Munich massacre: the attack on Israeli sportsmen in Summer Olympics in Munich (00:08:27)
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Munich massacre: the attack on Israeli sportsmen in Summer Olympics in Munich

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Location and time:

Germany, München, 05-09-1972


The Munich Massacre occurred at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, when members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage by the Palestinian group PLO in cooperation with Black September, an group designated as a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel. The attack directly led to the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes, five of the eight kidnappers, and one German police officer. The Olympic competition was suspended on September 5th for one full day. The next day, a memorial service attended by 80,000 spectators and 3,000 athletes was held in the Olympic Stadium. IOC President Avery Brundage made no reference to the athletes during a speech praising the strength of the Olympic movement. According to CBS News, the Israelis and many others who listened were outraged. Many of the 80,000 people who filled the Olympic Stadium for West Germany"s soccer match with Hungary carried noisemakers and waved flags, but when several spectators unfurled a banner reading "17 dead, already forgotten?" security officers removed the sign and expelled the offenders from the grounds. Willi Daume, president of the Munich organizing committee, at first wanted the remainder of the Games called off, but in the afternoon International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Avery Brundage and others prevailed, stating that they could not let terrorism halt the games. Brundage stated "the Games must go on" which was a decision that was endorsed by the Israeli government. On September 5th, the Israeli team announced they would leave Munich. All Jewish athletes were placed under guard. The Egyptian team left the games on September 7th, stating they feared reprisals. The families of some victims have asked the IOC to establish a permanent memorial to the athletes, but the IOC has declined, saying that to introduce a specific reference to the victims could "alienate other members of the Olympic community," according to the BBC Alex Gilady. An Israeli IOC official told the BBC: "We must consider what this could do to other members of the delegations that are hostile to Israel."

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Arabic :

1972, 1972 للألعاب الأولمبية، وأبو داود، المطار ليلا، أندرو بروندج، إنكي سبيتزر، اغتيال، الهجوم على الرياضيين الإسرائيليين، حفل توزيع الجوائز، ميرك Bruno، ألمانيا، هانس-ديتريش غينشر، هانز جوشين فوغيل، هايدي شولر، هايدي Schüller، واللجنة الأوقيانوغرافية الحكومية الدولية، وإسرائيل، ظلاله نعش الإسرائيلي، الفريق الأولمبي الإسرائيلي، الفريق الإسرائيلي، ومارك سبيتز في السباحة، ميونيخ، مجزرة ميونيخ، ميونيخ، أولمبيا، النار أولمبية، استاد الأوليمبي، والاستاد الأولمبي، القرية الأولمبية، ولقطات الفيديو الألعاب الأولمبية، افتتاح دورة الألعاب أوليبيكس ، فلسطين، والشرطة والجيش في القرية الأولمبية، والسياسة، والرياضة لقطات الفيديو، الرياضية، "الألعاب الأولمبية الصيفية"، لقطات الفيديو الإرهاب، الإرهاب، الإرهاب لقطات الفيديو, لقطات الفيديو الإرهابية، أولريش فاجنر، رينر Walter، تروغر Walter، فالتر تروغر، فيلي برانت,

Czech :

1972, 1972 olympijské hry, Abú Daud, letiště v noci, Andrew Brundage, Ankie Spitzer, atentát, útoku na izraelské sportovce, slavnostní, Bruno Merk, Německo, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Hans-Jochen Vogel, Heidi Schüler, Heidi Schüller, MOV, Izrael, izraelské rakve příkrov, izraelský olympijský tým, izraelský tým, Mark Spitz v plavání, Mnichov, Mnichov masakru, München, Olympia, olympijský oheň, olympijský Stadion, olympijský stadion, olympijské vesnice, olympijské hry video záběry, otevření olypics hry , Palestina, policie a armády v olympijské vesnici, politice, sportu videozáznam, sportovní, LOH, teror videozáznam, terorismus, terorismus videozáznam, teroristické videozáznam, Ulrich Wegener, Walter Renner, Walter Tröger, Walther Troeger, Willy Brandt,

Finnish :

