1991 - The August Putsch: soviet communist coup d'état attempt (00:08:24)
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1991 - The August Putsch: soviet communist coup d'état attempt

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Location and time:

Russia, Moscow, 19-08-1991


The Soviet Coup of 1991 or the August Coup crushed the hopes of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that he could at least hold the union together in a decentralized form. However, in the eyes of the remaining Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) conservatives, he had gone too far because his new union treaty dispersed too much of the central governments power to the republics. On August 19, 1991, one day before Gorbachev and a group of republic leaders were due to sign the union treaty, a group calling itself the State Emergency Committee (Государственный Комитет по Чрезвычайному Положению, ГКЧП) attempted to seize power in Moscow . The group announced that Gorbachev was ill and had been relieved of his state post as president. Gorbachev was vacationing in the Crimea when the coup began, and remained confined there for its duration. Soviet Union vice president Gennady Yanayev was named acting president. The committee”s eight members included KGB chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov, Internal Affairs Minister Boris Pugo, Defense Minister Dmitriy Yazov, and Prime Minister Valentin Pavlov, all of whom had risen to their posts under Gorbachev. Large public demonstrations against the coup leaders took place in Moscow and Leningrad, and divided loyalties in the defense and security establishments prevented the armed forces from crushing the resistance that Russian SFSR President Boris Yeltsin led from the White House, Russia”s parliament building. A planned assault on the building by Alpha Group, the KGB”s special forces was aborted when the troops unanimously refused the order. A tank unit defected to the government”s side and surrounded parliament, guns pointing outward. At one point during the demonstrations, Yeltsin stood on top of a tank to condemn the junta. This image, broadcast throughout the world on television news, became one of the most enduring images of the coup, and strengthened Yeltsin”s position immensely. There were confrontations in the nearby streets, including one where three protesters were crushed to death by tanks, but overall there was surprisingly little violence. On August 21, the great majority of troops sent to Moscow openly sided with the demonstrators or called off the siege. The coup collapsed, and Gorbachev - who had been held under house arrest at his dacha in the Crimea - returned to Moscow . Once back in Moscow , Gorbachev acted as if he were oblivious to the changes that had occurred in the preceding three days. As he returned to power, Gorbachev promised to purge conservatives from the CPSU. He resigned as general secretary but remained president of the Soviet Union . The coup”s failure brought a series of collapses of all-union institutions. Boris Yeltsin took control of the central broadcasting company and key economic ministries and agencies, and in November he banned the CPSU and the Russian Communist Party. By December 1991, all of the republics had declared independence, and negotiations over a new union treaty began anew. Both the Soviet Union and the United States had recognized the independence of the Baltic Republics in September. For several months after his return to Moscow , Gorbachev and his aides made futile attempts to restore stability and legitimacy to the central institutions. In November seven republics agreed to a new union treaty that would form a confederation called the Union of Sovereign States. But Ukraine was unrepresented in that group, and Yeltsin soon withdrew to seek additional advantages for Russia . In the absence of the CPSU, there was no way to keep the Soviet Union together. From Yeltsin”s perspective, Russia”s participation in another union would be senseless because inevitably Russia would assume responsibility for the increasingly severe economic woes of the other republics. On December 8, Yeltsin and the leaders of Belarus (which adopted that name in August 1991) and Ukraine, Stanislav Shushkevich and Leonid Kravchuk, met at Minsk, the capital of Belarus, where they created the Commonwealth of Independent States and annulled the 1922 union treaty that had established the Soviet Union . Another signing ceremony was held in Alma-Ata on December 21 to expand the CIS to include the five republics of Central Asia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan . Georgia did not join until 1993; the three Baltic republics never joined. On December 25, 1991, a now-defeated Gorbachev announced his resignation as Soviet president, and the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Exactly six years after Gorbachev had appointed Boris Yeltsin to run the Moscow city committee of the party, Yeltsin now was president of the largest successor state to the Soviet Union .

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Arabic :

الطائرات، ألكسندر يوسو، ألكسندر دبليو كورشاكوو، أناتولي تشيرنياييف، الجيش، "انقلاب أغسطس/آب"، والمتراس، حرق، ااحد، الشيوعية، الشيوعيين، تأخذ محاولة الشيوعيين، البلد، الانقلاب، الانقلاب، الديمقراطية، المتظاهرين، الدكتاتورية، الانضباط، أوروبا، مشاهير، مكافحة، Foros28th الكونغرس، الحرس، التاريخية، والتاريخ، وايديولوجية، الهامة، جانجو، المعروف، الكرملين في موسكو، واللينينية، والماركسية، ميخائيل غورباتشوف، العسكرية، النصب، موسكو، موظف، أولرج Boldin، واحد، أكثر، من نظام الحزب، شخصية، والسياسة، والبروليتاريا، الانقلاب، رتبة، العلم الأحمر، روسيا، الجندي، صوفيا يوسفى، الاتحاد السوفياتي، والدبابات، اتحاد الجمهوريات الاشتراكية السوفياتية، واتحاد الجمهوريات الاشتراكية السوفياتية، والمدينة الفاضلة، فالين Valentin، ستيبانكوف Valentin، وفيكتور كاربوتشين، Vladimir كريوتشكوف، الحرب، البيت الأبيض، والطبقة العاملة، بوريس Yeltsin,

Bulgarian :

