5th Olympics: Stockholm,1912 - shooting, Oscar Swahn sweden, 100 m running deer (00:00:24)
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5th Olympics: Stockholm,1912 - shooting, Oscar Swahn sweden, 100 m running deer

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Sweden, Stockholm, 1912


Oscar Gomer Swahn (October 20, 1847 – May 1, 1927) was a Swedish shooter who competed at three Olympic games and won several medals. At the 1908 Summer Olympics, Oscar Swahn won two gold medals in the running deer, single shot events (individual and team), and a bronze medal in the running deer double shot individual event. He was 60 years old, only a year younger than Joshua Millner, the oldest gold medalist at that time. When the 1912 Summer Olympics came to his native country, Sweden, he was a member of the single shot running deer team which again won the gold medal. He also won bronze again at the individual double shot running deer event, but came fifth in the individual single shot event, which was won by his son Alfred Swahn. At 64 years of age, he became the oldest gold medalist ever, which he still remains up to today. At the age of 72, he was the oldest sportsman to compete in the 1920 Summer Olympics. In fact, he was the oldest athlete ever to compete in the Olympics. His best results were in the team competitions: a fourth place in the single shot running deer event, and a second place in the double shot running deer contest. With this silver medal, he is also the oldest medalist of all time (not counting the art competitions). Swahn did not compete in the 1924 Games because of illness. In all of the team competitions that Oscar Swahn entered at the three Olympic games of 1908, 1912, and 1920, he was accompanied by his son Alfred Swahn, who also won one bronze, one silver and two gold medals on individual events. The Summer Games of 1912 were held in Stockholm, Swededn. They were the 5th Olympiad. he 1912 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the V Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event which was celebrated in 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden. For the first time, competitors in the Games came from all five continents symbolized in the Olympic rings. Also for the first time since 1896, all athletic events were held within a reasonably short time span of about one month, from late June to late July (though the opening ceremony was still held much earlier). It was the last time that solid gold medals were awarded; modern medals are usually gold plated silver. The main arena was Stockholms Olympiastadion.

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Arabic :

الألعاب الأولمبية، والألعاب الأولمبية، عام 1912، ستوكهولم، السويد، الأولمبياد، دورة الألعاب الصيفية، 5th، الرياضة، تاريخ الرياضة، دورة الألعاب "الأوليمبية الخامسة"، متعددة-الرياضة، أوليمبياستاديون ستوكخولمس، شتاديون، وألعاب القوى، الرماية، أوسكار سون، 100 متر تشغيل الغزلان،,

Czech :

Olympiáda, olympijské hry, 1912, stockholm, Švédsko, olympiáda, letní hry, 5., sport, sportovní historie, her v. olympiády, multi-sport, Stockholms Olympiastadion, stadion, atletika, střelba, Oscar Swahn, 100 m běh jelen, ,

Finnish :

olympialaiset, olympic pelit, 1912 Tukholma, Ruotsi, olympialaiset, kesä pelit, 5th, urheilu, urheilu historia, V-olympialaiset pelit multi-sport, Stockholms Olympiastadion, stadion, yleisurheilu, ammunta, Oscar Swahn 100 m käynnissä hirvi, ,

Haitian Creole :

jeux, olenmpik jwèt, 1912, stockholm, Soudan, olympiad, sezon lete an jwèt, 5th, ap pase nan betiz, nan rizib istwa, jwèt nan V Olympiad, baryè ki ap pase nan betiz, Stockholms Olympiastadion, stadion, atletism, te tire, Oscar Swahn, 100 m kouri sèf, ,

Hungarian :

olimpia, olimpiai játékok, 1912-ben, stockholm, Svédország, Diákolimpia, nyári játékok, 5., sport, sport történelem, játékok-ból V Olimpiász multi-sport, Stockholms olimpiai stadion, stadion, atlétika, lövés, Oscar Swahn, 100 m futás szarvas, ,

Russian :

Олимпийские игры, Олимпийские игры, 1912, Стокгольм, Швеция, Олимпиада, летних игр, 5, спорт, спорт истории, игры V Олимпиады, мульти спорт, Stockholms Olympiastadion, стадион, легкая атлетика, стрельба, Oscar Swahn, 100 м работает олень, ,

Turkish :

Olimpiyatları, Olimpiyat Oyunları, 1912, Stokholm, İsveç, Olimpiyatı, Yaz oyunları, 5., spor, spor Tarih, V Olimpiyatı oyun multi-spor, Stockholms Olympiastadion, stadion, atletizm, silah, Oscar Swahn, 100 m geyik, koşma,

Ukrainian :

Олімпійські Ігри, Олімпійські Ігри, 1912, Стокгольм, Швеція, Олімпіада, літо Ігри, 5th, спорт, спорт історія, Ігри V Олімпіади, мульти спорт, Стокгольмському Olympiastadion, стадіон, легка атлетика, зйомки, Оскар Swahn, 100 m, що працює олень, ,




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