1974 - Guillaume Affair: West Germany an East German Spy in the Chancellery (00:08:18)
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1974 - Guillaume Affair: West Germany an East German Spy in the Chancellery

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Location and time:

Germany, 06-05-1974


Around 1973, German security organizations received information that one of Brandt”s personal assistants, Günter Guillaume, was a spy of the GDR. Brandt was asked to continue work as usual, and he agreed, even taking a private vacation with Guillaume. Guillaume was arrested on April 24, 1974. At the same time, some revelations about Brandt"s private life (he had had frequent short-lived affairs with much younger women) appeared in newspapers. Brandt contemplated suicide and even drafted a suicide note. But he lived on, accepted responsibility and resigned on May 7, 1974. Guillaume had been a spy for East Germany and was led by Markus Wolf, who stated after the reunification that the resignation of Brandt had never been intended, and that the affair had been one of the biggest mistakes of the East German secret service.

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Arabic :

عام 1974، جاسوس، التسريح وإعادة الإدماج، GDR، ألمانيا، المستشار فيلي برانت، وهلموت شميت، وقضية التجسس، غونتر غيوم، وقصر Schaumburg، الطائرات، ومراقب الحركة الجوية، فرانكفورت، تورشوينك، غيوم في التلغراف، محكمة التيكر، برانت في المطار، برانت في السيارة، غيوم، ستاسي الفيلم، GDR لقطات الفيديو, لقطات الفيديو التسريح وإعادة الإدماج، السياسة،,

Bulgarian :

1974, шпионин, DDR, ГДР, Германия, Вили Бранд, Хелмут Шмит, шпионаж афера, Гюнтер Гийом, Palais Шаумбург, самолети, полети, Франкфурт, Torschwenk, Гийом на телеграф, махало, бранд на летището, Бранд в колата, съд Гийом, ЩАЗИ филм, ГДР видео кадри, видео кадри DDR, политика, ,

Catalan :

1974, espia, DDR, RDA, Alemanya, el canceller Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, afer d'espionatge, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, avió, controlador de trànsit aeri, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume el telègraf, cotització, Brandt a l'aeroport Brandt al cotxe, la cort Guillaume, pel·lícula de el Stasi, Seqüències de vídeo RDA, seqüències de vídeo de DDR, política, ,

Chinese Simplified :

1974 年,间谍,DDR,GDR,德国,德国总理勃兰特、 赫尔穆特 · 施密特,间谍活动事理,纪尧姆 · 冈瑟、 万国宫绍姆堡,飞机、 空气流量控制器、 法兰克福、 Torschwenk,电报,纪尧姆 · 自动收报机,在机场,在车上,勃朗特勃朗特法院纪尧姆,东德电影GDR 录像片段,DDR 视频镜头,政治上,,

Chinese Traditional :

1974 年,間諜,DDR,GDR,德國,德國總理勃蘭特、 赫爾穆特 · 施密特,間諜活動事理,紀堯姆 · 岡瑟、 萬國宮紹姆堡,飛機、 空氣流量控制器、 法蘭克福、 Torschwenk,電報,紀堯姆 · 自動收報機,在機場,在車上,勃朗特勃朗特法院紀堯姆,東德電影GDR 錄影片段,DDR 視頻鏡頭,政治上,,

Czech :

1974, špionážní, DDR, NDR, Německo, kancléře Willy Brandta, Helmut Schmidt, špionážní aféra, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, letadel, řídícího letového provozu, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume na telegraf, telegraf, Brandt, na letišti, Brandt v autě, soud Guillaume, Stasi filmu, Video záběry NDR, DDR videozáznamu, politika, ,

Dutch :

1974, spion, DDR, GDR, Duitsland, bondskanselier Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, spionage affaire, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, vliegtuigen, luchtverkeersleider, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume op Telegraaf, ticker, Brandt op de luchthaven, Brandt in de auto, rechter Guillaume, Stasi film, GDR videobeelden, DDR videobeelden, politiek, ,

Haitian Creole :

1974, veye, DDR, Repiblik Demokratik ALMAN, Almay, Chanselye Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, espyonaj zafè, Gunther Guillaume, kay palè Schaumburg, avyon, kontwolè trafik lèzè, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume sou télégraphique, boursier, Brandt nan èpòt la, Brandt nan machin lan, tribinal Guillaume, fim Stasi, Repiblik Demokratik ALMAN vidéo métrage, vidéo métrage DDR, politik yo, ,

Hindi :

1974, जासूसी, DDR, GDR, जर्मनी, चांसलर विली Brandt, हेल्मुट श्मिट, जासूसी मामला, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, विमान, हवाई यातायात नियंत्रक, फ्रेंकफर्ट, Torschwenk, टेलीग्राफ, पर Guillaume टिकर, हवाई अड्डे, कार में, Brandt पर Brandt अदालत Guillaume, Stasi फिल्म, GDR वीडियो फुटेज, DDR वीडियो फुटेज, राजनीति, ,

Hungarian :

