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1997 - The Death of the Lady Diana

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Location and time:

France, Paris, 31-08-1997


On 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, France. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the Mercedes-Benz W140, Henri Paul, were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Fayed's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was the only survivor. Although at first the media pinned the blame on the paparazzi, the crash was ultimately found to be caused by the reckless actions of the chauffeur, who was the head of security at the Ritz and had earlier goaded the paparazzi waiting outside the hotel. An 18-month French judicial investigation concluded in 1999 that the crash was caused by Henri Paul, who lost control of the car at high speed while drunk. His inebriation may have been made worse by the simultaneous presence of an anti-depressant and traces of a tranqulizing anti-psychotic in his body.

From February 1998, Dodi's father, Mohamed Al-Fayed (the owner of the Hôtel Ritz, for which Paul worked) claimed that the crash was a result of a conspiracy, and later contended that the crash was orchestrated by MI6 on the instructions of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.[5] His claims that the crash was a result of a conspiracy were dismissed by a French judicial investigation[2] and by Operation Paget, a Metropolitan police inquiry that concluded in 2006.

An inquest headed by Lord Justice Scott Baker into the deaths of Diana and Dodi began at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, on 2 October 2007 and was a continuation of the original inquest that began in 2004.On 7 April 2008, the jury released an official statement that Diana and Dodi were unlawfully killed by the grossly negligent driving of chauffeur Henri Paul and the paparazzi.[8] Though the official verdict implicated the pursuing vehicles, the jury also named the intoxication of the driver and the victims' decisions to not wear seat-belts as contributing factors to their deaths. Additionally, the Mercedes had been travelling at over twice the legal speed limit of that particular section of road and had long since left the paparazzi vehicles far behind by the time the accident occurred.

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Hindi :

1997, लेडी Di, डायना, Dodi अल-Fayed, जैसी हस्तियों वाली, पेरिस, होटल रिट्ज, उत्पीड़न, Paparazzi, विंडसर, फिलिप Atwell शराब बनानेवाला, Elsa कुंजी Browker, रिचर्ड Kay, Mohammed अल Fayed-एफिल टॉवर, दुर्घटना, एम्बुलेंस, पुलिस, दर्शक, कार मलबे, कार, स्पेन्सर के अर्ल, पिरामिड, मिस्र, , शादी, रानी मां, ब्रिटानिका, महारानी एलिजाबेथ, प्रिंस Philipp, हैरी, William, फूल, चर्च, चार्ल्स, नौका प्रसिद्ध लोग, प्रसिद्ध, इतिहास, ऐतिहासिक, व्यक्तित्व, ज्ञात, महत्वपूर्ण, रॉयल्टी, कुलीनता, राजा, अपराध, ,

Hungarian :

1997-ben, Lady Di, Diana, Csaba Al-Fayed, Harrods, Párizs, Hotel Ritz, üldözés, Paparazzi, Windsor, Philip Atwell Brewer, Elsa kulcs Browker, Richard Kay, Mohammed Al-Fayed, Eiffel-torony, baleset, mentők, rendőrség, nézők, autó roncs, autó, Earl Spencer, piramis, Egyiptom, jacht, Charles, esküvő, Queen Mother, Britannica, Erzsébet királynő, herceg Philipp, Harry, William, virágok, templom, híres emberek Híres, történelem, történelmi, személyiség, ismert, fontos, jogdíj, a nemesség, a király, bűnözés, ,

Norwegian :

1997, dame Di, Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed, Harrods, Paris, Hotel Ritz, forfølgelse, Paparazzi, Windsor, Philip Atwell Brewer, Elsa nøkkel Browker, Richard Kay, Mohammed Al-Fayed, Eiffeltårnet, ulykke, ambulanse, politi, tilskuere, bil vraket, bil, jarl av Spencer, pyramide, Egypt, yacht, Charles, bryllup, dronningmoren, Britannica, dronning Elizabeth, Prince Philipp, Harry, William, blomster, kirke, kjente personer, Berømte, historie, historiske, personlighet, kjent, viktig, royalty, adel, konge, kriminalitet, ,

Slovenian :