въздухоплавателното средство, Александър Ussow, Александър W. Korschakow, Анатолий Chernyayev, армия, август преврат, барикада, парене, CCCP, комунизъм, комунисти, комунисти опит да, страната, преврат, преврат, демокрация, демонстранти, диктатура, дисциплина, Европа, известни личности, борба, Foros28th конгрес, охрана, исторически, история, идеология, важен, Janajew, известен, Москва Кремъл, ленинизма, марксизъм, Михаил Горбачов, военни, паметник, Москва, офицер, Olrg Boldin, от една страна, над партийната система, личност, политика, пролетариат, пуч, ранг, червен флаг, Русия, войник, София Usova, Съветския съюз, резервоар, съюз на съветските социалистически републики, СССР, утопия, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Виктор Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, война, Белия дом, работническата класа, Yeltsin Борис,

Catalan :

avions, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander w. Korschakow, Anatoli Chernyayev, exèrcit, cop d'agost, Barricada, cremant, CCCP, comunisme, comunistes, comunistes intent agafar, país, cop, colp, democràcia, manifestants, dictadura, disciplina, Europa, personatges famosos, combatre, Foros28th Congrés, Guàrdia, històrica, història, ideari, important, Janajew, conegut, del Kremlin de Moscou, Leninisme, marxisme, militar, monument a Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscou, oficial, Olrg Boldin, una, més, sistema de partits, personalitat, política, proletariat, cop d'estat, rang, bandera vermella, Rússia, soldat, Sophia Usova, Unió Soviètica, tanc, Unió de Repúbliques Socialistes Soviètiques, USSR, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, guerra, Casa Blanca, classe obrera, Yeltsin Boris,

Chinese Simplified :

飞机,亚历山大 Ussow,亚历山大 W.Korschakow、 阿纳托利 Chernyayev、 军队,八月政变,街垒,燃烧,CCCP,共产主义,共产主义者、 共产主义者试图采取、 国家、 政变、 政变、 民主、 示威者、 独裁、 纪律、 欧洲,著名的人,打架,Foros28th 国会,警卫,历史、 历史、 思想、 重要的是,Janajew,已知,克里姆林宫莫斯科,列宁主义,马克思主义,米哈伊尔 · 戈尔巴乔夫,军事、 纪念碑、 莫斯科、 干事、 Olrg 博尔金,一结束,政党制度,人格,政治,无产阶级,政变,秩红色的旗子,俄国,士兵,索菲亚乌索娃、 苏联、 水箱、 苏维埃社会主义共和国、 苏联、 乌托邦,联盟 Valentin 伐林,Valentin Stepankov,维克托 Karpuchin,Vladimir 克留奇科夫,战争,白宫,工人阶级,Yeltsin Boris,

Chinese Traditional :

飛機,亞歷山大 Ussow,亞歷山大 W.Korschakow、 阿納托利 Chernyayev、 軍隊,八月政變,街壘,燃燒,CCCP,共產主義,共產主義者、 共產主義者試圖採取、 國家、 政變、 政變、 民主、 示威者、 獨裁、 紀律、 歐洲,著名的人,打架,Foros28th 國會,警衛,歷史、 歷史、 思想、 重要的是,Janajew,已知,克里姆林宮莫斯科,列寧主義,馬克思主義,米哈伊爾 · 戈巴契夫,軍事、 紀念碑、 莫斯科、 幹事、 Olrg 博爾金,一結束,政黨制度,人格,政治,無產階級,政變,秩紅色的旗子,俄國,士兵,索菲亞烏索娃、 蘇聯、 水箱、 蘇維埃社會主義共和國、 蘇聯、 烏托邦,聯盟 Valentin 伐林,Valentin Stepankov,維克托 Karpuchin,Vladimir 克留奇科夫,戰爭,白宮,工人階級,Yeltsin Boris,

Czech :

letadel, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatolij Chernyayev, armáda, srpna převrat, barikády, vypalování, CCCP, komunismu, komunisté, komunisté pokus vzít, země, převrat, převrat, demokracie, demonstranti, diktatura, disciplína, Evropa, Slavní lidé, bojovat, Foros28th Kongresu, stráž, historické, dějiny, ideologie, důležité, Janajew, známý, Kreml Moskva, leninismus, marxismus, Michail Gorbačov, vojenské, památník, Moskva, důstojník, Olrg Boldin, jeden nad stranický systém, osobnost, politika, proletariát, puč, hodnosti, červená vlajka, Rusko, vojáku, Sophia Usova, Sovětský svaz, tank, svaz sovětských socialistických republik, SSSR, utopie, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, válka, Bílý dům, dělnická třída, Yeltsin Boris,

Danish :

fly, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatolij Chernyayev, hær, August kuppet, barricade, brændende, CCCP, kommunisme, kommunister, kommunisterne forsøg på tage, land, kup, statskup, demokrati, demonstranter, diktatur, disciplin, Europa, berømte mennesker, kæmpe, Foros28th Kongressen, vagt, historiske, historie, ideologi, vigtigt, Janajew, kendt, Kreml Moskva, leninismen, marxisme, Mikhail Gorbachev, militær, monument, Moskva, officer, Olrg Boldin, en, over, partisystem, personlighed, politik, proletariatet, kup, rang, røde flag, Rusland, soldat, Sophia Usova, Sovjetunionen, tank, Unionen af Socialistiske Sovjetrepublikker, USSR, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, krig, hvide hus, arbejderklassen, Yeltsin Boris,

