1929 - The Stock Market Crash: beginning of the 12-year Great Depression, Wall Street Crash (00:08:27)
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1929 - The Stock Market Crash: beginning of the 12-year Great Depression, Wall Street Crash

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Location and time:

United States, New York, 29-10-1929


Black Frida: The Stock Market Crash: The Stock Market Crashy or the Wall Street Crash refers to October 29, 1929, the day when the New York Stock Exchange crashed; this event eventually led to the Great Depression. The crash followed a speculative boom which had taken hold in the late 1920s and which had led millions of Americans to invest heavily in the stock market.This investment drove share prices up to artificially high levels; the rising share prices encouraged more people to invest, as they hoped the shares would rise further, thus fueling further rises and creating an economic bubble. The banks lent heavily to fund this share-buying spree. On October 29, 1929, the bubble finally burst and panic selling set in. Thirteen million shares were sold in the space of one day, as people desperately tried to dispose of their shares before they became worthless. Over the following few days another thirty million shares were sold, and share prices collapsed, ruining millions of investors.The banks who had lent heavily to fund share buying found themselves saddled with debt and this led to the failure of many banks.While millions of people lost their savings, businesses lost their credit lines and were forced to close, causing massive unemployment.The crash dramatically worsened an already fragile economic situation, and was a major contributing factor to the Great Depression. There is a good deal of controversy among economists and historians about the nature of that contribution, though. Some hold that political over-reactions to the crash, such as in the passage of the draconian Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act through the US Congress, caused more harm than the crash itself. After the experience of Black Friday, stock markets around the world instituted measures to temporarily suspend trading in the event of rapid declines, so as to prevent such panic sales. As a result, later stock market crashes, such as the crash of 1987 (Black Monday), have never been quite as severe as that of 1929.

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Bulgarian :

1929, черен петък, 29-ти октомври 1929 г., Уол Стрийт, фондовия пазар, катастрофа, инфлацията, депресия, безработица, икономическа криза, страна, Америка, брокери, Ню Йорк, фондова борса, паника, банка, фабрика, работещите, безработните, устройство, голяма катастрофа, срива на фондовия пазар, Голямата депресия, 20-ти век, икономиката, икономическата, икономически, икономическа система, черният четвъртък, Уолстрийт банкери, Уолстрийт срив от 1929 г., фондовия пазар Crash на 1929, пари кадри, Едуард Ламонт, Джон Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Маркс, ,

Catalan :

1929, negre divendres, 29 d'octubre de 1929, Wall Street, borsa, accident, la inflació, depressió, atur, crisi econòmica, festa, Amèrica, corredors, Nova York, borsa, pànic, Banc, fàbrica, treballadors, aturats, dispositiu, gran accident, borsari, gran depressió, del segle XX, Economia, sistema econòmic, econòmica, econòmica, negre dijous, els banquers de Wall Street, Wall Street crisi de 1929, borsa Crash de 1929, seqüències de diners, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Chinese Simplified :

1929 年,黑色星期二 1929 年 10 月 29 日,华尔街的股票市场、 崩溃、 通货膨胀、 萧条、 失业、 经济危机、 方,美国,经纪,纽约、 股票交易所、 恐慌、 银行、 工厂、 工人、 失业者、 设备,大崩溃,股票市场崩溃,大萧条时期,20 世纪,经济、 经济、 经济、 经济系统、 黑色星期四,华尔街的银行家,华尔街崩溃 1929 年、 1929 年股市崩盘、 钱画面,爱德华 · 拉蒙特,约翰 Kenneth,Salwyn Shufro,Arthur 马克思,

Czech :

1929, černý pátek 29. října 1929, Wall Street, akciový trh, havárie, inflace, deprese, nezaměstnanost, ekonomická krize, párty, Amerika, makléři, New York, burzy, panika, banka, továrna, zaměstnanci, nezaměstnaní, zařízení, velký krach, krach burzy, velké hospodářské krize, století, ekonomiky, hospodářské, ekonomické, ekonomický systém, Černý čtvrtek, Wall Street bankéři, Wall Street krach z roku 1929, krach na burze v roce 1929, peníze záběrů, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Danish :

1929, sort fredag, 29 oktober 1929, Wall Street, aktiemarkedet, crash, inflation, depression, arbejdsløshed, økonomisk krise, fest, Amerika, mæglere, New York, børsen, panik, bank, fabrik, arbejdere, arbejdsløse, enhed, Great Crash, Stock Market Crash, Great Depression, 1900-tallet økonomi, økonomi, økonomisk, økonomiske system, sort torsdag, Wall Street bankfolk, Wall Street krakket i 1929, Stock Market Crash i 1929, penge optagelser, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Dutch :

