Colonialism: Africa - The workers are building the railway,1910s (00:00:38)
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Colonialism: Africa - The workers are building the railway,1910s

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Africa, 1910s


Africa: The workers are building the railway. Colonialism is the building and maintaining of colonies in one territory by people from another territory. Colonialism is a process whereby sovereignty over the colony is claimed by the metropole and social structure, government and economics within the territory of the colony are changed by the colonists. Colonialism is a certain set of unequal relationships, between metropole and colony and between colonists and the indigenous population. Colonialism normally refers to a period of history from the 15th to the 20th century when people from Europe established colonies on other continents. The reasons for the practice of colonialism at this time include: * The profits to be made. * To expand the power of the metropole. * To escape persecution in the metropole. * To spread the colonists way of life including religion and political philosophy. Some colonists also felt they were helping the indigenous population by bringing them civilization. However, the reality was often subjugation, displacement or death. Colonialism and imperialism were ideologically linked with mercantilism.

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Estonian :

Aafrika, 1910ndatel aastatel ehitatud, raudtee, bulid, töötaja, töö, töö, raudtee, tee, rongi, noppimine, mass, rahvahulk, ehitus, kolonialismi, imperialism, vaesus, Austraalia, India, ekspluateerimise, kolooniad, koloonia, kolonistid, majandus, sotsiaalne struktuur, XX sajandi Briti impeeriumi, holland, Prantsusmaa, Saksamaa, Euroopa, kasum, markt, metropole, usutunnistuse, poliitilise filosoofia, ideoloogiliselt seotud Merkantilism, ,

Swedish :

Afrika, 1910-talet, järnväg, bulid, arbetare, arbete, jobb, järnväg, väg, tåg, plockning, massa, publiken, konstruktion, kolonialism, imperialism, fattigdom, Australien, Indien, exploatering, kolonier, koloni, kolonister, ekonomi, social struktur, 1900-talet, brittiska imperiet, holland, fransk, Tyskland, Europa, vinster, markt, metropole, religion, politisk filosofi, ideologiskt kopplade mercantilism, ,

Vietnamese :

Châu Phi, thập niên 1910, đường sắt, bulid, công nhân, công việc, công việc, đường sắt, đường, xe lửa, lựa chọn, khối lượng, đám đông, xây dựng, chủ nghĩa thực dân, chủ nghĩa đế quốc, đói nghèo, Úc, Ấn Độ, khai thác, thuộc địa, thuộc địa, thực dân, kinh tế, cơ cấu xã hội, thế kỷ 20, Đế quốc Anh, Hà Lan, Pháp, Đức, Châu Âu, lợi nhuận, markt, metropole, tôn giáo, triết học chính trị, ideologically được liên kết với chủ nghĩa trọng thương, ,




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