Dutch :

vliegtuigen, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatoly Tsjernjajev, leger, augustus staatsgreep, barricade, branden, CCCP, communisme, communisten, communisten poging nemen, land, staatsgreep, Coup d'etat, democratie, demonstranten, dictatuur, discipline, Europa, beroemde mensen, vechten, Foros28th Congres, guard, historische, geschiedenis, ideologie, belangrijk, Janajew, bekend, Kremlin Moskou, leninisme, marxisme, Mikhail Gorbachev, militaire, monument, Moskou, officier, Olrg Boldin, een, over, partij systeem, persoonlijkheid, politiek, proletariaat, putsch, rangschikking, rode vlag, Rusland, soldaat, Sophia Usova, Sovjet-Unie, tank, Unie van Socialistische Sowjetrepublieken, USSR, utopie, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, oorlog, witte huis, werkende klasse, Yeltsin Boris,

Estonian :

õhusõiduki, Aleksander Ussow, W. Korschakow, Anatoli Chernyayev, sõjavägi, Aleksander August riigipöörde, barrikaad, põletustunne, CCCP, kommunism, kommunistid, kommunistid katse võtta, riik, riigipöörde, Coup d'etat, demokraatia, meeleavaldajad, diktatuur, distsipliini, Euroopas, kuulsaid inimesi, võidelda, Foros28th kongress, valvur, ajaloo, ajaloo, ideoloogia, oluline, Janajew, tuntud Moskva Kreml, Leninism, marksism, Mikhail Gorbachev sõjalise, monument, Moskva, ohvitser, Olrg Boldin, üks üle osapoolega, isiksus, poliitika, Proletariaadi, riigipöördekatses, auaste, punane lipp, Venemaa, sõdur, Sophia Usova, Nõukogude Liidu, tank, Liit Nõukogude Sotsialistlike Vabariikide, USSR, utoopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin ja Vladimir Krjutškov, sõda, valge maja, töölisklassi, Yeltsin Boriss,

Finnish :

ilma, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander Korschakow, Anatoli Chernyayev, armeija, elokuun vallankaappauksesta, barricade, polttava, CCCP, kommunismi, kommunistit, kommunistien yritys ottaa, maa, vallankaappaus, vallankaappaus, demokratian, mielenosoittajia, diktatuuri, kurinalaisuutta, Eurooppa, kuuluisia ihmisiä, taistella, Foros28th kongressi, vartija, historiallinen, historia, ideologia, tärkeä, Janajew, tunnettu, Kremlin Moskova, leninismi, marxismi, Mihail Gorbatšov armeijan muistomerkki, Moskova, virkamies, Olrg Boldin, yksi yli puoluejärjestelmä, persoonallisuus, politiikka, proletariaatin, putsch sijoitus, punainen lippu, Venäjä, sotilas, Sophia Usova, Neuvostoliitto, säiliö, unionin Sosialististen neuvostotasavaltojen, Neuvostoliitto, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Krjutškov, sota, valkoinen talo, työväenluokan, Yeltsin Boris,

French :

avion, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander w. Korschakow, Anatoli Tcherniaïev, armée, coup d'août, barricade, brûlant, CCCP, communisme, communistes, communistes tentative prendre, pays, coup d'État, Coup d'État, la démocratie, manifestants, dictature, discipline, europe, personnages célèbres, combattre, Foros28th Congrès, garde, historique, histoire, idéologie, important, Janajew, connu, le Kremlin de Moscou, léninisme, marxisme, monument militaire, Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscou, officier, Olrg Boldin, une, face, système de partis, personnalité, politique, prolétariat, putsch, rang, drapeau rouge, Russie, soldat, Sophia Usova, Union soviétique, réservoir, Union des républiques socialistes soviétiques, URSS, utopie, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, guerre, maison blanche, la classe ouvrière, Yeltsin Boris,

German :

Flugzeuge, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatoli Bildgestaltung, Armee, August-Putsch, Barrikade, brennen, CCCP, Kommunismus, Kommunisten, Kommunisten Versuch nehmen, Land, Coup, Coup d ' Etat, Demokratie, Demonstranten, Diktatur, Disziplin, Europa, berühmte Persönlichkeiten, kämpfen, Foros28th Congress, Garde, Historisches, Geschichte, Ideologie, wichtig, Janajew, bekannt, Kreml Moskau, Leninismus, Marxismus, Mikhail Gorbachev, militärisches, Denkmal, Moskau, Offizier, Olrg Boldin, einerseits über Persönlichkeit, Proletariat, Politik, Parteiensystem, Putsch, Rang, rote Flagge, Russland, Soldat, Sophia Usova, Sowjetunion, Tank, Union der Sozialistischen Sowjetrepubliken, UdSSR, Utopie, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, Krieg, White House, Arbeiterklasse, Yeltsin Boris,

Greek :

