1967 - The Death of the Demonstrator: Benno Ohnesorg a German university student killed by a policeman during a demonstration (00:08:22)
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1967 - The Death of the Demonstrator: Benno Ohnesorg a German university student killed by a policeman during a demonstration

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Location and time:

Germany, Berlin, 02-06-1967


Benno Ohnesorg  was a German university student killed by a police officer on June 2nd, 1967, during a demonstration in Berlin against the visit of the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, to Germany. It was the first political demonstration that the married student of Romance and German literature and culture studies attended as part of the German student movement. His death served as a rallying point for the radical left wing, and the June 2nd Movement group was named after the day of his death. The left-wing students" movement of the late 1960s that swelled after Benno Ohnesorg"s death influenced a large number of German politicians who were in their teens and twenties at the time. It has been viewed by many as the second-most influential and important event in Germany during the period of East and West Germany, second only to the construction of the Berlin Wall. A monument in Berlin memorializes Benno Ohnesorg"s death, and in his hometown of Hanover, a bridge over the Ihme river is named after him.

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Arabic :

عام 1967، بينو أوهنيسورج، برلين، شاه، شاه إيران، محمد رضا بهلوي، واحتجاج الطلاب، مظاهرة، الحرب في فيتنام، المروحيات، وإطلاق النار، جنازة أوهنيسورج، الموت بينو أوهنيسورج، وألمانيا، ووفاة المتظاهر، بينو أوهنيسورج طالب جامعة ألمانية قتل على يد شرطي خلال تظاهرة، الشعب الشهيرة، وشخصية مشهورة، الشرطة، الزي الرسمي، موظف، رتبة، ترتيب، الأمن،,

Chinese Traditional :

1967 年,貝諾格之,柏林,沙,伊朗國王穆罕默德 · 禮薩 · 巴列維,學生抗議活動、 示威,在越南,直升機,槍聲、 葬禮格之,貝諾格之,德國,死亡的示威者,德國大學的學生示威,期間一名員警被殺害的貝諾格之死的戰爭著名的人物,著名的個性,員警、 制服、 幹事、 等級、 秩序、 安全、,

Czech :

1967, Benno Ohnesorg, Berlín, Shah šáha, Mohammad Rezá Pahlaví, studenti protesty, demonstrace, válka ve Vietnamu, vrtulníky, střelba, pohřeb Ohnesorg, smrt Benno Ohnesorg, Německo, smrt demonstrátor, Benno Ohnesorg německé univerzitní student zabit policista během demonstrace, Slavní lidé, slavné osobnosti, policie, uniformy, důstojník, hodnost, objednávka, bezpečnost, ,

Danish :

1967, Benno Ohnesorg, Berlin, Shah, Shah af Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, studerende protest, demonstration, krig i Vietnam, helikoptere, skyderi, begravelse Ohnesorg, død af Benno Ohnesorg, Tyskland, død af en demonstrant Benno Ohnesorg et tysk universitetsstuderende dræbt af en politibetjent under en demonstration, berømte mennesker, berømte personlighed, politiet, uniformer, officer, rang, orden, sikkerhed, ,

Hindi :

1967, Benno Ohnesorg, बर्लिन, शाह, ईरान के शाह मोहम्मद रज़ा पहलवी, छात्रों के विरोध, प्रदर्शन, युद्ध में वियतनाम, हेलीकाप्टरों, गोलियों, अंतिम संस्कार Ohnesorg, Benno Ohnesorg, जर्मनी, प्रदर्शक, Benno Ohnesorg एक जर्मन विश्वविद्यालय के छात्र मारे गए द्वारा एक प्रदर्शन के दौरान एक पुलिसकर्मी की मौत की मौत प्रसिद्ध लोग, प्रसिद्ध व्यक्तित्व, पुलिस, वर्दी, अधिकारी, पद, क्रम, सुरक्षा, ,

Hungarian :