1974-ben, kém, DDR, NDK, Németország, kancellár Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, kémkedés ügy, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, repülőgépek, légiforgalmi irányítói, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume a távíró, ticker, Brandt a repülőtéren, az autóban, Brandt bíróság Guillaume, Stasi film, Videofelvétel GDR, DDR videofelvétel politika, ,

Latvian :

1974. gadā, spiegu, DDR, VDR, Vācija, kanclers Villijs Brants, Helmut Schmidt, spiegošanas dēka, Gunther Guillaume, Palais vietejās, gaisa kuģu, gaisa satiksmes vadības dispečeru, Frankfurte pie Mainas, Torschwenk, Guillaume, telegrāfa, svārsts, Brandt lidostā, Brandt mašīnā, tiesa Guillaume Stasi filmu, VDR videomateriālu, DDR videomateriālu, politikā, ,

Lithuanian :

1974 m., šnipinėjimo, DDR, VDR, Vokietija, kancleris Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, šnipinėjimo reikalas, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, orlaivius, oro eismo kontrolieriaus, Frankfurto, Torschwenk, Guillaume dėl telegrafas, širdis, Brandt oro uoste, Brandt automobilyje, teismo Guillaume, Stasi filmas, VDR vaizdo medžiagą, DDR vaizdo medžiagą, politika, ,

Slovenian :

1974, vohun, DDR, NDR, Nemčija, kancler Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, vohunstva afero, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, letala, kontrolorja zračnega prometa, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume na telegraf, ticker, Brandt na letališču, Brandt v avtu, sodišče Guillaume, Stasi film, NDR video posnetkov, DDR video posnetkov, politiki, ,

Spanish :

1974, espía, DDR, RDA, Alemania, Canciller Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, asunto del espionaje, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, aviones, controlador de tráfico aéreo, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume de telégrafo, teletipo, Brandt en el aeropuerto, Brandt en el coche, Guillaume, película de la Stasi, la corte Imágenes de vídeo de RDA, secuencias de vídeo DDR, política, ,

Swedish :

1974, spion, DDR, GDR, Tyskland, förbundskansler Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, Spionageangelägenhet, Gunther Guillaume, Palais Schaumburg, flygplan, flygledare, Frankfurt, Torschwenk, Guillaume på telegraph, ticker, Brandt på flygplatsen, Brandt i bilen, domstol Guillaume, Stasi film, GDREN videofilmer, DDR videofilmer, politik, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Wolf, Markus

(Guillaume‘s supervisor ) , speaking German:
-  "First of all, welcome back… "

Brandt, Willy

(german politic ) , speaking German:
-  "It doesn’t matter what is written. It is grotesque and will always be, if you think that a chancellor can be blackmailed. At least I cannot be."

Guillaume, Günter

(Chancery-spy in 1974) , speaking German:
-  "At that time, I had the impression that I had discovered colossal things – and even the opposition admitted this during my negotiations – which was unusual in politics. There was a crisis within the federation, a real fight between the Germans, British, French and the Americans. "

Brandt, Matthias

(Brandt‘s son) , speaking German:
-  "He was a nice guy. I was always in and out of their house because they also had a son a bit older than me. Sometimes I stayed overnight there and at the time I was just thinking how much they were typing with that typewriter and how awesome their tape recordings were. I found that spectacular."

Bahr, Egon

(former speaker of the Berlin Senate) , speaking German:
-  "The mistake was that the chancellor was used as bait to confirm and prove the suspicion against Guillaume. And it was just unbelievable that the head of the government was used by the intelligence."

Wolf, Markus

(Guillaume‘s supervisor ) , speaking German:
-  "Basically, even the State Security Office knew about this, which was led by Mr Nollau that time. Most likely Genscher and Klaus Kinkel, head of the office knew as well. It was pieced together from radio messages who Guillaume was."

Ehmke, Horst

(Head of the chancellor‘s office ) , speaking German:
-  "We employed him after a very thorough control – at least that’s what we thought. But by that time, he had collected all the materials for which he was later arrested. There was nothing new."

Wolf, Markus

(Guillaume‘s supervisor ) , speaking German:
-  "We never had such a plan to sneak Guillaume into the chancellor’s office, simply because I found this unrealistic. Guillaume was known by his real name in East Germany, and we had to realize that he was known, and people knew that he was a member of the Socialist Unity party. This was why we thought it was impossible."

Brandt, Willy

(german politic ) , speaking German:
-  "We would like to be a people who are good neighbours, internally as well as in foreign affairs…"

Schmidt, Helmut

(Successor of Brandt) , speaking German:
-  "I had quite a fight with Willy Brandt in which I raked him over the coals. Because of such a little worm, a German chancellor should not resign. "

Harpprecht, Klaus

(Consultant of the chancellor) , speaking German:
-  "He could not bring out that much news from the chancellor’s office. His opportunities were limited in my opinion. He could rather report on the general atmosphere and spread gossip to East Berlin. Certainly he was not a big master-spy, in a lot of aspects he was a nobody."




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