αεροσκαφών, Αλεξάντερ Ussow, Αλεξάντερ W. Korschakow, Ανατόλι Chernyayev, στρατός, πραξικόπημα του Αυγούστου, οδόφραγμα, καύση, CCCP, κομμουνισμού, κομμουνιστές, κομμουνιστές λάβει προσπάθεια, χώρα, πραξικόπημα, πραξικόπημα, Δημοκρατία, διαδηλωτές, δικτατορία, πειθαρχία, Ευρώπη, διάσημοι άνθρωποι, καταπολέμηση, Foros28th Συνέδριο, φρουρά, ιστορική, την ιστορία, την ιδεολογία, σημαντικό, Janajew, γνωστό, το Κρεμλίνο Μόσχα, λενινισμός μαρξισμού, Μιχαήλ Γκορμπατσόφ, στρατιωτική, μνημείο, Μόσχα, αξιωματικός, Olrg Boldin, ένα, πάνω, κομματικό σύστημα, προσωπικότητα, πολιτική, προλεταριάτο, putsch, κατάταξη, κόκκινη σημαία, Ρωσία, στρατιώτης, Σοφία Usova, Σοβιετική Ένωση, δεξαμενή, Ένωση Σοβιετικών Σοσιαλιστικών Δημοκρατιών, ΕΣΣΔ, ουτοπία, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Βίκτορ Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, πόλεμος, λευκός οίκος, εργατική τάξη, Yeltsin Boris,

Haitian Creole :

avyon, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander, W. Korschakow, Anatoly Chernyayev, lame, kou deta an Out, barikad, boule lansan, CCCP, sistèm kominis, kòminis lan, prendre tantativ kòminis lan, peyi, kou deta, kou deta, demokrasi, manifestan yo, diktati, disiplin, Ewòp, moun pi popilè, lite Foros28th Kongrè a, gad, istorik, istwa, ideoloji, enpòtan, Janajew, ke yo rekonèt, Kremlin Moscow, Leninism, Marxism, moniman militè, Mikayèl Gòbatchèv Mikhaïl, Moscow, ofisye a, Olrg Boldin, yonn sou, pati sistèm, pèsonalite, politik yo, Pwoletè, putsch, classement, drapo wouj, Lawisi, sòlda, Sophia Usova, Inyon Sovyetik, tank, Inyon Sovyetik sosyalis Repiblik, -, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, lagè, Mezon blanch, klas, Yeltsin Boris,

Hebrew :

מטוסים, אלכסנדר Ussow, אלכסנדר וו Korschakow, אנטולי Chernyayev, צבא, אוגוסט ההפיכה, מתרס, צריבה, CCCP, קומוניזם, קומוניסטים, קומוניסטים ניסיון לקחת, המדינה, הפיכה, הפיכה צבאית, דמוקרטיה, מפגינים, דיקטטורה, משמעת, אירופה, אנשים מפורסמים, להילחם, Foros28th הקונגרס, השומר, היסטורי, היסטוריה, האידיאולוגיה, חשוב, Janajew, ידוע, הקרמלין במוסקבה, לניניזם, מרקסיזם, מיכאיל גורבצ'וב, צבא, מצבת זכרון, מוסקבה, שוטר, Olrg Boldin, אחד, נגמר, המערכת המפלגתית, אישיות, פוליטיקה, מעמד הפועלים, פוטש, דרגה, דגל אדום, רוסיה, חייל, סופיה Usova, ברית המועצות, טנק, האיחוד הסובייטי מדינתה, ברית המועצות, אוטופיה, Valentin Falin Valentin Stepankov, ויקטור Karpuchin, Vladimir קריוצ'קוב, מלחמה, הבית הלבן, מעמד הפועלים, בוריס Yeltsin,

Hindi :

विमान, Aleksander Ussow, Korschakow, अनातोली Chernyayev, सेना, डब्ल्यू Aleksander अगस्त तख्तापलट, आड़, जलन, CCCP, साम्यवाद, साम्यवादी, कम्युनिस्टों का प्रयास ले, देश, तख्तापलट, तख्तापलट d ' etat, लोकतंत्र, प्रदर्शनकारियों, तानाशाही, अनुशासन, यूरोप, प्रसिद्ध लोग, लड़ाई, Foros28th कांग्रेस, गार्ड, ऐतिहासिक, इतिहास, विचारधारा, महत्वपूर्ण, जाना जाता है, क्रेमलिन, मॉस्को, Leninism, मार्क्सवाद, Janajew, मिखाइल गोर्बाचेव, सैन्य, स्मारक, मास्को, अधिकारी, Olrg Boldin, एक से अधिक, पार्टी सिस्टम, व्यक्तित्व, राजनीति, सर्वहारा वर्ग, बॉलरूम, रैंक, , लाल झंडा, रूस, सैनिक, सोफिया Usova, सोवियत संघ, टैंक, संघ सोवियत सोशलिस्ट गणराज्यों, सोवियत संघ, स्वप्नलोक, की Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, विक्टर Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, युद्ध, व्हाइट हाउस, श्रमजीवी वर्ग, Yeltsin बोरिस,

Hungarian :

repülőgép, Aleksander-Ussow, Aleksander Korschakow, Anatolij Chernyayev, hadsereg, W. augusztusi puccsot, barikád, égő, CCCP, kommunizmus, kommunisták, kommunisták kísérletet veszi, ország, puccs, államcsíny, demokrácia, tüntetők, diktatúra, fegyelem, Európa, híres emberek, harc, Foros28th kongresszus, őr, történelmi, történelem, ideológia, fontos, Janajew, ismert, a Kreml Moszkvában, a népi, a marxizmus, Mihail Gorbacsov, katonai, emlékmű, Moszkva, tiszt, Olrg Boldin, egyik vége, a pártrendszer, a személyiség, a politika, a proletariátus, a puccsot, rank, vörös zászló, Oroszország, katona, Sophia Usova, Szovjetunió, tartály, Unió Szovjet Szocialista Köztársaságok Szövetsége, USSR, utópia, Valentin Ferentzi Rita, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Afanaszjevics Krjucskov, háború, fehér ház, a munkásosztály, Yeltsin Boris,