1997, Lady Di, Diana, samdany Al-Fayed Harrods, Pariz, Hotel Ritz, preganjanje, Paparazzi Windsor, Philip Atwell Brewer, Elsa ključ Browker, Richard Kay, Mohammed Al-Fayed, Eifflov stolp, nesreče, ambulante, policija, gledalcev, car razbitine, avto, Earl Spencer, piramida, Egipt, yacht, Charles, poroka, kraljica mati, Britannica, Queen Elizabeth, princ Philipp, Harry, William, cvetje, cerkev, znani ljudje, Famous, zgodovina, zgodovinska, osebnosti, znanih, pomembnih, avtorski honorar, plemstvo, king, kriminala, ,

Ukrainian :

1997, леді ді, Діана, Доді Аль-Fayed, універмаг Harrods, Париж, готель Ritz, переслідувань, папарацці, Віндзор, Філіп Atwell Брюер, Ельза Browker ключ, Річард Кей, Mohammed Аль-Fayed, Палац Шайо аварії, швидкої допомоги, поліції, глядачів, автомобіль крах, автомобіль, Earl Спенсер, піраміда, Єгипет, Яхта, Чарльз, весілля, Королева-мати Britannica королеви Єлизавети, Philipp Принц, Гаррі, William, квіти, церкви, Відомі люди, Відоме, історії, історичної, особистість, відомого, важливо, роялті, дворянство, король, злочинності, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Al-Fayed, Mohamed

(Dodi Al-Fayed’s father) , speaking English:
-  "Everything is so mysterious. I’m convinced that my son didnt die in a natural way. And I wont quiet down until I clear out the real circumstances of his death. "

Bowker, Lady Elsa

(Friend of Diana) , speaking English:
-  "„I am so happy”, she told me shortly on the phone before she died. „Elsa, someone is finally mindful and does care about me. This has never happened to me before.”"

Bowker, Lady Elsa

(Friend of Diana) , speaking English:
-  "Lady Fermoy, Diana’s grandmother and Queen Elizabeth planned the wedding by themselves. It was high time for Charles to marry and ensure succession. So the relationship was well planned from the beginning. "

Spencer, Earl

(Brother of Diana) , speaking English:
-  "I knew that the press would decide her fate. Every newspaper director and editor should feel responsible for this."

Kay, Richard

(Reporter, interviews Lady Diana) , speaking English:
-  "This was one of the reasons for the big tragedy: no one ever told Diana, that she would not have a private life anymore. Everything was always planned months, years before. She got scared, and was wondering whether it was the right decision to marry or not. But at that time, it was too late to have these second thoughts. "

Charles, Prince

(Prince of Wales) , speaking English:
-  "I came to the conclusion, that it would be much easier, if I had two wives, on both sides of the street, and I could be in the middle of them, and lead them. "

Kay, Richard

(Reporter, interviews Lady Diana) , speaking English:
-  "Some days later the notebook of Charles fell on the ground and a picture of Miss Bowles fell out of it. According to Diana, since this day, their marriage was side-tracked. "

Kay, Richard

(Reporter, interviews Lady Diana) , speaking English:
-  "The queen was unhappy. She informed them explicitly, that they have to finish their marriage. She wrote letters to Diana and Charles ordering them to divorce. "

Starkey, Dr. David

(Court-Historian) , speaking English:
-  "To understand Diana, we have to accept the fact, that she was someone really famous. The prominents usually liase with the media in private. Often they hate the media and are defensive, „why can’t they be left alone”, but in the case that they are left alone for two days, it is like something is deprived from them, like a withdrawal from cocaine. "

Devorik, Roveto

(Close friend of Diana) , speaking English:
-  "I asked her on the day they got divorced, if she is very happy now? She said, on the contrary, she is having the worst day of her whole life. Charles is the one and only man, whom she loves. And all the dreams about a happy family fell to the ground. "

Al-Fayed, Mohamed

(Dodi Al-Fayed’s father) , speaking English:
-  "We, Egyptians are looked down upon, just because our skin is a bit darker. The aristocracy did not accept the relationship between my son and Diana. The future king of England would have had a muslim stepfather – nobody wanted this. There is still a certain kind of racism and envy against us. "

Brewer, Philip

(Casualty expert Lady Diana death) , speaking English:
-  "It took an hour and forty minutes to take Diana into the hospital. This long time period decisively influenced her death. She could have survived the accident, if she had immediate treatment, and if she would have been transported to the hospital close by. She could have been saved."




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