1929, zwarte vrijdag, 29 oktober 1929, Wallstreet, beurs, crash, inflatie, depressie, werkloosheid, economische crisis, partij, Amerika, makelaars, New York, Stock Exchange, paniek, bank, fabriek, werknemers, werklozen, apparaat, grote Crash, Stock Market Crash, grote depressie, 20e eeuw economie, economische, economische, economische systeem, Zwarte donderdag, bankiers van Wall Street, Wall Street Crash van 1929, Stock Market Crash van 1929, geld beelden, Edward Lamont, Salwyn Shufro, John Kenneth Arthur Marx, ,

Estonian :

Must reede, 29. september 1929, Wall Street, aktsiaturg, crash, inflatsioon, depressioon, töötus, majanduskriis, 1929 poole, Ameerika, maaklerid, New York, Börs, paanika, panga, tehase, töötajad, töötud, seade, suurt krahhi, börsikrahh, suur depressioon, 20. sajandi majandus, majandus, ökonoomne, majandusliku süsteemi, Black neljapäeval Wall Street pankurid, Wall Streeti krahhi 1929, Stock Market Crash 1929, raha filmimaterjali, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx,

Greek :

1929, μαύρη Παρασκευή, 29 Οκτωβρίου 1929, Wall Street, το χρηματιστήριο, συντριβή, τον πληθωρισμό, κατάθλιψη, ανεργία, οικονομική κρίση, κόμμα, Αμερική, μεσίτες, Νέα Υόρκη, χρηματιστήριο, πανικό, Τράπεζα, εργοστάσιο, εργαζόμενοι, άνεργοι, συσκευή, μεγάλο κραχ, χρηματιστηριακή αγορά συντριβή, μεγάλης ύφεσης, 20ου αιώνα, οικονομία, οικονομική, οικονομικά, οικονομικό σύστημα, μαύρη Πέμπτη, Wall Street τραπεζίτες, Wall Street συντριβή του 1929, χρηματιστηριακή αγορά συντριβή του 1929, χρήματα πλάνα, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Μαρξ, ,

Hungarian :

1929-ben fekete péntek, október 29, 1929, a Wall Street, tőzsde, összeomlás, infláció, depresszió, munkanélküliség, gazdasági válság, fél, Amerikában, a brókerek, New York-i, a tőzsde, pánik, bank, gyári, dolgozók, munkanélküliek, készülék, nagy szerencsétlenség, tőzsdei összeomlást, nagy depresszió, a huszadik század gazdaság, a gazdasági, gazdaságos, gazdasági rendszer, fekete csütörtök, Wall Street bankárok, Wall Street Crash, 1929, a tőzsdei összeomlás 1929-ben, a pénz felvétel, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Japanese :

1929 年、黒火曜日 1929 年 10 月 29 日、ウォールストリート、株式市場、クラッシュ、インフレ、不況、失業率、経済危機、パーティー、アメリカ、ブローカーは、ニューヨーク、証券取引所、パニック、銀行、工場、労働者、失業者、デバイス、偉大なクラッシュ、株式市場の暴落、大恐慌20 世紀経済、経済、経済的な経済システム、暗黒の木曜日、ウォールストリートの銀行、1929 年のウォールストリートの衝突、1929 年の株式市場のクラッシュ、お金の映像は、Arthur マルクス Salwyn Shufro、ジョン Kenneth エドワード ・ ラモント,

Lithuanian :

1929 m. Juodosios penktadienis, 29 spalio 1929, Wall Street, akcijų rinkoje, avarijos, infliacija, depresija, nedarbas, ekonominės krizės, šalis, Ameriką, brokeriai, Niujorkas, vertybinių popierių biržoje, panikos, banko, gamyklos, darbuotojai, bedarbiai, prietaisas, Didžiosios katastrofos, akcijų rinkos Crash, Didžioji depresija, 20-ojo amžiaus, ekonomika, ekonomikos, ekonomiškas, ekonomikos sistemos, Juodasis ketvirtadienis, Wall Street bankininkų, Wall Street katastrofos 1929, akcijų rinkos Crash 1929, pinigų filmuotą medžiagą, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Norwegian :