1972, 1972 olympialaiset, Abu Nasse, lentokentälle yöllä, Andrew Brundage, Ankie Spitzer, murha, hyökätä Israelin urheilijoita, palkintojenjakotilaisuuteen, Bruno Merk, Saksa, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Hans-Jochen Vogel, Heidi Schüler, Heidi Schüller, Kok, Israelissa, Israelin arkun pall, israelilainen, Israelin joukkue, Mark Spitz uinti, München, München, Olympia, Münchenin verilöyly, Olympic tulipalo: Olympic Stadion, Olympiastadion, Olympic village, olympialaiset videomateriaalia olypics pelien avaaminen , Palestiina, poliisin ja armeijan Olympic village, politiikka, urheilu videomateriaalia, urheilu olympialaisiin, kauhua videomateriaalia, terrorismin, terrorismin videomateriaalia, terrorismin videomateriaalia Walter Renner, Ulrich Wegener, Willy Brandt, Walther Troeger, Walter Tröger,

German :

1972, 1972 Olympische Spiele, Abu Daud, Flughafen in der Nacht, Andrew Brundage, Ankie Spitzer, Attentat, Anschlag auf israelische Sportler, Preisverleihung, Bruno Merk, Deutschland, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Hans-Jochen Vogel, Heidi Schüler, Heidi Schüller, IOC, Israel, israelische Sarg Pall, Israelische Olympiamannschaft, israelische Mannschaft, Mark Spitz in Baden, München, der Geiselnahme von München, München, Olympia, Olympische Feuer, Olympiastadion, Olympiastadion, Olympisches Dorf, Olympischen Videomaterial, öffnen die Olypics Spiele , Sport Videomaterial, Palästina, Polizei und Armee im Olympischen Dorf, Politik, Sport, Olympische Sommerspiele, Terror-video-Aufnahmen, Terrorismus, Terrorismus Videomaterial, terroristische Videomaterial, Ulrich Wegener, Walter Renner, Walter Tröger, Walther Troeger, Willy Brandt,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Spitzer, Ankie

(Andre Spitzer‘s widow) , speaking English:
-  "Enormous celebration started over us. Everyone was on the phone, my father wanted to open a big bottle of champagne. I said, I cannot be happy, because I still do not believe the story. Then he replied, but Ankie, it was just announced in the TV."

Wegener, Ulrich

(officer when the attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich was) , speaking German:
-  "I would have expected to go out immediately, attack the helicopters, and try to rescue the hostages and then deal with the terrorists. But nothing at all happened the whole time. "

Wegener, Ulrich

(officer when the attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich was) , speaking German:
-  "It was a terrible bang also the terrorists were shooting on the building. I pulled the minister under the table, and we were lying under it for a while."

Merk, Bruno

(Bajor Minister of Internal Affairs ) , speaking German:
-  "All these decisions had to be made in a split second."

Spitzer, Ankie

(Andre Spitzer‘s widow) , speaking English:
-  "He asked how was André? Is everything alright? He said: Yes, everything is fine with me, but please tell to my wife, not to worry about me. We will meet soon in Israel. Please tell her, that I love her. This was the message."

Renner, Walter

(sergeant when attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich, 1972) , speaking German:
-  "We were city police and were not prepared for situations like this, not even trained."

Merk, Bruno

(Bajor Minister of Internal Affairs ) , speaking German:
-  "Then they came up with a surprising demand, they wanted to fly to Cairo. The hostages agreed as well. "

Merk, Bruno

(Bajor Minister of Internal Affairs ) , speaking German:
-  "There was no solution: the Israeli government refused every proposal to negotiate and to realize a potential exchange. "

Tröger, Walter

(Mayor of the Olympic village) , speaking English:
-  "We were surrounded by three or four terrorists, carrying machineguns, and they held us in check. The hostages were totally frightened and depressed."

Vogel, Hans-Jochen

(Vice President of the organising committee ) , speaking German:
-  "It was a very touchy situation, since it was about Jewish people. Having Jewish victims of a massacre on German ground again was terrible, and gave a very miserable aspect to the games. "

Schüler, Heidi

(German athlete when was the olympic attack, 1972) , speaking German:
-  "It was a nice try to show Germany from another side. The games were very nice, lifely and cloudless, and everything was alright until that moment. "

Spitzer, Ankie

(Andre Spitzer‘s widow) , speaking English:
-  "There was chaos in the room. Food, clothes, blood everywhere. The walls were totally shot. Blood was everywhere in the whole flat. I will never forget it. "

Daud, Abu

(leader of the attackers) , speaking English:
-  "Almost 500 million people were watching the whole story and asking themselves, who are these people? Palestinians! This was the first time when they have heard something about Palestine. I think, we did the right thing."

Brundage, Andrew

(witness when attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich) , speaking German:
-  "The Games must go on!"




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