Indonesian :

pesawat, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatoly Chernyayev, tentara, Agustus kudeta, barricade, pembakaran, CCCP, komunisme, Komunis, mengambil usaha Komunis, negara, kudeta, kudeta, demokrasi, demonstran, kediktatoran, disiplin, Eropa, orang-orang terkenal, melawan, Kongres Foros28th, penjaga, sejarah, sejarah, ideologi, penting, Janajew, dikenal, Kremlin Moskow, Leninisme, Marxisme, Mikhail Gorbachev, militer, monumen, Moskow, officer, Olrg Boldin, satu, selama, Partai system, kepribadian, politik, kaum proletar, putsch, peringkat, bendera merah, Rusia, prajurit, Sophia Usova, Uni Soviet, tangki, Uni Soviet Soyuza USSR, utopia, anggota Fal Valentin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, perang, Gedung Putih, kelas pekerja, Yeltsin Boris,

Italian :

aerei, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander w. Korschakow, Anatoly Chernyayev, esercito, colpo di agosto, barricata, masterizzazione, CCCP, comunismo, comunisti, comunisti tentativo prendere, paese, colpo di stato, colpo di stato, democrazia, manifestanti, dittatura, disciplina, Europa, personaggi famosi, combattere, Congresso Foros28th, guardia, storico, storia, ideologia, importante, Janajew, noto, Cremlino di Mosca, il leninismo, marxismo, monumento militare, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mosca, ufficiale, Olrg Boldin, uno, sopra, il sistema dei partiti, politica, proletariato, personalità, putsch, rango, bandiera rossa, Russia, soldato, Sophia Usova, Unione Sovietica, serbatoio, Unione delle Repubbliche socialiste sovietiche, URSS, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, guerra, casa bianca, classe operaia, Yeltsin Boris,

Japanese :

航空機、アレクサンデル ・ Ussow、Korschakow、アナトリー ・ Chernyayev, , W. アレクサンデル 8 月クーデター、バリケード、燃焼、CCCP、共産主義、共産主義者、共産主義者の試みを取る、国、クーデター、クーデター、民主主義、デモ、独裁制、規律、ヨーロッパ、有名な人々 は、戦う、Foros28th 議会、警備、歴史、歴史、イデオロギー、重要な Janajew、知られているモスクワのクレムリン、レーニン主義、マルクス主義、ミハイル ・ ゴルバチョフ、軍事、記念碑、モスクワ、役員、Olrg ボルディン 1 つは、人格、政治、プロレタリアート党システム、putsch、ランク、赤いフラグは、ロシアの兵士、ソフィア ・ Usova、ソビエト連邦、タンク、ソビエト社会主義共和国、ソビエト連邦、ユートピア、連合 Valentin Falin、Valentin Stepankov、ビクター Karpuchin、Vladimir クリュチコフ、戦争、ホワイト ・ ハウス、労働階級、Yeltsin ボリス,

Korean :

항공기, 알렉산더 Ussow, Korschakow, 아나톨리 Chernyayev, 군대, W. 알렉산더 8 월 쿠데타, 바리 케이드, 레코딩, CCCP, 공산주의 공산주의자, 공산주의자 시도 걸릴, 국가, 쿠데타, 쿠 테타, 민주주의 시위대, 독재, 규율, 유럽, 유명한 사람, 싸움, Foros28th 의회, 감시, 역사, 역사, 이념, 중요 한, Janajew, 알려진, 러시아 모스크바, 레닌주의 마르크 시 즘, 미하일 고르바초프, 군사, 기념물, 모스크바, 경관, Olrg Boldin 하나 오버, 파티 시스템, 성격, 정치, 프롤레타리아, putsch, 순위레드 플래그, 러시아 군인, 소피아 Usova, 소 연방, 탱크, 연방 소비에트 사회주의 공화국, 소련 사회주의 연방 공화국, 유토피아, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, 빅터 Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov 전쟁, 백악관, 노동 계급, Yeltsin 보리스,

Latvian :

lidmašīnas, Aleksander Ussow, Ryszard w. Korschakow, Anatolijs Chernyayev, armija, augusta apvērsuma, barikādes, dedzināšana, CCCP, komunisma, komunisti, komunistu mēģinājums veikt, valstī, apvērsuma, Coup d ' etat, demokrātija, demonstrantu, diktatūra, disciplīnu, Eiropa, pazīstamiem cilvēkiem, cīnīties, Foros28th Kongresa, aizsargs, vēsturisku, vēsturi, ideoloģiju, svarīgi, Janajew, zināms, Maskavas Kremlī, Leninism, marksisma, Mihails Gorbačovs, militāro, pieminekli, Maskava, virsnieks, Olrg Boldin, vienu pāri partiju sistēmu, personības, politikā, Proletariāts, putsch, rangs, sarkano karogu, Krievija, karavīrs, Sophia Usova, Padomju Savienība, tvertne, Savienības Padomju Sociālistisko, PSRS, utopija, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov karš, Baltajā namā, strādnieku šķiras, Yeltsin Boris,