1967-ben, Benno Ohnesorg, Berlin, Shah, az iráni sah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, diákok tüntetés, demonstráció, Vietnam, helikopterek, lövöldözés, temetési Ohnesorg halála Benno Ohnesorg, Németország, halál a demonstrátor, Benno Ohnesorg német egyetemi hallgató meghalt egy rendőr, tüntetés, során a háború híres emberek, híres személyiség, rendőrség, egyenruhák, tiszt, rang, rend, biztonság, ,

Italian :

1967, Benno Ohnesorg, Berlino, Shah, Shah dell'Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, protesta studenti, dimostrazione, guerra in Vietnam, elicotteri, spari, funerale Ohnesorg, morte di Benno Ohnesorg, Germania, morte del dimostratore, Benno Ohnesorg studente universitario tedesco ucciso da un poliziotto durante una manifestazione, personaggi famosi, personalità di fama, polizia, uniformi, ufficiale, rango, ordine, sicurezza, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Baumann, Michael

(student or ex-terrorist) , speaking German:
-  "“I can remember how Gudrun Ensslin was standing there very upset and was screaming that they had always been Fascists, would always remain Fascists and now they had started shooting us.“"

Geier, Horst

(Police commissioner) , speaking German:
-  "“I looked at him after he had fired and said ‘Are you crazy to shoot here . . .’ because he had had no reason at all to fire.” "

Ohnesorg, Peter

(Older brother of Ohnesorg) , speaking German:
-  "“A few days afterwards, one of the ambulance drivers visited my sister-in-law and said that he had been so burdened by that trip and just had to tell somebody that they had driven around for 45 minutes in Berlin because several hospitals would not admit him.”"

Hausmann, Friederike

(german student in 1967) , speaking German:
-  "“And I put my bag under his head because I saw that he was badly wounded. That I could see– and then two policemen came towards me and wanted to shoo me off and then I screamed at them that they would be better off to call an ambulance.” "

Geier, Horst

(Police commissioner) , speaking German:
-  "“I also saw howBenno Ohnesorg was running away from two policemen who wanted to beat him on the run and were hitting him with a billy club. He ran right past me and the policeman who later shot him.”"

Ohnesorg, Peter

(Older brother of Ohnesorg) , speaking German:
-  "“He was just as politically oriented as anybody else who was at such demonstrations. It’s possible that he said, just as a gag, ‘Okay, now I’m gonna go to the demonstration and put on a red shirt.’ We had no idea that there was any danger of something like that happening.”"

Hausmann, Friederike

(german student in 1967) , speaking German:
-  "“They were after us in just as much of a panic as we were trying to get away from them. It was a situation of anger, panic, hate and fear that was completely out of control.”"

Baumann, Michael

(student or ex-terrorist) , speaking German:
-  "We were shocked because nobody could have imagined what was going to happen. Really nobody."

Hausmann, Friederike

(german student in 1967) , speaking German:
-  "„It was all so crowded there and an indescribable panic broke out. People were climbing all over each other and the police were doing more than just following orders – they did it with a vengeance.“"

Geier, Horst

(Police commissioner) , speaking German:
-  ""They simply couldn’t figure out why they were being insulted and spit at when they hadn’t done anything.”"

Lönnendonker, Siegward

(SDS-member or student) , speaking German:
-  "“They fastened their posters on long boards and then they started using these slats as weapons. They also had brass knuckles and these steel rods and they just started in on us.”"

Lönnendonker, Siegward

(SDS-member or student) , speaking German:
-  " “It was like this: We’d had enough and said it was crazy that they a) are still doing the same thing and b)that not a soul was rebelling – that our parents who kept their mouths closed and did nothing against the Nazis –okay – who knows if we’d have done anything about it. But they had always thrown it in our faces – now you have the freedom to say it. And we always said you guys also have that same freedom, but you still don’t say anything.“ "

Büsch, Wolfgang

(Berliner innensenator) , speaking German:
-  "“I am absolutely convinced that the student movement that was originally a movement in favour of reform for higher education played a significant role in the heightening of democratic consciousness of Germany.“."




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