1920 - The Ban: The beginning of Prohibition in the USA (00:08:20)
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1920 - The Ban: The beginning of Prohibition in the USA

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United States, 17-01-1920


Prohibition began on January 17, 1920, when the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect. A total of 1,520 Federal Prohibition agents (police) were given the task of enforcing the law.

At midnight on the night of January 16th, 1920, one of the personal habits and customs of most Americans suddenly came to a halt. Prohibition was meant to reduce the consumption of alcohol, seen by some as the work of the devil, and thereby reduce crime, poverty, death rates, and improve the economy and the quality of life. National prohibition of alcohol was undertaken to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, reduce the tax burden created by prisons and poorhouses, and improve health and hygiene in America. This, however, was undoubtedly to no avail. The Prohibition amendment of the 1920s was ineffective because it was unenforceable, it caused the explosive growth of crime, and it increased the amount of alcohol consumption.

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Chinese Simplified :

1920 年,禁止、 Al Capone、 黑手党、 酒精、 美国、 黑市场、 党,芝加哥,游行示威、 那些酒贩子、 走私犯、 歹徒、 受害者、 代理人、 Alcatrazz、 情人节那天,大屠杀、 禁令、 美国、饮料、 液体,政治、 含酒精饮料,20 世纪,饮料、 犯罪分子、 犯罪集团、 罪恶、 犯罪、 氏族,永恒的在美国,宪法 》,禁酒法案,二十第一修正案,罪犯素材,第十八修正案禁止非法活动素材,埃尔默 Gertz,罗伯特 · 圣 · 约翰,哈里 · 哈特、 乔治 · E Q 约翰逊,托尼 · 贝拉尔迪,

Estonian :

1920, keeld, Al Capone, maffia, alkohol, Ameerika Ühendriikides, mustal turul, pool, Chicago, meeleavaldusi, moonshiners, bootleggers, gangsters, ohvrid, ained, Alcatrazz, Sõbrapäev, veresauna, keeld, USA, jook, vedelad, poliitikas, alkohoolsed joogid, 20. sajandi joogid, kurjategijad, kuritegeliku sündikaadi, sin, kuritegevuse, klann, tiral, keeld USA, kaheksateistkümnenda muudatus põhiseaduse, Volstead seaduse, kakskümmend - esimene muudatus, kurjategijate filmimaterjali, ebaseadusliku tegevuse kaadrid, Elmer Jaani, Robert St John, Harry Hart, George E Q Johnson, Tony Berardi,

French :

1920, Prohibition, Al Capone, Mafia, alcool, États-Unis, marché noir, party, Chicago, démonstrations, moonshiners, trafiquants, gangsters, victimes, agents, Alcatrazz, Valentin, massacre, interdiction, USA, boissons, liquides, politique, boissons alcoolisées, XXe siècle, boissons, criminels, syndicat du crime, péché, crime, clan, tiral, interdiction aux Etats-Unis, dix-huitième amendement à la Constitution, le Volstead Act, le vingt - premier amendement, le footage de criminels, images de l'activité illégale, Elmer Gertz, Robert St John, Harry Hart, George E Q Johnson, Tony Berardi, ,

Korean :

1920 년, 금지, 알 카포네, 마피아, 알코올, 미국에서는, 암시장, 파티, 시카고, 데모, moonshiners, bootleggers, 갱스 터, 피해자, 에이전트, Alcatrazz, 발렌타인의 날, 대학살, 금지, 미국, 음료, 액체, 정치, 알코올 음료 20 세기 음료, 범죄자, 범죄 신디케이트, , 범죄, 일족, tiral, 미국, 헌법, Volstead 행위, 20 헌법, 범죄자 영상 18 개정 금지 Elmer Gertz, 로버트 세인트 존, 해리 수 사슴, 조지 E Q 존슨, 토니 Berardi, 불법 활동 영상,

Norwegian :

1920 forbud, Al Capone, Mafia, alkohol, USA, svarte markedet, party, Chicago, demonstrasjoner, moonshiners, bootleggers, gangstere, ofre, agenter, Alcatrazz, Valentinsdag, massakren, forbud, USA, drikke, væske, politikk, alkoholholdige drikker 1900-tallet drinker, kriminelle, kriminelle syndikat, synd, kriminalitet, klan, tiral, forbudet i USA, Springfields politisjef til Grunnloven, Volstead Act, tjue - first Amendment, kriminelle opptak, ulovlig aktivitet opptak, Elmer Gertz, Robert St John, Harry Hart, George E Q Johnson, Tony Berardi, ,

Slovak :

1920, zákaz Al Capone Mafia, alkohol, Spojené štáty, čierny trh, party, Chicago, demonštrácie, moonshiners, bootleggers, gangstrov, obete, agentov, Alcatrazz, Valentína, masaker, Ban, USA, piť, kvapaliny, politika, alkoholické nápoje, storočia, nápoje, zločinci, zločinecký syndikát, hriech, zločin, klan, tiral, zákaz v USA, osemnásteho zmenu ústavy Volstead zákona, dvadsať - prvé pozmeňovací návrh, zločinci zábery, nezákonnej činnosti zábery, Elmer Gertz Robert St John, Harry Hart, George E Q Johnson, Tony Bérard, ,




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