Lithuanian :

orlaivių, Aleksandras Ussow, Aleksandras W. Korschakow, Anatolijus Chernyayev, armija, rugpjūčio perversmo, barikada, deginimas, CCCP, komunizmas, komunistai, komunistai bandymas imtis, šalies, perversmo, perversmo, demokratija, demonstrantų, diktatūra, drausmės, Europoje, žymūs žmonės, kovoti, Foros28th kongresas, apsaugos, istorinis, istorija, ideologija, svarbu, Janajew, žinoma, Kremliaus Maskvoje, Leninizmas, marksizmas, Michailas Gorbačiovas, kariuomenė, paminklas, Maskva, pareigūnas, Olrg Boldin, vienas, per, partinė sistema, asmenybės, politika, proletariatas, pučo, reitingas, raudona vėliava, Rusija, karys, Sophia Usova, Sovietų Sąjungos, bakas, Sąjunga Tarybų Socialistinių Respublikų, TSRS, utopija, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Viktoras Karpuchin, Vladimir Kriučkovas, karas, Baltieji rūmai, darbininkų klasės, Yeltsin Boris,

Norwegian :

fly, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatoly Chernyayev, hæren, August kupp, barrikaden, brenning, CCCP, kommunismen, kommunister, kommunister forsøk ta, land, kupp, statskupp, demokrati, demonstranter, diktatur, disiplin, Europa, kjente personer, kjempe, Foros28th Kongressen, vakt, historiske, historie, ideologi, viktig, Janajew, kjent, Kreml Moskva, leninisme, marxismen, Mikhail Gorbachev, militære, monument, Moskva, offiser, Olrg Boldin, en, over, partisystemet, personlighet, politikk, proletariatet, kuppforsøket, rangering, rødt flagg, Russland, soldat, Sophia Usova, Sovjetunionen, tank, Unionen av sovjetiske sosialistiske republikker, Sovjetunionen, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, krig, hvite hus, arbeiderklassen, Yeltsin Boris,

Polish :

samolot, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatolij Chernyayev, armia, zamachu sierpnia, barykady, palenie, CCCP, komunizm, komuniści, komuniści próba podjęcia, kraju, zamachu stanu, zamach, demokracji, demonstrantów, dyktatury, dyscypliny, Europa, sławnych ludzi, walki, Foros28th Kongresu, straży, historyczne, historia, ideologia, ważne, Janajew, znany, Kreml Moskwa, Leninizm, marksizm, Michaił Gorbaczow, wojskowych, pomnik, Moskwa, oficer, Olrg Boldin, jeden, ponad, system partyjny, osobowość, polityka, proletariatu, puczu, ranking, czerwony flaga, Rosja, żołnierz, Sophia Usowa, Związek Radziecki, zbiornik, Związek Socjalistycznych Republik Radzieckich, USSR, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kriuczkow, wojny, biały dom, klasy robotniczej, Yeltsin Boris,

Portuguese :

aeronaves, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander w. Korschakow, Anatoli Chernyayev, exército, golpe de agosto, barricada, queimando, CCCP, comunismo, comunistas, comunistas tentativa tomar, país, golpe, golpe de estado, democracia, manifestantes, ditadura, disciplina, Europa, pessoas famosas, lutar, Foros28th Congresso, guarda, histórica, história, ideologia, importante, Janajew, conhecido, Kremlin de Moscou, leninismo, marxismo, monumento militar, Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscou, oficial, Olrg Boldin, um, sobre, sistema partidário, personalidade, política, proletariado, putsch, classificação, bandeira vermelha, na Rússia, soldado, Sophia Usova, União Soviética, tanque, União das Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas, USSR, utopia, Valentin Falin, Victor Karpuchin, Valentin Stepankov, Vladimir Kryuchkov, guerra, casa branca, a classe trabalhadora, Yeltsin Boris,

Romanian :

aeronavelor, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatoli Chernyayev, armata, August lovitura, baricadă, ardere, CCCP, comunismul, comuniştii, ia de încercare de comunisti, ţară, lovitura de stat, lovitura de stat, democraţie, demonstranţi, dictatura, disciplina, Europa, oameni celebri, lupta, Foros28th Congresului, paza, istorice, istoria, ideologie, importante, Janajew, cunoscut, Kremlinul Moscovei, Leninism, Marxism, Mikhail Gorbachev, militare, Monumentul, Moscova, ofiţer, Olrg Boldin, unul, peste, sistem de partide, personalitate, politica, proletariatului, puci, rang, steagul roşu, Federaţia Rusă, soldat, Sophia Usova, Uniunea Sovietică, rezervor, Uniunea Sovietică, USSR, utopie, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, de război, Casa Albă, clasa muncitoare, Yeltsin Boris,

Russian :

самолет, Александр Ussow, Александр Korschakow, Анатолий Черняев, армия, переворота августа, баррикада, горение, CCCP, коммунизм, коммунисты, коммунисты попытка взять, страны, переворот, переворот, демократии, демонстрантов, диктатуры, дисциплины, Европы, известные люди, бороться, Foros28th конгресс, охранник, исторический, история, идеология, важные, Janajew, известно, Кремль Москва, ленинизм и марксизм, Михаил Горбачев, военные, памятник, Москва, офицер, Olrg Болдин, один, над партийной системы, личность, политика, пролетариата, путч, ранг, красный флаг, Россия, солдат, Софья Усова, советский союз, бак, Союз Советских Социалистических Республик, СССР, утопия, Valentin Фалин, Valentin Степанков, Виктор Karpuchin, Vladimir крючков, война, Белый дом, Рабочий класс, Yeltsin Борис,

