニック、ダウニング街 10、アンドリュー王子、シェフィールド、フォークランド諸島、フォークランド戦争の Exocentangriff、バルコニーがあり、グレート ・ ブリテン、ヘリコプター、軍の一般的なガルティエリ、ピーター ・ キャリントン、ポート Sanley、ロバート ・ ショートの赤道の洗礼でイギリスの軍隊、兵士、魚雷発射、戦争、ウェンディ Teggart,

Korean :

항공기, 아르헨티나, 아르헨티나 전쟁 포로, 아르헨티나 군대 포트 스탠리, 아르투로 Vallejos, 벤자민 Menendez, 폭격, 영국군, 스탠리, 부에노스 아이레스, 포트 스탠리, Cheering, Delmira에 스 더 Hasenclever, Denzil Connick, 다우닝 스트리트 10, 프린스 앤드류, 셰필드, 포클랜드 제도, 포클랜드 전쟁에 Exocentangriff, 발코니, 대 브리튼, 헬리콥터, 군사에 일반적인 Galtieri, 피터 Carrington, 포트 Sanley, 로버트 짧은 적도 세례에에서 영국 부 대 군인, 어 뢰 발사기, 전쟁, 웬디 Teggart,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Connick, Denzil

(Warrior in the Falkland war) , speaking English:
-  "More than 20 people were killed that night. I got injured two days later through a grenade-blow up. I lost both of my legs and two of my fellow soldiers died close beside me."

Hasenclever, Delmira Esther

(Mother of an Argentinean soldier) , speaking Portuguese:
-  "I think, a mother feels if her child dies. I had a suspicion that Julio didn’t survive. I got a telegraph from him on the 11th, saying don’t worry, I am fine."

Vallejos, Arturo

(Argentinean soldier) , speaking Spanish:
-  "We were talking a lot each day about what was going to happen. Whether the British would arrive or just give it up. We were on call all the time and were convinced about winning the war – we really wanted to win it… "

Vallejos, Arturo

(Argentinean soldier) , speaking Spanish:
-  "The English had no clue about Argentina. They probably expected us to be sitting in trees with bows and arrows in our hands. They thought we were Indians, and were truly surprised."

Connick, Denzil

(Warrior in the Falkland war) , speaking English:
-  "It was a huge moral disaster. Though we became more determined, that we have to be harder. Many people were killed by that time in the war, so the only solution to finish it off was – to win. As soon as possible… "

Connick, Denzil

(Warrior in the Falkland war) , speaking English:
-  "It was such an unreal, special status. Most of them could not believe, that actually we are going to a war. "

Carrington, Lord Peter

(1982 British Minister of Foreign Affairs) , speaking English:
-  "It does not matter, who was the Prime Minister, nobody could have made a different decision. Everything would have been lost in the house of commons for Thatcher, if she decided another way."

Connick, Denzil

(Warrior in the Falkland war) , speaking English:
-  "When we were told that it is about the Falkland-islands, we were surprised, as many of the guys thought, that the islands are somewhere around Scotland. Maybe somewhere around Shetland or the ditch. We were truly surprised, when we got to know, that we are heading towards the south part of the Atlantic – ocean."

Thatcher, Margaret

(Former Prime Minister) , speaking English:
-  "Lose out? You remember the words of Queen Elizabeth: Lose out? We even exclude the chance of this."

Hasenclever, Delmira Esther

(Mother of an Argentinean soldier) , speaking Portuguese:
-  "Julio came home and said the following: mom, they’re going to send draftees. Even my unit. Even though I’m a reserve, I have to go. And then, as all other mothers, I got scared. It’s a normal thing, everybody is afraid of war, it just destroys."

Teggert, Wendy

(Lives in Falkland) , speaking English:
-  "Many of them thought that Falkland receives them wholeheartedly. They thought they made them free, but then they realized that they were too British and totally different from them. They found it pretty weird."

Carrington, Lord Peter

(1982 British Minister of Foreign Affairs) , speaking English:
-  "A part of the British authority was occupied, furthermore it was done by an allied state. We could not let it go at that. We could not sit passively. We had to get Falkland back. It was a horrible tragedy - and needless."

Teggert, Wendy

(Lives in Falkland) , speaking English:
-  "We were notified through radio, that the occupation was expected that night. I though, I dont want to be tired, so I went to sleep. It might seem weird, but I had a very good sleep the whole night. I woke about 5.30am and saw, that it happened, what we expected. Shots fired."

Teggert, Wendy

(Lives in Falkland) , speaking English:
-  "We were happy, that it was finished – for all of us. The argentines said too, they are happy, that finally they can go home, since they don’t belong here."




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