1929, svart fredag 29 oktober 1929, Wall Street, aksjemarkedet, krasj, inflasjon, depresjon, arbeidsledighet, økonomisk krise, fest, Amerika, meglere, New York, børs, panikk, bank, fabrikken, arbeidere, arbeidsledige, enhet, gode Crash, børskrakket, store depresjonen, 1900-tallet økonomi, økonomiske, økonomisk, økonomisk system, svart torsdag, Wall Street bankfolk, Wall Street sammenbruddet i 1929, Stock Market Crash i 1929, penger opptak, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Polish :

1929, czarny piątek, 29 października 1929, Wall Street, giełdzie, crash, inflacji, depresja, bezrobocie, kryzys gospodarczy, strony, Ameryka, brokerzy, Nowy Jork, giełda, paniki, bank, fabryka, pracowników, bezrobotnych, urządzenia, wielki krach, giełdzie, Wielkiej depresji, XX wieku, gospodarki, systemu gospodarczego, ekonomiczny, gospodarczy, czarny czwartek, bankierów z Wall Street, Wall Street wywalanie z 1929, krach na giełdzie w 1929 roku, ceny materiału, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Slovenian :

1929, črni petek, 29. oktober 1929, Wall Street, borzo crash, inflacija, depresija, brezposelnost, gospodarska kriza, stranka, Amerika, posredniki, New York, Stock Exchange, paniko, banke, tovarne, delavcev, brezposelnih, napravo, veliki Crash, Crash na borzi, Great Depression, stoletja, gospodarstvo, gospodarski, ekonomično, gospodarski sistem, Črni četrtek, Wall Street bankirji, Wall Street Crash iz leta 1929, borznem trgu Crash iz leta 1929, denar posnetkov, Edward Lamont John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Swedish :

1929, svart fredag den 29 oktober 1929, Wall Street, aktiemarknaden, krasch, inflation, depression, arbetslöshet, ekonomiska krisen, part, Amerika, mäklare, New York, börsen, panik, bank, fabriken, arbetare, arbetslösa, enhet, stor krasch, börskraschen, Great Depression, 1900-talet ekonomi, ekonomi, ekonomisk, ekonomiska system, svart torsdag, Wall Street bankirer, Wall Street-kraschen 1929, aktiemarknaden kraschen 1929, pengar film, Edward Lamont, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Marx, ,

Turkish :

1929, siyah Cuma, 29 Ekim 1929, Wall Street, borsa, kaza, enflasyon, depresyon, işsizlik, ekonomik kriz, parti, Amerika, komisyoncular, New York, borsa, panik, banka, fabrika, işçiler, işsiz, aygıt, büyük bir gürültüyle çarpmak, borsa kazasında, büyük depresyon, 20. yüzyıl, Ekonomi, Ekonomi, ekonomik, ekonomik sistemi, siyah Perşembe, Wall Street bankacıları, 1929 Crash Wall Street, borsa kazasında 1929, para çekimi, Edward Lamont, Arthur Marx, John Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro,

Ukrainian :

1929, Чорна п'ятниця, 29 жовтня 1929, Уолл-стріт, фондовий ринок, аварії, інфляція, депресії, безробіття, економічна криза, партія, Америці, брокерів, Нью-Йорк, фондова біржа, паніки, банк, фабрика, працівників, безробітних, пристрій, великі аварії, обвалу фондового ринку, Великої депресії 20-го століття, економіки, економічних, економічні, економічної системи, чорний четвер, банкіри Уолл-стріт, Уолл-стріт обвалу 1929, біржовий Крах 1929 року, гроші кадри, Едвард Ламонт, Джон Kenneth, Salwyn Shufro, Arthur Маркса, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Shufro, Salwyn

(Broker in 1929) , speaking English:
-  "They bought at any price too expensive, but in the end someone had to pay the bill."

Lamont, Edward

(Banker when the stock market crash, 1929) , speaking English:
-  "Investors simply ignored the change of the economy. Their greed was greater than their senses."

Lamont, Edward

(Banker when the stock market crash, 1929) , speaking English:
-  "When they asked Al Capone what his opinion of the stock exchange was, he said: we all swindle in our own way."

Lamont, Edward

(Banker when the stock market crash, 1929) , speaking English:
-  "Up until that point, the market had been rising continuously, it attracted more and more investors – the man on the street: the teacher, the postman and the hairdresser, too."

Marx, Arthur

(Son of the comedian, 1929) , speaking English:
-  "Every evening he called his broker and the price of his stock was growing. He always said that it was much nicer than work."




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