Slovak :

lietadiel, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatolij Chernyayev, armády, August prevrat, barikády, napaľovanie, CCCP, komunizmus, komunisti, komunisti pokus vziať, krajiny, prevrat, prevratu, demokracie, demonštrantov, diktatúra, disciplína, Európa, slávnych ľudí, boj, Foros28th Kongres, stráž, historické, História, ideológie, dôležité, Janajew, známy, Moskva Kremeľ, marxismu, marxizmus, Michail Gorbačov, vojenskej, pomník, Moskvy, dôstojník, Olrg Boldin, jeden, cez stranícky systém, osobnosť, politika, proletariát, puč, hodnosť, červené vlajky, Rusko, vojak, Sophia Usova, Sovietsky zväz, nádrže, Zväz sovietskych socialistických republík, ZSSR, utópia, Vladimir Kryuchkov, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin vojny, Biely dom, robotníckej triedy, Yeltsin Boris,

Slovenian :

letala, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatolij Chernyayev, vojska, avgust udar, blokado, gorenja, CCCP komunizma, komunisti, komunisti poskus Vzemi, državo, udar, udar, demokracije, demonstranti, diktature, discipline, Evropi, slavni ljudje, boj, Foros28th kongres, straže, zgodovinskih, zgodovina, ideologija, pomembno, Janajew, znana, Kremelj, Moskva, Leninism, marksizem, Mihail Gorbačov, vojaške, spomenik, Moskva, uradnik, Olrg Boldin, eno nad, stranka sistem osebnosti, politiki, proletariat, putsch, čin, rdeča zastava, Rusije, vojak, Sophia Usova, Sovjetska zveza, tank, Zveze sovjetskih socialističnih republik, ZSSR, utopija, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, vojne, Bela hiša, delavski razred, Yeltsin Boris,

Spanish :

aviones, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander w. Korschakow, Viacheslav Anatoly, ejército, golpe de estado de agosto, barricada, quema, CCCP, comunismo, comunistas, comunistas intento tomar, país, golpe, golpe de estado, la democracia, los manifestantes, dictadura, disciplina, Europa, gente famosa, luchar, Foros28th Congreso, guardia, histórico, historia, ideología, importante, Janajew, conocido, Kremlin de Moscú, leninismo, marxismo, monumento militar, Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscú, oficial, Olrg Boldin, uno, sobre, sistema de partidos, personalidad, política, proletariado, putsch, rango, bandera roja, Rusia, soldado, Sophia Usova, Unión Soviética, el tanque, Unión de repúblicas socialistas soviéticas, URSS, utopía, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, guerra, casa blanca, la clase obrera, Yeltsin Boris,

Swedish :

flygplan, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatolij Tjernjajev, armén, augusti kupp, barrikad, bränning, CCCP, kommunismen, kommunister, kommunisterna försök ta, land, kuppen, statskuppen, demokrati, demonstranter, diktatur, disciplin, Europa, kända personer, slåss, Foros28th kongressen, vakt, historiska, historia, ideologi, viktigt, Janajew, känd, Kreml Moskva, Leninism, Marxism, Mikhail Gorbachev, militär, monument, Moskva, officer, Olrg Boldin, en, över, partisystemet, personlighet, politik, proletariatet, putsch, rank, röd flagga, Ryssland, soldat, Sophia Usova, Sovjetunionen, tank, unionen av Sovjetunionen, USSR, utopi, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, krig, Vita huset, arbetarklassen, Yeltsin Boris,

Thai :

เครื่องบิน อเล็คซานเดอร์ Ussow อเล็คซานเดอร์ปริมาณ Korschakow, Anatoly Chernyayev กอง ทัพ รัฐประหารเดือนสิงหาคม อันตราย การเขียน CCCP คอมมิวนิสต์ คอมมิวนิสต์ คอมมิวนิสต์พยายามที่จะ ประเทศ รัฐประหาร รัฐประหาร d'etat ประชาธิปไตย ผู้ประท้วง เผด็จการ วินัย ยุโรป คนมีชื่อเสียง ต่อสู้ Foros28th สภา ยาม ประวัติศาสตร์ ประวัติศาสตร์ อุดมการณ์ ความสำคัญ Janajew รู้จัก มอสโกเครมลิน ลัทธิเลนิน ลัทธิ มากซ์ มิคาอิล ทหาร อนุสาวรีย์ มอสโก เจ้าหน้าที่ Olrg Boldin หนึ่ง มากกว่า ระบบของ บุคลิกภาพ การเมือง กรุงฯ putsch อันดับธงแดง รัสเซีย ทหาร คน Usova โซเฟีย สหภาพโซเวียต ถัง สหภาพโซเวียตสังคมนิยมทวีป สหภาพโซเวียต ยูโท เปีย Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov วิคเตอร์ Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov สงคราม ไวท์เฮ้าส์ งานเรียน บอริส Yeltsin,

Turkish :

Uçak, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander Korschakow, Anatoli Chernyayev, ordu, W. Ağustos darbe, barikat, yanma, CCCP, komünizm, Komünistler, komünistler girişimi almak, ülke, darbe, darbe, demokrasi, Göstericiler, diktatörlük, disiplin, Avrupa, Ünlüleri, kavga, Foros28th Kongresi, bekçi, tarihi, geçmişi, ideoloji, önemli, Janajew, bilinen, Kremlin Moskova, Leninizm, Marksizm, Mihail Gorbaçov, askeri, anıt, Moskova, memur, Olrg Boldin, bir yere, parti sistemi, kişiliği, siyaset, proletarya, darbe, rütbe, kırmızı bayrak, Rusya, asker, Sophia Usova, Sovyetler Birliği, tank, Birliği, Sovyet Sosyalist Cumhuriyetler, USSR, Ütopya, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, savaş, Beyaz Saray, işçi sınıfı, Yeltsin Boris,

Ukrainian :

літаків, Алєксандр Ussow, Александер w. Korschakow, Анатолій Chernyayev, армія, Серпневого путчу, барикад, печіння, КП комунізму комуністів, комуністи спроба взяти, країни, переворот, державного перевороту, демократії, демонстрантів, диктатури, дисципліни, Європа, відомих людей, боротьба, Foros28th Конгресу, охоронець, історичні, історії, ідеології, важливо, Janajew, відомий, Московський кремль, ленінізму, марксизм, Михайла Горбачова, військовий, пам'ятник, Москва, офіцер, Olrg Болдін, один, над партійної системи, особистість, політика, пролетаріату, путчу, ранг, червоний прапор, Росія, солдат, Софія Усова, Радянського Союзу, танк, Союзу Радянських Соціалістичних Республік, СРСР, утопія, Valentin Фаліна, Valentin Степанков, Віктор Karpuchin, Vladimir Крючков, війна, Білий дім, робітничий клас, Борис Yeltsin,

Vietnamese :

máy bay, Aleksander Ussow, Aleksander W. Korschakow, Anatoly Chernyayev, quân đội, cuộc đảo chính ngày, chướng ngại vật, đốt cháy, CCCP, chủ nghĩa cộng sản, Cộng sản, những người cộng sản nỗ lực đi, quốc gia, cuộc đảo chính, cuộc đảo chính d'etat, dân chủ, những người biểu tình, chế độ độc tài, kỷ luật, Châu Âu, người nổi tiếng, chiến đấu, Đại hội Foros28th, bảo vệ, lịch sử, lịch sử, tư tưởng, quan trọng, Janajew, được biết đến, Kremlin Moscow, Lenin, chủ nghĩa Mác, Mikhail Gorbachev, quân sự, tượng đài, Moscow, sĩ quan, Olrg Boldin, một, trên, bên hệ thống, nhân cách, chính trị, giai cấp vô sản, thay, xếp hạng, lá cờ đỏ, liên bang Nga, người lính, Sophia Usova, Liên Xô, xe tăng, liên minh của cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Xô viết, USSR, utopia, Valentin Falin, Valentin Stepankov, Victor Karpuchin, Vladimir Kryuchkov, chiến tranh, nhà trắng, giai cấp công nhân, Yeltsin Boris,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Ussova, Sophia

(Vladimir Ussov's mother) , speaking Russian:
-  "When they announced on TV that there had been casualties, then I jumped up and started to pray: my son should not be one of them. These were my words. As if I had sensed it."

Tsernjajev, Anatoly

(Gorbachev's former advisor) , speaking Russian:
-  "We were totally separated from the outside world. I picked up the phone – nothing. I tried the satellite phone that was in direct connection with Moscow – nothing. Then later the private phone line – the same result. We realised: we were captives."

Tsernjajev, Anatoly

(Gorbachev's former advisor) , speaking Russian:
-  "The party could not be reformed any more. Gorbachev believed in it but the situation was clear to everyone: the party would never give up the power. The party had already turned against Gorbachev."

Krjutskov, Vladimir

(ex KGB chief) , speaking Russian:
-  "On 20th August the new Union Agreement should have been signed. But then only six republics wanted to sign. With this the Soviet Union would have ceased to exist. Something had to be done against it."

Csernjajev, Anatoly

(Gorbachev's former advisor) , speaking Russian:
-  "I thought a new Chernobyl had happened or something like that."

Boldin, Oleg

(Former leader of the President's Office) , speaking Russian:
-  "He was not a constructive person. He did not want to negotiate with us, he got a blockade."

Krjutskov, Vladimir

(ex KGB chief) , speaking Russian:
-  "Of course the illness couldn’t be taken seriously. We just did not want for Gorbachev to hinder our political efforts.."

Ussova, Sophia

(Vladimir Ussov's mother) , speaking Russian:
-  "He thought as all of us did. We took the putsch very seriously. We had hoped that with Perestroika our conditions would be better and we would have a bit more freedom."

Karpucsin, Viktor

(Leader of "Alpha" unit) , speaking Russian:
-  "I told my superiors if we storm the White House, it would only be a big massacre. No-one would understand if we used violence to create order. If they had given this command, it would probably have been the last day of my life."

Ussova, Sophia

(Vladimir Ussov's mother) , speaking Russian:
-  "When Vladimir died, everyone was shocked. They could see how it is if tanks really make a move. From this point of view, his death was not useless."

Csernjajev, Anatoly

(Gorbachev's former advisor) , speaking Russian:
-  "The Soviet Union was sentenced to death. As if a gun was being held to its head. The members of the putsch pulled the trigger. This gun had been loaded for a long time."




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